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So Terraria & Monster Hunter are quite possibly my favourite titles. So when I heard that Terraria had asked Monster Hunter about a cross over, to say I was excited is an understatement.

But that's the last I've been able to find of it. Did anything come from it at all?

If it did happen, what sort of things would you like to see in Terraria and what do you think could end up in MH?

In MH, I think it would have to be weapons or armours. I can't think of any bosses that would fit in MH.

In Terraria, there are a few Monsters that would do well as bosses!


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I'm simply asking you to back up your claims of what "I said" with evidence :p

I'm not here to confirm or deny anything!


When did I ever say that?! :eek:
Best guess is a misinterpretation of this:

But nothing says that even if there's a new boss and its drops, it's the fabled crossover. It could just be a boulder boss and its drops, the boulder pet, the boulder mount (tooltip: "Terrarians used to ride these babies for miles!"), the boulder mace, the boulder cannon, and the boulder helmet.
Though I wouldn't personally care much for a Monster Hunter Crossover, Terraria would benefit in a few ways [though a crossover isn't necessary for these changes to happen].
  1. Monster/ Boss specific Quests would've always been cool, and a great excuse to receive unique items from certain NPCs [i.e. Duke and The Angler]
  2. I think a new Boss would also be cool, but I think were getting into "shoehorn territory", because a number of good segue Bosses/ Items have already been added [Abigail's Flower] to take some of the edge off-of certain progression spikes, like Queen Slime for the Mechs, and Deerclops for Skeletron/ Queen Bee; not quite sure where a newer Boss would be placed, or what purpose I'd serve that doesn't exist already, but maybe the items might be unique enough...??
  3. Also, a possible early-game "Wire-Bug Item" would be really cool if executed properly! 😏 🤷‍♂️
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