Console Terraria Console Holiday 2015 Update!

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  1. 505Games

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    *The update is now live on Xbox systems!!*

    Hello Terrarians!

    We are happy to announce that update has been approved on the Sony consoles (PS3, PS4, and Vita) and the update will start to roll out today! For PS4, if you are a European user, you should have the update already and US players can expect it in the next few hours.

    PS3 and Vita should arrive as the system allows/releases them over the next ~48 hours.

    Microsoft users (Xbox 360 and Xbox One) we haven't forgotten about you! The update is at the end of the submission process with a couple of last minute touches pending. We hope to have some good news for you soon!
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  2. ExoticCharm

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    Duke Fishron shall be mine to destroy!

    Excellent news about the update. :)
  3. DiabloNocturnia

    DiabloNocturnia Terrarian

    Excellent job guys
  4. qwityboy proflip

    qwityboy proflip Terrarian

    Yes! Finally!! Thank you so much!I was on edge all this week!:happy::dryadhappy::merchanthappy::nursehappy:~:happy:`:happy::red::joy::brain::golem::zombie::nymph::pumpking:
  5. The Terraria Swag Beast

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    Yayayyy finally!!!! Thank u! I've been waiting for sooo long!!! Duke fishron here I come! :D
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  6. SkylusiaArmorce

    SkylusiaArmorce Terrarian

    Thanks you
  7. the snow spirit

    the snow spirit Official Terrarian

    Yes, thank you 505games! I don't play ps4 but at least I know when ps3 will get the update.
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  8. opie

    opie Terrarian

    Im not gonna lie, i am really disappointed. To have Microsoft delay this is really frustrating. i understand it's not on 505, but over the last couple hours seeing some consoles get the update, i really had my hopes up. **sigh**
  9. Halixon

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  10. Terramany

    Terramany Terrarian

    Buen trabajo ...;)
  11. xX TeD P 001 Xx

    xX TeD P 001 Xx Terrarian

    I am as well , bit annoying really seeing as though I've been so excited to play :( *Double Sigh*
  12. Kamizama3000

    Kamizama3000 Terrarian

    finally peace to my soul :happy::dryadhappy::merchanthappy::nursehappy:~:happy:`:happy:
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  13. The Teenage Gamer

    The Teenage Gamer Terrarian

    Excellent. but where's the change log? And is the save-crash issue on the Vita fixed? Ahhh, so many questions! My little piggie heart cannot wait!

    Edit: The PSVita save-crash issue has NOT been fixed. I know Loki and 505 Games knew of the issue since it first arose during the "additions" patch, but no fix is included in this update.
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  14. RAGNAR

    RAGNAR Eye of Cthulhu

    Damn, I was hoping for xbox update. This is like having to sit and watch everyone open their presents on Xmas day, but you have to wait until Boxing day to open yours.
    I mean yeah its great its coming out, but a little disheartening to see all you PS players enjoying something only you have lol
  15. DiabloNocturnia

    DiabloNocturnia Terrarian

    My biggest worry is that the vita crash bug is still present, I currently cannot play medium or large worlds without it crashing.
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    It's a bit like us console players watching all the PC folks getting their hands on 1.3.
  16. Fury

    Fury Lunatic Cultist

    Good job guys! I'm glad my friend didn't waste his time shopping an image to troll me. lol.
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  17. SilentWolf

    SilentWolf Terrarian

    Really... PlayStation gets everything these days. Oh well, I can wait
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  18. xX TeD P 001 Xx

    xX TeD P 001 Xx Terrarian

    Exactly how I feel bud :( . Bit annoying really and unfair, but at least we get the update soon (can't wait) :)
  19. Loki

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    Awesome news!!!

    Hang in there, Xbox Terrarians - you shouldn't be far behind at all! :)

    There really is no good answer when a disconnect you hold on one approval to wait on the other...either way, someone isn't happy. Sorry guys, but hopefully not long at all. ;)

    As you find any bugs guys, PLEASE use the link in the bottom of 505 Games' signature to make sure that they are seen by the appropriate folks.

  20. mickylovefist

    mickylovefist Terrarian

    Yesssss! I canny wait for this to land on my PS3. Me and the wife, new characters, new world... ALL NIGHT SESH! :D
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