Szaila's Art Show Off


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yeah, no, idk if I have too much hope about finishing these as my workload with personal projects and commissions are increasing, I just don't have time for these tbh. It was a stupid thing to open up and letting them all pile on like this, resulting in 20+ requests...

Waiting list:

Nageru with Shadowflame knives
Style: Rough Sketch

Some black coated fedora dude shooting some fireball from his hand
Style: Rough Sketch

@The Ice Cube:
Style: Szavatar

OC playing a red bass guitar, open eyes and grinning
Style: Rough Sketch

OC holding a magical harp
Style: Szavatar

Style: Szavatar

@Hello the Terrarian:
Style: Portrait

Dark pit
Style: Rough Sketch

This lil guy
Style: Rough Sketch

Zacharie (OFF)
Style: Szavatar

Style: Portrait

Riley64 (sketch)
Dire Sigma (simple drawing)
Balduran (sketch)
NoobLord (icon)
AzureMetal (simple drawing)
Razleth (sketch)

BloodyGotNoFear (simple drawing)
Sir Cutswood (simple drawing - updated style)
Shotte (simple drawing - updated style)
Darthmorf (simple drawing)
Mystery (full ham)
Zimberzimber (simple drawing)
Matsu (Portrait)
Scarecrow (rough sketch)
Sheldon Cooper ISP (Szavatar)
Shadow_Mantis (rough sketch)
Trepolo (rough sketch)
Lord Plaguerion (rough sketch)
RoboTTrustworthy (rough sketch)
Wyverntamer (portrait)
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Will you post my request from the old forums here? Just cos I don't wanna have to keep checking back.


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Oh! Could you redraw this? Didn't even notice the redraw section. gallery:Aldubrius&qo=11
Art for the art god! Paint for the paint throne!
Lol I didn't think anyone would be intrested in that option =w=
I'll have a go at it when I get the time, but not now.

Art for the art god! Paint for the paint throne!


i just realized this thread moved to the new forums cause another member told me so. My name on the old forums is BloodyGotNoFear and im the first on the waiting list i think. Since you didnt answer me there :) i just wanted to ask how much you have already done cuz my friends are literally driving me crazy over asking me if i already have my new avatar xD. Just curious so i have something i can tell them. Have a nice day:)


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Hey Szaila, will you still be able to fulfill my request? If so, that's awesome. If not, don't worry about it! It's still awesome see your art here. :D


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So I had some time at school to sketch.
I just wanna say one thing.. chocolate-fudge the eraser and god damnit I love teeth.
O sheet.. that was two things..

New sketches? Lookin' good! :3

As for the supposed 'Goblin Shark'... to me he just screams 'you're totally boned'! :p


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K, so I finally got the motivation to finish this one

Enjoy, I guess.

Also, I made a free-to-use icon as a warm-up-sketch
Have fun, nerds, and have a good day <3
I Szaila'ified it, adding lovely teeth and sexy claws :joy:

Looks great!

I especially love the derpy-:red: Eater, though. He looks like he's running for the all-you-can-eat Ice Cream Buffet, or something crazy like that! Haha.
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