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Terraria Biome Infection Suggestion

Sadly I don't have drawings of this but I can describe it
another world Infection
look theirs Corruption and Crimson
What About Currptson
imagine all the corruption and crimson combined to create unspeakable evil its boss is CepSin. CepSin is this Terrifying creature that only spawns if you destroy a (4) Currpted or Crimsoned Devil Core it Will look like the Orb And heart Combined or Use A Ichor Flame which is Like Made with [[[vertabra,Rotten Chunk and Crimupted Ston]]] but now lets go to CepSin
he looks like [Redacted] I want the terraria community to figure was he looks like
(same with the Devil Core)



It's a little strange from my point of view, because these two biomes weren't thought to be merged, or allies or something like that.
They don't have nothing to do with each other.
I think it's not a good idea.


Eye of Cthulhu
Can we get jungle and infection fusions first before fusing infections into more infections.
That would be great, it’s the un-lazy solution to fixing the jungle getting eaten up by corruption and crimson. Maybe a hallowed jungle too in case the hallow spawns overlapping the jungle.


Skeletron Prime
This would be bad too.
This actually would open up for a lot thought, as well as getting rid of the fact that the jungle, the most important biome in the game, can be destroyed completely by the world evil. There's even still a threat, as the hardest biome in the game would become even worse after getting infected.
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