The One and Oni

Keep note:
I'll only do ones I find interesting and worth it. They don't have to be Terraria characters [though you can request me to draw my own :red: and do my :red:ing work, that works too], but they must be human [for the most part]. I'm to decide whether it is or isn't. Do not make it complicated, you should know what I'm talking about [Remember when some people used to request their character holding 3 items at once fighting all 3 mech bosses? Yeah.]

They ain't gon be animated yo. That's paid work and I won't settle for your mangoes.

They will be chibi. They may or may not be colored, I'm to decide which. You may also eat a mango while you're requesting, it gives you bonus points but the points don't matter, just like Whose Line. The backgrounds will be nerfed to Orb of Light levels.

I won't guarantee that your request will be fulfilled.

Please do NOT edit any without prior notice. Like seriously just ask.

First person to post after this is a pineapple.

Request bear will be in the vicinity, please keep calm. To help you keep calm, Request bunny will be handing out towels.

No disintegrations.

May or may not stream it.

I won't always follow these notices if I feel it is worth the effort in doing so, so keep em interesting! Who knows, I might accidentally one of my artworks again.
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Could you do a mannequin, with a carved face, wearing flamboyant aristocrat style clothes, some magical arcane glow/aura maybe. If you could incorporate a Z somewhere in there too that would be nice, I'm not fussy. If you find the request interesting enough feel free to go wild and do whatever you think would look cool.

Edit: If you could, try to make it androgynous/more whimsical dandyman than scary slenderman.
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Do I get pineapple status?

edit: Oo, I have an idea. Can you draw my character as a levitating toddler with mysterious floating question marks around him?
And not a Suweekafied version of my International Sim of Mystery? *cough* you *cough* You wound me, you WOUND me! ;_______; (That toddler depiction was how I was originally going to cameo you btw, glad I didnt.)

On a serious note, the sheer rarity of requests being open makes me want to request something while the window is open, but the only things I could think of right now are interpretations of my Sim-versions of the NPCs/monsters (Still in the process of transferring it to TCF, all must know of the Loki Infiltration Scene) or an unoriginal standard "artwork of primary Terraria character's vanity set" (Which is mage chlorophyte dyed black/blue with bat wings, and the mystery cloak, the cloak represents the wing folded around her)

I am highly original.


lets see a request:

a terrarian (don't have to be me) that climbs down the rope to the crimson biggest cavern while shooting a minishark at blood crawlers


Official Terrarian
Oh my, wow!

Well, I really love your art (who doesn't, though? Haha.). Now, I have a character I like who I've been trying to draw myself, but whenever I draw him it looks fricking terrible. It'd be fantastic if I got a good drawing of him so I could finally put this business to rest!

Though that said, by all means don't do this request if you don't feel like it. Anyways, I'll go ahead and post a couple of images.


Here's an image of my man. He's holding an Axe and a Bag and wearing a Backpack but please, don't trouble yourself drawing any of those three things. I'd really like it if you drew him standing in an upright pose, giving a salute with a cheeky grin. Kind of as if he's not taking himself too seriously, if you know what I mean? Heh. The thing on his neck is a ruby pendant, just to clear up any confusion. If and only if you colour him (after all, I quite like black 'n' white too), then other than that, the only thing I'd ask is to give him dark brown hair instead of blue (I'm not sure why he had blue hair in this shot).


Here's my impression of him, just to give you a sorta idea of what I mean (though not the same pose, and I forgot his sky blue glasses for some reason... whoops.)

Whether you take this one up or not, cheers. :3

Edit: What the heck, I made this sound really complicated! All I mean is, just this dood doing a salute please and kthxbai! :p
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Well, Suweeka, your art is amazing, may as well request :

How about my Terrarian Helena, Frost armor (no helm), blue harpy wings, blue jungle rose, red hair and a pony tail.
Preferably wielding either a Paladin's Hammer or a Chlorophyte War Hammer

Edit: here's her sprite
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Dear god we can request stuf
wuts dis

Anyway can you make my terraria character? (the one in my avatar)
here is a front view:-

And i want the wings to look like actual bat wings not the Terraria ones
(he has pale complexion btw)


Pixel Pirate
Can you draw my character? He has sandy blonde hair, wears shadow armour and is an alchemist. I'd be so happy if you could draw him standing with a grin on his face, with a vial in one hand and a syringe in the other. For extra details, he should have a satchel full of bandages and other medical equipment slung over his torso and a set of goggles resting on his forehead. The background can be anything, but a well lit grassland with some trees would be the best. If you need any more details/reference pictures, PM me :D


If you need any more details/reference pictures, PM me :D
Well, not trying to be rude but it you who is requesting, you want the art, so you'll have to post more details by yourself if you want your request to be like you want it to be.


how about this guy (I know, it's kid of badly copy pasted)? if you drew him that would be awesome.


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Go figure. The Oni opens up requests, and suddenly the dam is broken and the flood rolls in.

Whether you do or don't do my request, at least I know I got in at an opportune time.

If possible, would you like to draw my character as depicted to your <-----left, either in some dramatic pose with the swords, or sulking in the background with the swords in front stage.

Or, if you have a better idea, I'm all for it. :p


If you could chibify my avatar (I'll put the full image in a spoiler), that'd be dope. Like, I'd love it to the point where you'd be the one and oni artist I might build a shrine to.
Totally not creepy by the way.
I swear I'm not creepy I just want oni's art of my characters :c
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