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Terraria: Twenty Million Strong & Counting!


I'm a gamer for nearly 15 Years now. I've played many really good Games across all Genres wether they are old or new. And i've played many 2D Games. But I've never played a 2D Game this polished and content rich. The Amount of Content and the pure creativity found in this Gem is just breathtaking. I'm not really sure but i think you Relogic created one of the best if not the best 2D Game i've ever seen in my life. It's truly a Masterpiece and it's only fair to get your hard work paid back.

And I also want to say that I like that you don't mess with your Community. It's hard to find non capitalistic (half-true, everyone has to pay their lawns) minded developers nowadays. (Or maybe you guys are just smarter and know quality will pay out soon ;) ) Don't mess with us in the future and maybe i'll get a Copy for another platform (I own the Xbox 360, the Mobile and the PC Version already) in the future. But Terraria Otherworld is an instabuy for me cause you have won my trust.

Moreso I find it interesting that you guys have had the patience to release patch after patch, content update after content update. I think this is a game where this patience can get you very far in the gaming industry. Look at Blizzard they are supporting their Games for years after the Release. We are living in a world where renewable Energy Sources and Materials are getting more and more important. Why not speak about renewing old Game Code and use it for years? The old Doom for example has one of the oldest and most eccentric Communities ive ever seen but many new Gamers are going back to it and are happy that still people are developing Source Ports and Mods for it and that you can play it on all known Platforms. Terraria be like Doom and get soon into Gaming History.

PS.: I'm not a native English Speaker so fell free to tell me about my mistakes and i will correct them soon. And developers i hope you don't get burned out from Terraria soon. When this happens take a break. Rome isn't build in one day ;).



"Balance" in Terraria
Forget about it if you want to create a living and atmopsheric World. Just think about the Real Life do we live in a balanced World? No! Is it fun? Yes, for most of us. I hate these balance discussions in games. Games shouldn't be science. We will lose all the magic in games if we always try to balance games that cant be balanced.


Official Terrarian
That's just incredible ! I think I've been playing terraria for a year now and it's greater every update ! It's awesome that terraria has gone so far.

Congratulations to Re-Logic for making a great game ! ;)


Skeletron Prime
I remember when a friend got me this game during a contest on a livestream we were watching at the time, all the way back during 1.0.1(2?).

Here I am, years later, still playing it. Thanks, everyone. You're all awesome.~

The Warlocke

Skeletron Prime
Congratulations Terraria! Quite the milestone.

I'm sad to say I've only played 55 hours of Terraria since my own 4444 hour milestone. :merchantcry:


Just to cover everything, 20 million sure big. But how much from 20 million people use the forum? And the official wiki? Cuz so many Terrarians live in the darkness, like me two or one year ago. Nothing informed me the wiki.... the forum.... the game updates XD...;(;(

You should make a notice reminder of useful links about the game (official wiki,forum,server lists, etc) in the main menu of the game. @Loki @Cenx @Redigit (Note: TCF don't need people, so you could just informed the official wiki link.)
I once despised Terraria for the RPG elements but the mention of firearms drew me in. After a friend 'gifted' me a copy over Steam, I never looked back.

Still waiting for a Tank v Santa-NK1 battle. Armor v Armor. Might make that a mod someday but still can't code in c++ yet ;-;


Congrats! I have played since 1.1, where I was introduced to it on mobile. Since then, I have a wider array of Versions of Terraria. I appreciate you are finally bringing 1.3 to all of us mobile terrarians. I have prepped weapons for Lunar events.

Has a great day :cool:


Skeletron Prime

Greetings, Terrarians!

We wanted to take a few moments today to share and celebrate a pretty big milestone with all of you: as of the end of 2016, Terraria has surpassed the 20,000,000 copies sold mark! Since it's launch in May 2011, our 2D sandbox adventure has come a long way - and we owe so much of that to the amazingly strong and loyal support of each member of our community. To say that we are ecstatic about how our little game has grown - in content, in quality, and in success - is putting it mildly!

