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Terraria 8th Anniversary Lore Event


The discord crashed or it's just me but anyways the lore is actually pretty good to me that is it's nice seeing things explained


Empress of Light
Spammy replies to this thread aside,
I think this is was a clever move, to capitalize on what was allegedly just stuff that Red had allegedly thought up on the spot.

I wonder how the community, more specifically the modding community, will utilize this information and put it into effect.

Hell, I wonder if the devs themselves will use this in the event they want to make another game, mayhap a Terraria sequel?


Wow, this is great. It is amazing to see every part of the game linked and connected, and the take of the "Guide handbook" was also very interesting, and unique.

I look forward to seeing further information revealed and added, but wow - this is amazing!


Ever since I read this I've been wondering about the Moon Lord.... obviously he's not Cthulhu because he's got five eyes and Skeletron's got only 2...... I think the Moon Lord is actually LORDE from Calamity anybody else agree ?????? similar names i can't be the only one who noticed
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