1. leechheart

    leechheart Skeletron

    Shut the your up.
  2. Pieselowskyy333

    Pieselowskyy333 Terrarian

    i just typed about another thing in the "worst update ever"
  3. leechheart

    leechheart Skeletron

    The worst update ever is the one where h
  4. Astral Excalibur

    Astral Excalibur Skeletron

    t r I g g e r e d update
    Upon beating a boss your game is uninstalled
  5. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Skeletron Prime

    Chopping down all the trees in the world summons the Lorax, who will continuously grow trees in your world until there is no empty space left, and the trees try to kill you with 9999999999 damage.
  6. after defeating the cultist, the SAUN LORDE (IT IS A LORD OF THE SUN, NOT THE TYRANT KING FROM CALAMITY!!!!) will replace the Lord of the Moon (and he says if you use chat: "SHAOT DE SAUN AP!!!"), the Solar Pillar into the LUHNAHR PEELAR, the Moon Lord background will turn into an explosion background, and Luminite and Solar Fragments are replaced with SOOHLAHRSTAUNE and LUHNAHR FRAGMOONTS respectively, the SAUN LORDE and the LUHNAHR PEELAR deal Instakill damage that ignores dodging abilities (much like the Deathmode Devourer of God in Calamity)
  7. foussi

    foussi Terrarian

    There is 100% chance of tthe wall of flesh spawning overworld and not despawning .
    Also everytime it moves through your buildings,they get erased.
  8. sharkman0101

    sharkman0101 The Destroyer

    The new update -
    Adds a lot of new content!
    - Fixed a bug where the game would launch
    - Adds the Coothooloo boss: Is just a reskin of skeletron but with four hands
    - Enemies drop a landmine instead of coins upon death
    - All characters will be set to hardcore and all worlds will be set to Expert
    - Buffed Moon Lord
    - Nerfed the summoner class
    - Made half the melee weapons throwing
    - Removed trees
    - Buffed Moon Lord
    - Added the throwing pillar in the celestial events
    - Adds the Green Ogre boss: is summoned by suspicious looking donkey in the outhouse. is a reskin of Moon Lord but is pre-hardmode stats and has a new attack that creates a 5th movie
    - Buffed Moon Lord
    - Fixed a bug where pickaxes were mining 5x as fast as they are supposed to
    - Hunger and durability
    - Vampire Knives now heal the enemy and hurt you
    - Nerfed Golem
    - Buffed Moon Lord
    - Added new boss: liver of cthulhu
    - Fixed a bug where landmines weren't instakill and disapeared upon detonation
    - Added new boss: Giant enemy crab
    - Buffed Moon Lord
    - Buffed Moon Lord
    - Buffed Moon Lord
    - Buffed Moon Lord again just to make sure
  9. Update 1.ITISOVER9000.420.69
    -introduced CAUTAULAW, which is a poorly sprited Moon Lord, and is summoned with a CAUTAULAW SKAEL, from 1 dirt block.
    Health: 100000000000000000
    Damage: instakill
    Defence: IT IS OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!
    Drops: THE ILLUMINITE SHORT-SWORD (0.00000000000001% chance)
    The Illuminite Shortsword:
    Does 1 damage, summons Bill Cipher (which will fire a last prism laser from its eyes), Ugandan Knuckles that says "You don't know da wae", Eddie Wally saying "Wow", Ganon (of the Zelda CD-i Games) saying "YOU MUST DIE!!!!!!" and summoning lightning, Luigi (from Hotel Mario) throwing spaghetti and saying "I hope she made lots of spaghetti", THE LORDE saying "NO U" in Microsoft voice, Shoop da Whoop firing lasers, and many other memes.
    -added herobrine, which gives you daybroken, on fire, shadowflame, cursed fire, stoned, and even frostburn.
    -the game is now on early MS-DOS, MSX, NES/Famicom, Gameboy, TI99, and other 70s/80s computers and gaming consoles.
    -New bosses: (as the Rude Twins) Leechheart (a poorly drawn resprite of EoC on MS-Paint) and DevourerOfCheese (poorly sprited destroyer).
    Leech's HP: unkillable
    Leech's damage: instakill, the "no u" lasers also deal instakill
    Leech's Defence: invincibility
    DOC's HP: Infinity plus one
    DOC's dmg: INSTAKILL (unless you use a staff member's name, which reduces damage to 1)
    DOC's def: Invincible
    Both of them drop: MAYAN KNIFE
    Does INFINITY damage
    Acts like an infinite throwing knife
    When thrown it will summon an obese Mayan (Sun God) to kill the target.
    -added the INFINITE AEGIS, an expert drop from the Lunatic Cultist that gives player Invincibility, meaning it is effective against the new bosses.
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  10. Dylwan

