10th Anniversary Terraria is Turning 10 Years Old - Celebrate with Us!

Here is my birthday card:
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Here is my birthday card: View attachment 321413
Please just get rid of the writing on the very bottom it might make people hate that card just for that because that might offend people who enjoy both Terraria and Minecraft. I love Terraria more but if we all told how much we love Terraria and how much we hate other games, the game wouldn't be much fun so just keep what you have to say in your head.
Man, I only REALLY got into the game when 1.4 on mobile released ( I have no PC and yes, I do are have stupid), i'm nearly about to finish, and i'm really exited for the tenth aniversery!
I really hope 1.4.1 mobile comes soon, and i'm a little ways away from getting a switch. Thanks to EVERYONE who was and is involved in the creation of this wonderful game!
Thanks for the fun memories, enraging boss battles, fun mechanics, loveable art style, and so much more. I mean it.
It's the day... Thank you relogic for this amazing game, you truly deserve all the love.<3 I had great time playing, really appreciate all the work you have put in to create this masterpiece. Terraria is the best game I have played in my life, even though there are still thing that could be changed/added. I wish your future projects will be as succesful as terraria!
I’ve been a fan of the game for a majority of those years and am happy at how the game has turned out.

Some versions have 1.2, some 1.3, even 1.4. I don’t think any still have 1.1 (correct me if I’m wrong) but as someone who owns 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4, I have my own opinions on the best (major) update of all time. Share your opinions and I’ll share mine.

It has to be 1.4. It ranks last place, despite being an amazing update, due to the fact that the game was already too good to get much game changing content, unless the devs wanted a full game revamp. Also, I don’t like a lot of the respites and think the old ones were better (golem especially)

1.1 was a good update that paved the way to modern terraria, adding things like the mech bosses and wof. Hallowed armor was the best and it was vastly different from 1.0, which had molten

This was a hard choice between 1.2 and 1.3. They were both the best, so I decided to put them together. They both vastly altered the endgame and gave me most of my play time. 1.2 even has versions like 3ds and old mobile/console, which add exclusive content. 1.3 was amazing in that it added so much content and bosses that actually change the game a lot and you’ll be sure to notice. That’s why they’re grouped together.

1.0. The og version. I unfortunately never played it myself but it is what started it all, it is why we’re here. It is that content light version that we all know and love even if we never played it. It has 3 bosses and no different damage types (ik how quick king slime was added though). Without it, terraria would not be 10 years old

I will continue play terraria and wish you all more tarts to come
Here we are, huh? Ten years of this amazing game... I'm at a loss for words, to be honest. I have a lot of things I want to say but I'm not sure how to say any of those things. One thing I can say is... thank you, devs, for making this game and giving me and so many other people tons of memories.
I've actually shared my thanks message several years ago, but I still find it relevant to this day: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?profile-posts/310428/

In short: Terraria was more than just my favorite game to me, when I met the forums, it was actually life-changing
It brought me into socialising, brought me back and improve into drawing, and may have helped me to archieve my programming diploma as well.

My favorite memories of Terraria really comes to this forum, and to all the people and friends I've met along the way. We have all come a long way since then.
And even though most of them aren't active here anymore, I still see them around through Discord and Twitter, it's been a lasting friendship that all started on this little forum. :)

So thank you Terraria, once again, and thank you TCF, for all the laughs and fun I have gotten the last years.
Happy 10th Birthday Terraria! This has been such an amazing journey throughout these 10 years. It has been so majestic, the past years of Terraria were so beautiful with each new update, changing the game and improving everything. I'm so glad I got to experience this journey, I have loved every part of it since the start. I wish you all the best in the future - past Terraria and keep up the amazing work!
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