Terraria Mobile 1.3 Reaches Alpha!

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    FROSTBYTE7PH Terrarian

    I hope i will be in for beta testing
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    Ive waited for this for so long even
    Waited if terraria other world will be in mobile
  2. thejaxster

    thejaxster Skeletron

    This looks pretty epic imo...
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    MOBILE GAMER Terrarian

    thank you developer for the news and i can't wait the mega update for the mobile to come in my hand but i will wait to the release date and my main focus is the beta update so thats alll thank you for the newsssss
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    my hope now im in the beta testing
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    what do you mean in mind blown???
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    so sad
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    if they launch the terraria 1.3 mobile it will have a free update or paid update???
  4. axeldaone

    axeldaone Official Terrarian

    Thats gotta be the best developers ive ever seen... So we'll see... *DR STUDIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS*
  5. Sniper AxL

    Sniper AxL Terrarian

    Yup, but now you can unzoom even more~

    ST0RMBR3AK3R Terrarian

    This might just be the best thing that happened this year thank goodness, and also i wish they add yoyo to mobile
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  7. technology

    technology Terrarian

    나는 Terraria 사용자로서 오랫동안 이것을 기다리고있었습니다. 내 인생 최고의 게임 최신 버전을 모바일에 구현 한 것을 매우 기쁘게 생각합니다.
  8. Da_Bao_ge

    Da_Bao_ge Terrarian

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    MOBILE GAMER Terrarian

    i like yoyo for mobile
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  10. Loki

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    The "GrappleStick" (as I call it)? Me too. Remember that controls in each shot represent iteration, not a straight line of progress. Sometimes, the team tries something out and then says "nah the other way was better". That's why we always caution its all WIP. :)

    It is pretty self-explanatory really... not sure you need it? No tutorial at launch though.

    As this is an update, yes you will need to have a paid copy of the existing mobile game if you are selected.
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  11. kjc17

    kjc17 Terrarian

    Anyone know haw many beta testers there will be?
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  12. mccllm

    mccllm Terrarian

    I really hope I can be selected for Beta test.
  13. MigsYT

    MigsYT Terrarian

    Dude look at the screen shots and inventory there are new items and yoyo
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  14. Hakaibutsu

    Hakaibutsu Terrarian

    Wow! I’m waiting for the Switch edition but I’m going into 1.3 totally blind. This is a first time for me seeing the pillars. So stoked for this game, haven’t played since Xbox 360 about 5 years ago.

    Also, I see you all were able to fix the home screen. Nice. :cool:
  15. Akussino

    Akussino Terrarian

    i want to play terraria :dryadcry:
  16. Prynslik

    Prynslik Terrarian

    Will it be possible to drag the interface elements?
  17. MinionDude282

    MinionDude282 Terrarian

    Is expert mode and strange plants be added? These are some of my favorite items in 1.3!
  18. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Yes. :)
  19. MinionDude282

    MinionDude282 Terrarian

    Oh and I forgot to ask, are cloud save and local saves going to stay when 1.3 is pushed?
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    Like can we save worlds to the cloud during the update? Thanks!
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  20. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Not fully baked yet - but the most likely answer AT LAUNCH will be that it will be local only... however, you can make manual copies to the cloud (or backups to your own device) via the Files app (iOS) and whatever it is called on Android. :p

    Eventually, the plan is to bring that ability to access cloud back in game, but don't want to hold up launch for that.

    Conversion of existing cloud worlds will require some sort of pulling down to device... the team is aware of it and will have a solution.
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