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TerraCraft - A fangame of Terraria and Minecraft


@skyblueyoshi Hey, I'm really liking the game, but I have a bit of a complaint: I think the early-game tools run out of durability too quickly. When I'm mining, I usually go through at least five pickaxes within ten minutes. And the resources for new ones are expended very quickly, and a bit hard to find. It would be nice to either reduce the speed of durability loss, or remove durability entirely (like Terraria does it, it's actually one of the reasons I like it so much.) Thanks!


remove durability entirely
Honestly I'd like to see durability removed entirely as well, Terraria doesn't use such a mechanic, I know M inecraft itself does, but it doesn't really add much value to gameplay when you're constantly having to open your inventory to replace tools and weapons when they vanish (Especially in the heat of battle with how much more fast-paced combat is in this game). ... Please consider this.



Hello everyone, I'm working on mod support and this is a custom mod projectile. TerraCraftForge(TCF) will allow you create your own mod in anyway you want. After I finish the first TerraCraftForge version I will release the next update. The industrial update will also be released after releasing TerraCraftForge because I plan to make all industrial elements as mod contents. The future dev idea is that "mod is an official part of the game".


Official Terrarian
hi, i downloaded this game and it works for me now, AND I DONT LIKE IT!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! I WISH I COULD CODE A GAME LIKE THIS TOO THO, and there is a recommendation for a boss theme for the nether and below layers! here is the link (at the first part you can cut off the blank spots) Click me! :)


This looks very good, but I have a suggestion. Maybe you should make it more minecrafty? From the images and video, this game seems like 80 percent terraria and maybe 20 percent minecraft. More minecraft, pls?


Eater of Worlds
No like it looks as if it was totally different from Terraria and Minecraft yet you can see the similarities
completely mindblown


Is there going to be a github repo for this game? Or is there already one that I'm missing?

Anyways, I tried playing a bit more since I haven't much, and it's great! I kinda just flew around in creative mode, but I fought the snow queen in survival after I gave myself gear. I would suggest adding more immunity time after you get hit, since although her attacks are fairly easy to dodge, you can get hit many times if you screw up a little because of how many projectiles there are, and how she fires in bursts. I also agree with the people who want no durability.
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