    Dylwan Official Terrarian

    If you die by a boulder about 100 times in a playthrough, there is a 1 out of 10000 chance that it'd start a rain but the raindrops are boulders.

    The worst idea i could think of.
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  11. OfficalEyeOfCthulhu

    OfficalEyeOfCthulhu Eye of Cthulhu


    Your terraria oc's become npcs
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  12. The worst idea I have to make
    Moon Lordusa (Moon Lord ripoff)
    Health: 100558937373 (total health, head/torso/hands are equal to 1/4th of her health)
    Damage: 85634258402641 (her snake hair [similar of Moon Lord leeches] will also stone you)(she summons marble cinder blocks to smash you after a body part of her is defeated)(Medusa Death Rays kill you instantly)
    Def: you cannot kill her with anything except for (normal) wood/copper/tin weapons that have a bad modifier or even her weapons
    Music: Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga boss music (with Roblox "oof" instead of the insturments used in making the music), after the core is revealed, it will change to a high pitched fast speed version of Bowser's theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.
    Drops: Meowmeredusa, Medusa Wrath, Medusian, S.M.G (Stone Medusa Gun), Medusalebration, Last Medusa, Medusa Flares, Medusa Portal staff, Stone Crystal Staff, Medusite (quantities of 70-100).
    Deals 1^10 melee damage and summons over 9000 medusas to stone targets and crash your Terraria.
    Medusa Wrath:
    Deals 75000000 melee damage (Medusa heads deal over twice dmg and are considered magical) and summons OVER A GOOGOLDUPLEX MEDUSA HEADS THAT STONE EVERY THING AND CRASHES TERRARIA.
    Deals 785615549 melee damage and shoots 4 medusa headed yoyos that shoot tons of medusas to petrify enemies.
    Does 46184857 ranged damage, shoots a spread of 15 bullets, turn them into medusa heads that split into shrapnel and petrify all of people, and even have so much speed.
    Does 571663713 ranged dmg and shoots Medusa Head Rockets that explode like fireworks and petrify enemies (and possibly the user if the rocket is reflected by a Selenian).
    Last Medusa:
    Does 857362829 magical damage and consumes only one mana point
    Shoots medusa snake beam that pierces an infinity amount of enemies.
    Medusa Flare:
    Does 736143146142 damage and consumes 100 mana
    Shoots a myriad Medusa Heads to stone everything and crash the game.
    Medusa Portal staff:
    Does 65165464 summon dmg
    Summons a Medusa Portal that summons medusas to petrify and attack targets.
    Stone Crystal staff:
    Does 4761433646 summoning dmg
    Summons a Petrify Crystal that shoots gray scars that can petrify target.
    Only mineable with luminite pickaxes or laser drills, used to make Medusite bars from 4 ore.
    Medusite Bar:
    A bar used to make Medusa themed items, made from 4 ores using a lunar manipulator (drop from moon lord).
    Medusite Arrow:
    4861643 damage
    Shoots a medusa to stone your enemy after it hits it.
    Medusite Bullets:
    Deal 75736381 dmg
    Shoots a medusa head that splits into shrapnel.
    Medusite Aegis:
    174636364647 defence and resistance to Stoned.
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  13. JellyMantis