We wanted to share a few fun facts about how Terraria has evolved over time below, but before we get to that, the entire team would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all of you for making all of this possible. It has been a pleasure to have all of you along on the journey thus far, and we are really looking forward to continuing down that path. Terraria is a game - and a franchise - that has so much life left in it, and we cannot wait to share those plans with you in the months and years to come.

We would also be remiss if we did not send a huge thanks to our fantastic partners at 505 Games - without whom Console and Mobile would never have happened!

Terraria Fun Facts
Launch: May 2011
  • PC Only
  • ~250 Items
  • 6 NPCs (7 if you count the Old Man ;) )
  • 20 Enemies
  • 3 Bosses
  • 10 Biomes
  • Game "ended" with the Dungeon, explorable upon defeating the final boss of the game at the time, Skeletron

  • ~20.5 Million Copies Sold (8.5m alone in the 18 months since 1.3 on PC!)
  • Available across one of the widest arrays of gaming platforms of any game ever: PC/Mac/Linux, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS VITA, PS4, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Amazon mobile devices
  • ~3,800 Items
  • 25 NPCs (26 if you count the Old Man ;) )
  • ~350 Enemies
  • 16 Bosses (plus 9 mini-bosses!)
  • 27 Biomes (Plus a number of "mini-biomes" such as Pyramids or Living Trees)
  • Handful of Optional "Events" (The Moons, Invasions, etc)
  • Game "ends" with Moonlord, though optional content remains
  • Expert Mode for those with the skills to take on the ultimate Challenge!
  • Numerous Quality of Life Improvements (Too many to mention, really!)
  • ....and we still have more planned to come your way!

Check out the first official game play trailer from 2011 compared to our last trailer (circa 1.3 launch in 2015). We've come a long way!

The future remains bright for Terrarians as well - with Console 1.3 just around the corner, Mobile 1.3 right behind that, and even more tidbits that we are not quite ready to share (yes, that includes an update on the status of Otherworld - but let's save that for another day and just have fun celebrating this milestone :) ).

So, we will close again by thanking each and every one of you that have supported us along the way and we hope that you are looking forward to - and will be right here alongside us for - all of the amazing experiences that are yet to come.

Here's to 20,000,000....and the next 20,000,000!
[doublepost=1488251696,1488251646][/doublepost]this truly is an amazing game. cheers!


I once despised Terraria for the RPG elements but the mention of firearms drew me in. After a friend 'gifted' me a copy over Steam, I never looked back.

Still waiting for a Tank v Santa-NK1 battle. Armor v Armor. Might make that a mod someday but still can't code in c++ yet ;-;
Terraria was built using a framework that uses C#. Not sure where you got the idea it was C++.


Really? I thought it was C++ x3

I might have to try it out. I have ideas for interior sentry turrets and vehicles for the game at some point in the future. Give you terrarians some edge over those bosses.
Before you do try it, I'd recommend you get some knowledge of the Microsoft XNA Framework before you try it. I'm not sure how helpful it would be, but it's good to know just in case of errors.


Skeletron Prime
Just roughly two years ago, I played Terraria for the first time, and have loved it ever since! It's absolutely incredible to think that this game that we've all come to know and love has sold over 20 million copies! And just when you think you're finished, you couldn't be more wrong. There's gonna be much more content for quite some time, whether it be modded, or vanilla, the community that this game has created is more than just amazing, it's pheonomenal! I wish the Terraria devs the best of luck!


Congrats on 20M copies! I spent hundreds of hours Terraria on PC and still loving it. Last week I bought my first smartphone so I can play mobile Terraria too. No need to use it as a phone (no simcard in it and probably never will :) ) I don't want to be disturbed while playing Terraria anyway :) Looking forward to future content and lots of more hours of Terraria! :kingslime:
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