Terraria Bad Ideas

a light switch

Juice that makes you explode
in game sprite is the meowmere
name disguised as legendary meowmere
purple rarity
given to at start of game
when used will explode the player and delete the .plr file
unable to be trashed
replaces copper shortsword in expert mode
4.13- Grim Reaper update (similar to my own "6.6.6 Devul Updarte" that got misspelled names in the boss and its loot).

-HP: 1,000,000,000
-DMG: 1,000,000,000
-DEF: 1,000,000,000
-KBR: 100,000%
-ATK1: Throwing Homing Red Death Sickles that pass walls and fly at a speed superior than the max speed of the Expert WoF.
-ATK2: summons Dungeon Guardians.
-ATK3: using his scythe as a boomerang.
-Loot: GRIME RIPPER SAITHE (100%), 1,000 Platinum Coins (100%).
-Summoned where: nighttime in Halloween after using a RIPPER STATSHO (made from th3 full reaper costume, 999 ebon-/crimstone, 999 demonite/crimtane bars, and 999 cursed flames/ichor at an Ancient Manipulator).
-DMG: 10,000.
-Knockback: 1000 (insane).
-Use Speed: 6666666 (SLOTH, taking 111111.6 seconds/almost 31 hours when the game runs at 60fps)
-Shoots: the red Death Sickles of the Grime Ripper.
-Sell Price: 10 Platinum.
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13.37: L33T H4X0R UPD8.

-NPC's talk in 1337.
-H4x0r b0ss.
-Healthiness: 10100111001
-Damageness: 10100111001 (ign0rez arm0urz).
-Defenceness: 10100111001
-knockback resistanceness: 1337%.
-immune 2: 411 D3buffzorz.
-Sp33d: fast0r than t3h 3XP3R7 W411 0F F13$#.
-Attack: us3s hax, summ0nz0rz l33t hamm3r broz. Th4t thr0w hamm3rz at j00 d34lin9 10100111001 dmg.
-Dropz: l33t pwnhamm3r (1337%), K1ll4ur4 (1/1337%), aimb0t r1fl3(1/1337), L33t M4g1c (1/1337).
-Summ0nzorz: T3H L33T C0MPUT3R (made with 999 iron/lead, 999 glass, 999 wires.
K1ll4ur4 (Killaura):
-10100111001IVI3133 (melee) dmg.
-surr0undz0rz j00 with a rin9 0f f1r3 th4t pwnz0rz 3n3m13z.
Aimb0t r1fl3 (aimbot rifle):
-10100111001 R4n93d (Ranged) dmg.
-4ut0m4tic4lly sh00tzorz 3n3m13z.
-c0nsum3z bull3tz.
L33T M4g1c (Leet Magic):
-10100111001 magic dmg.
-sh00tzorz guy f4wk3z m4skz at 3n3m13z.
L33T PWNHAMM3R (leet pwnhammer)
-10100111001 melee dmg.
-10100111001% HAMM3R P0W3R.
-pwnz0rz 3v3n stuff3d ch3stz.


The Destroyer
A collaboration between Terraria and LittleBigPlanet!

Heck yeah!

While if you stuck in enough effort that would be cool, some (ok, maybe most) Terraria themed LBP1 levels are lame.


Version 1.4
The Western Front Update
All NPCs are replaced with Dr. Manflies. Their poison vials now have zero gravity, home in on you, and pierce walls. The poison gas never dissipates. Anything that can mitigate their vials is removed.


Wall of Flesh
The lit update:
All text has been replaced with the word "Lit", this includes settings and every language.


The Destroyer

An enemy that instantly kills the player and is invincible and lightsPeed no matter what

OOF that would be bad


-Getting the "On Fire" debuff now burns your graphics card with tons of particle effects and other lag creating effects while the debuff is active, same with other fire-based debuffs.
The stoned debuff bricks (makes your electronic piece useless) your GPU (even if your gpu is an Nvidia Titan RTX/upcoming Advanced Micro Devices Radeon VII), crashes the game, and deletes the legendary System32 folder (or its Mac/Linux equvalents).
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