    JellyMantis Skeletron Prime

    I fear no man, but that thing
  14. Neero

    Neero Steampunker

    Kill (TRY) the hardmode bosses at pre hardmode(option)
  15. Dylwan

    Dylwan Official Terrarian

    It scares me.
    health: 100000x your current health
    Damage: 9999, ignoring even attack dodging techiques, dmg reducers, and even defences (THAT MEANS, NOT EVEN STEEF'S ULTIMATE TANKING GUIDE CAN BE USED TO KILL THE DIABOLIC PLAYER CLONE!!!)(Also it summons maritans and the Dame Tu Cosita alien [hyper realistic] TO BITE YOUR FACE when it has any Martian Invasion Vanity or Weapon)(when wearing molten armour and/or wielding any prehardmode Hell weapon, it will be immune to fire and inflict fiery dmg)
    Defence: 100000x the defence of yours (with the same statuses of your armour)
    Drops: Dame Tu Cosita staff (if the clone has martian armour and/or weapons), Cloud Strife's Blade (if it wore the breaker sword, yellow dyed lamia hair, black dyed archaeologist clothes, and when named "Cloud Strife" or simply "Cloud"), True Terra Blade (if it wears solar armour dyed on green flames, has a terra blade, and even a greenflame ankh shield), the astral Exclaibur (drops when the clone wears hallow armour, ankh shield, excalibur, and named after either Astral's forum name or his OC's name).
    Dame Tu Cosita's staff:
    666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 summoner dmg

    Cloud Strife's Sword:
    Deal Over 9000 googol!!!! Damage
    The speed is unforunately slower than even a magic mirror, taikng around 63635244252 frames to swing!!!!!!!!

    True Terra Blade:
    'the infamous suggestion weapon'
    Does 3625373745241426457_6"473273 damage
    Swings over 10000 terra beams, night beams, and light beams, crashing your game.
    Size: as big as the breaker sword
    Speed: OVER 9000! (infernally slow)

    Astral Exclaibur:
    Does 61425373442528336 dmg
    Summons light beams and shooting stars of the Star Fury
    Has insanely fast (1) speed
  17. JellyMantis

    JellyMantis Skeletron Prime

    nice copying the previous joke in this thread
  18. OfficalEyeOfCthulhu

    OfficalEyeOfCthulhu Eye of Cthulhu

    Another thing related to characters but everyone is named based off the biomes and you will always be a purify
  19. - the w33d update
    -added w33d, which is used to summon Snoop Dogg to snipe you.
    item crafted from crafted in
    W33d IT IS OVER 9000! Seaweed (junk item), 666 hellstone bars, EVERY SINGLE BOSS SUMMONER, THIS INCLUDES GUIDE VOODOO DOLLS!! demonic altars

    -added Snoop Dogg boss, who is firing Sniper Rifles (they make MLG memes when you get sniped), Shoop da Whoop laz0rs (similar to Moon Lord lasers), shadowflamethrowers (similar to flamethrowers but shadowflames you), Sanic launschz0r (launches a homing Sanic, a misdrawn Sonic who yells at you (in microsoft voice) "Gotta Go Fast", "You're too slow", and other random speech, there is a 1/10 chance (1/1 chance when setting time to January 2018) of firing a slow, explosive Ugandan Knuckles that says "You don't know da wae" and "You must have ebola, to know da wae"), and Lunatic Cultist blaster (summons over 9000 lunatic cultists (meaning over 54000 clones) to kill you), he can also say random :red:posts as chat qoutes.
    health: 4161623631
    Damage: 5.624255e9
    Defence: 420
    Drops: nothing
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  20. Ingodia

    Ingodia Terrarian

    Terraria - The Best Update Ever Update
    • All bosses now require the player to purchase their own respective DLCs.
    • Crates now cost real money.
    • Vanity items are now only obtainable through loot boxes which cost real money. You also have to buy each Social slot separately.
    • Everything post-WOF is now an expansion pack - boss DLCs are still separate.
    • The following usually free items listed are now all their own respective DLCs - Launching the game, creating a character, customizing your character, naming your character, creating a world, choosing your world size, choosing your world difficulty, naming your world, & other similar items.
    • Doing anything, including moving your cursor, now accumulates a bill that must be paid by the end of the month or your computer will be destroyed.
    • Terraria is now incompatible with all devices that are not the SuperOverpricedWindowsXP system.
    Additional Notes That We Forgot To Add
    • Every entity that is not the player is corrupted until the WeNeedMoreMoney DLC is purchased.
    • Re-Logic is no longer a corporate entity. We here at the WeAreUnderpriced headquarters apologize for the inconvenience.
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