Terraria 8th Anniversary Lore Event

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    Ever since I read this I've been wondering about the Moon Lord.... obviously he's not Cthulhu because he's got five eyes and Skeletron's got only 2...... I think the Moon Lord is actually LORDE from Calamity anybody else agree ?????? similar names i can't be the only one who noticed
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    Hot damn, this is lit.
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    I hope so, this would equate perfectly with my fan fics without compromising the structural integrity. I hope the waifus get added to the base game tho since I only get the computer with calamity on once a month.
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    Very good. I like this.
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    And this is why Terraria is my favorite game ever, it's so interesting, the devs are cool, and I've just been playing for years. The game will never get old to me, I hope for more and more updates to come to the game. I'm still waiting on the switch version just so you know ;)
  7. Best in-game lore ever
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    I was the going to be the second person to comment, but sadly I was not able to sign in on time before the comments started rolling in. :( (also i have a new computer, so yay)
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    My own personal opinion is that Terraria has never been in dire need of lore, or to be fleshed out in such a way; I find it to be a laid back casual experience game... but it's very interesting to see an official lore out which was likely formed originally from ideas Red/other main members had while thinking about how to build the game world. It's neat to get a peak into their minds.

    Terraria isn't some grand storydriven masterpiece with cryptic hints of lore scattered about, there's hardly been anything cementing officially until now so its never really been something I thought or cared about deeply while playing but I still welcome it nevertheless. Great job.
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    I'm not sure whether my questions are answerred or if I'm only raising more.

    For example:
    Which Eye of Chtulhu is the true Eye of Chtulhu?
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    ...Wait what. I'm...
    Confused. Questions. Many questions.
    First of all...
    Corruption and Crimson being forces of balance seems kind of odd since they try to consume everything. An all-consuming hivemind and literal evil-cancer aren't exactly one's definition of balanced in any form.
    Also wait, the gods made both of those? Yet gave the Purity nothing to defend against either unless the "Core" Wall of Flesh is destroyed?
    And even then only the Hallow to combat BOTH of these negative forces.
    And Cthulhu... What? What?
    I thought it had been stated before, canonically, that the Moon Lord is NOT Cthulhu (despite the True Eyes of Cthulhu saying otherwise) but barring the fact that the Moon Lord is not missing its brain or eyes... It's now suggesting that the Moon Lord is an attempt to revive Cthulhu? Despite it having no mechanical parts...? Those exact mechanical parts which were stated to be needed...??? And what? Presumably the Mechanic made the Mechanical Bosses but does that then imply that Skeletron is Cthulhu's Skeleton? Despite the eye sockets being way too small for the Eye and the skull being too small for the Brain? Also if that IS the case then what on earth is The Destroyer? The Eater of Worlds isn't an organ.
    And okay so the Old Man isn't evil but is possessed by Skeletron or something, but... Aaaaaa???
    And the Mechanic was working for the Dungeon despite the fact that she states she was going to end up like the other Skeletons and was tied up, unable to work on anything, getting attacked by the very skeletons... I... Wh...
    Also why is the Brain of Cthulhu summoned by the Crimson Hearts if the two are wholly unrelated??????

    Like, okay, I understand doing something neat for the anniversary but...
    For "official" lore, this sounds like it was haphazardly made up on the spot with no consideration to how much sense things made with the actual game and previous statements.

    RIP Crimson is Cthulhu's eldritch corpse theory and The Guide is The Wall of Flesh theory
    and I dislike the bit about the mechanical brain not being done as a throwaway reason to never add a mech boss for the Brain of Cthulhu.

    Like... Really.
    This... This was a bad move. I feel like this is the kind of game that should never have had official, deep "lore" stamped onto it, unless it had been there from the beginning... Which this clearly had not.

    Sorry for the tone of this post but, it just really really just leaves a bad taste in my mouth here to see so much love put into the game and... Then what seems like so little effort put into the official lore when finally deciding to give it some, while simultaneously ruining multiple fun fan theories and giving poor answers to questions nobody asked while giving no answers to questions people have been asking for ages. Ech.

    I... Are you being serioius? I'll assume you're trolling... But in case you're not...
    Calamity devs have nothing to do with Re-Logic. Calamity is not official in any capacity. Lord is a title, which multiple people can have without being related. THE LORDE is an intentional joke boss modelled after concept art of that mod's "Big Bad" Lord Yharim with googly eyes and crummy JPEG compression, which is or already has been removed, and was never at any point considered canon in Calamity's ludicrously dense lore, not to mention looking absolutely nothing like the Moon Lord...
    Okay what am I doing, you were obviously trolling. Ech.
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    Terraria universe just got bigger.

    What did you think ? Hope you like it !
    Happy birthday Terraria !
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    no i'm serious i think fabsol is going to conquer relogic his discord is growing large.... he's building an army open your eyes before it's too late
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    ... A very, very long time ago, I joked that the Eater of Worlds was Cthulhu's Small Intestine... I can't believe the official lore about the Destroyer actually implies I may have been right...

    Also what's this about a mechanical brain?
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    i've been trying to tell this to everyone all along... they didn't listen to me... they called me crazy, now the truth will finally come out. open your eyes sheeple.
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    For the people who are confused about how the Corruption or Crimson restore balance, they don't. Not truly. The implication is that the curse spreads to form its own idea of what constitutes "balance", even though that idea is false.
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    Please don't leave. No matter how "official" this is, and despite never having seen any of your lore, I can almost assure you whatever you have has had more thought put into it than this ... logical disaster.
    Remember this: As long as this isn't put INTO the game itself, it has absolutely no bearing. I doubt any of Re-Logic thought of 90% of this in the first place, for 90% of development. After the... Mixed responses they're getting I'm rather unsure it'll even stay "canon". If they did, and this has been the official lore for several years, then they really need to hire a writer or six.

    Yeah very funny. But seriously if he was that insistent on getting in charge of a game then he should just make his own gosh-darned game already.
    Like... Really. They have such a massive, paid dev-team at this point that I don't know why they haven't made Calamity into a whole new indie IP, especially given it doesn't have any direct links to Terraria copyright. They could do so much more. They clearly want to do so much more than Terraria's engine can allow.

    ...Intestine... That makes... Some semblance of sens......
    But that wasn't implied to have been removed, and The Eater is clearly a Corruption creature, and...
    GAH THIS LORE IS A MESS can we PLEASE forget this post happened and just go back to Terraria having no official lore other than occasional half-serious tweets?

    Also they said the mechanical brain is unfinished, which I take as code for "yeah we're never gonna give you a Mech Boss version of BoC".
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    @55 and @Krispion - that's enough of the Calamity talk, please. That is completely separate from Terraria and not really relevant to this discussion. Thanks.
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    Wait does this mean that versions without moon lord aren’t canon?