Console Terraria Console Holiday 2015 Update!

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Thanks Loki, you are right someone will always be upset. Personally, i know this isn't on 505, im not disappointed in them. im grateful that we are getting an update, honestly, it's no big deal. I can wait.


Skeletron Prime
Awesome news!!!

Hang in there, Xbox Terrarians - you shouldn't be far behind at all! :)

There really is no good answer when a disconnect you hold on one approval to wait on the other...either way, someone isn't happy. Sorry guys, but hopefully not long at all. ;)

As you find any bugs guys, PLEASE use the link in the bottom of 505 Games' signature to make sure that they are seen by the appropriate folks.


Logical. I would like to take this time to make two points: One, I am glad this update has arrived, (relatively). Two, Hello Loki, you're totally my favorite.


  • Wearable Accessories
  • Chest Naming
  • Infinite Wiring
  • Ability to change Hair Style in-game
  • Ability to change your default clothing at a dresser
  • Vanity Wings (dyable)
  • Ability to place Switches and levers on a wall

  • BALANCE: Reintroduce Re-Spawn timer
  • BALANCE: Other Balance changes
  • Reintroduce Coin Gun (loot – pirate invasion)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Overwrite console auto-dig code with PC auto-dig code
  • BUG: Reduce ore sparkles brightness
  • BUG: Don't show enemies names when they are in darkness.
  • BUG: Only auto-place 1 torch per press
  • BUG: Heart crystal plays shatter sounds every hit, instead of when it breaks
  • Remember hits for tiles
  • ART: Update splash screen
  • BUG: Fix minion sacrificing code (bug: The Tempest Staff fails to summon Sharknado if another minion is already present.)

  • Stylist

Firefly in a Bottle
Lightning Bug in a Bottle
Mallard Duck Cage
Monarch Butterfly Jar
Purple Emperor Butterfly Jar
Red Admiral Butterfly Jar
Ulysses Butterfly Jar
Sulphur Butterfly Jar
Tree Nymph Butterfly Jar
Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly Jar
Julia Butterfly Jar
Spectre Mask
Diamond Ring
Crimson Cloak
Mysterious Cape
Red Cape
Winter Cape
Bee Headgear
Bee Breastplate
Bee Greaves
Hornet Staff
Imp Staff
Queen Spider Staff
Spider Mask
Spider Breastplate
Spider Greaves
Slimy Saddle
Bee Wax
Honeyed Goggles
Optic Staff
Spider Staff
Pirate Staff
Slime Hook
Sticky Grenade
Molotov Cocktail
Spider Fang
Slime Gun
Blue Dungeon Chandelier
Green Dungeon Chandelier
Pink Dungeon Chandelier
Weapon Rack
Fireworks Box
Firework Fountain
Music Box – Pumpkin Moon
Music Box – Alt Underground
Music Box – Frost Moon
Music Box – Underground Crimson
Life Hair Dye
Mana Hair Dye
Depth Hair Dye
Money Hair Dye
Time Hair Dye
Team Hair Dye
Biome Hair Dye
Party Hair Dye
Rainbow Hair Dye
Speed Hair Dye
Hair Dye Remover
Ducky Wallpaper
Confetti Block
Confetti Wall
Confetti Block - Black
Confetti Wall - Black
Living Fire Block

All the missing stuff on the console version...


Great news! :D

Although, I've got a couple of questions

1: Have any 1.3 mechanics been added?

2: Could you post a change log? I like playing new updates blind, but I know most of the 1.2.4 stuff :p


It sucks to be me right now. I have the 360 and amazon version of this game, so I have to wait on both fronts to play the update.
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