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Console Terraria Console Holiday 2015 Update!

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i have not seen a single truffle worm, or even duke fishron video on youtube for PS vita
ALL console versions (except 3DS) are built from the same source code, and thus have the same content. This is important as the Cross-Play feature between PS3/PS4/PSVita (and 360>XB1) wouldn't work otherwise. I KNOW for a fact that Duke Fishron is on 360.

If you can't find truffle worms, you are probably looking in the wrong place. You should be looking underground in a mushroom biome there. And you need to be in hardmode. Don't just stand in the middle of the mushroom patch though. Go back and forth between the patch and the neighboring areas, so that the mushroom patch is halfway offscreen most of the time. Otherwise they won't spawn.

Or build a farm. On console I recommend the Turbo Truffle Farm by ZeroGravitas.

Nike Leon

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are we gonna get a 1.3 update for xbox 360 505 games please tell me
MrRudi of Engine has stated that last gen systems are reaching their limits with 1.2.4, while no official word has been given specifically about 1.3 I find it unlikely that last gen consoles can support it.
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