Terraria 8th Anniversary Lore Event

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    It's wonderful finally having some of the lore for this game. I can't wait for the lore on the other bosses.
  2. Izzabelle

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    Does this mean definitively that there will be no more alts to Hallow, Crimson/Corruption because alts are officially not canon and thus can not be added?
  3. LazyAlarm

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    I like this lore. It’s kinda what you expect and it doesn’t change how you view the events in your world but it i still interesting and fun!
  4. Chips

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    This is pretty cool lore, but I foresee some problems with the fan base... Calamity Mod lore is now kinda noncanonical, what with Draedon and stuff.
    Corruption/Crimson/Hallow alternates may now be noncanonical, but suggestions are still fun to read and interesting to come up with.

    I predict that alternates and alternate lore will continue to be pumped out by the fandom, even if there's now canon lore.
  5. Yvori

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    Even if that is the case (honestly I haven't expected them to make any more alternates since 1.3 launched) please don't stop making your alternate posts. It's always cool to think of what could be, and who knows... Modders are getting more and more experienced as time goes on!

    Can we please stop with Calamity this and Calamity that? Calamity was NEVER canon, and as it's noncanonical, and since this lore isn't reflected ingame, nothing about Calamity needs to change to make sense.
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    So the dungeon was this GOOD big thriving city that got Glastheim'd one day? Huh, technically this might have already been slightly shown before because unusually you can find tons of furniture placed in it already (including EVERY type of furniture), and it is the only place in the entire game where you can get books. I guess these story touches being focused on is what those "new dungeon changes" are about

    I'm assuming there will be a couple changes in NPC lines after this particularly for the OldMan/Clothier and Mechanic, and maybe how you find the Mechanic. She talks like she was simply bound there on the random floor for X hours like she was gonna die even if simply for starvation if not the skeletons, says nothing about any work or cultists, and even later she doesn't say stuff like "uh whoops can you kill that monster I kind of made earlier:p". Imagine if there's a special set room in the dungeon you find her in and it takes a key that you have to kill Skeletron for, maybe even have a 10%-finished MechanicalBrainOfCthulhu in the background there. To go nuts you could even have a half-life mini-cutscene where once you get close you can see her and the main Lunatic Cultist interacting for a second before he teleports away and you don't see him again until the end. And currently the Clothier says he can remember kidnapping her and tying her up and throwing her inside but without any relation to any of the reasons said there, like it was just a random blood sacrifice instead. But this adds meaning to that part where the Dryad says she's centuries old.

    It says that the hallow works to stop evil from spreading more, which is something you can actually do with it in the game. And it's saying the Crimson's mouth monsters are simply humans that it overtook.

    And allow me to point out that that last page ends with "will you stand up and fight for Terraria against the growing shadows and impending doom?" while the "impending doom" thing is actually what it says while Moon Lord is being summoned for the final fight, so it's like Arc Words now at the beginning and end

    But that's always the way it was. His current lines as OldMan & Clothier already say he's not evil himself and he's forced into it from a curse. Which is why he turns good after he gets freed.
    Nothing ever said the Destroyer is an upgrade of Eater of Worlds story-wise, you accidentally invented that connection. (and the Destroyer might be spines) But the actual BrainOfCthulhu somehow being with the Crimson is unexplained.
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    Ah, I didn't realize that the same point had been made a thousand times... sorry about that.
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  8. Koopahunter197

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    This lore is... interesting, I suppose. Not the greatest I've ever seen- but not terrible either. I'll go through my thoughts on it in order:
    I'm not entirely sure if I completely understand the whole balancing thing, nor the idea that each Terraria world is "sentient". This feels like this could be revised a little, honestly.
    I like the Crimson lore (besides the whole "balance" thing, but I've already addressed that), but otherwise no real comments there. Rip the idea of it being Cthulhu's rotting corpse tho.
    Corruption... ehh, don't like it. The idea of it not being a proper disease but rather the "sins of Terrarians" is somehow even edgier than the Crimson, and that's kinda a bad thing. The idea of the corruption should probably be looked over again.
    Dunno what to think about the Hallow. Kinda what I'd expect, I suppose.
    The whole WoF thing... hm. The idea of it being the Guide I personally liked, but this works (despite it being kinda... bland, tbh.) And then, once again, I reach a point where I don't quite understand something - that being, the WoF releasing the Spirits in order to "find a new guardian". Are the looking to recontain themselves? How is a new guardian determined? I've way too many questions here.
    Alright, now onto the big boi himself, Cthulhu. Getting some backstory on the EoC, BoC, and unexpectedly Skeletron & the Dryad is really interesting. Though, does this mean Skeletron (and by extent, Prime) is getting a resprite? I hope so, as they've always been a little bland design-wise imo.
    Now, is the Moon Lord Cthulhu, or is the Moon Lord just, a Moon Lord? I remember hearing on the Discord that there's an entire race of Moon Lords. I feel like I should be led to believe by the sprite and gore of ML that it is, in fact, not Cthulhu.
    No real comments on the mech bosses except haha Mechanic Tremor dev. (Also is Destroyer the spine or the intestines?)
    Lunatic cursing Old Man... yeah no that makes complete sense. But, the Dungeon used to be a city? I remember hearing about new Dungeon generation over on the Discors, hopefully we see this "ruined civilization" aspect in it.
    So there's my thoughts, feel free to rip me apart if needed and also let me know if I'm being stupid and am missing something here.
  9. SpookyRetroBits

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    "Within each world is a Guardian who serves as the worlds master and core. Once this creature is destroyed the world will release the ancient spirits of light and dark to expedite the process of finding a new guardian."
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  10. Would I be able to use these images in a Terraria animation?
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    Prepare now for the barrage of O MA GWARSH CHIPPY
  12. Definitely.
  13. Nakano15

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    Heh, you guys surelly took your time to invent the lore of the game. Beside that doesn't explains the mechanical bosses, or even Plantera and the Golem. Or even who is the Terrarian. And I kind of don't buy the fact that all dryads but one has perished.
  14. Ethacon

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    Have patience with this initial reveal. There may be feature lore reveals?
  15. Proto Persona

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    Not Plantera or the Golem, no. It does explain the mechanical bosses though. They are creations of the mechanic, who is being held captive in the dungeon by the lunatic cultists. The mechanic is being forced to make them in an attempt to revive Cthulhu, aka the Moon Lord.
  16. LorD MagxedooM

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    Very, very, very Epic, Brain mechanical? This is interesting
  17. InstaFiz

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    And then there’s the Destroyer...
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  18. Books N' Swords

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    This lore is very interesting. It makes me ask more and more questions as I think about it. I thought the Steampunker was the one that created the mechanical bosses but it's really nice to get a confirmation that it is the mechanic. The fact that the Corruption and Crimson are "restoring balance" is extremely weird though. As a player, I would think that cleansing the world IS the way to restore balance... So reading this lore makes me very, very interested about 1.3.6.

    Now I'm even more hyped for the update!
  19. DSGamingGuy127

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    I'm happy that terraria finally has an explination for all of the strange biomes it has. :D
  20. This is so cool. Love the Mech Brain reference too.