Terraria: Undeluxe Edition - Out Now!

Just the nostalgia bomb I needed, awesome! There's just something so charming to this version's simplicity. Really takes me back..

I had like 700+ hours on Terraria during this version, spending most of my time building, server hopping, and RPing haha. Terraria was such a smaller game back then but it was enough to keep me playing. Anyway, thanks for this sweet blast from the past! :dryadsmile:
Wow, I actually feel kinda bad for the Mac and Linux users now though, Im a Windows user myself, I genuinely do.
It dose work with proton GE atlests thats the one I'm using not sure if the normal one also works but I cannot connect to a server thats my current issue

And finding help with that seems impossible I already tried in multiple Linux Discords and in the Terraria one, no one has a clue why it not work.
Edit: I gonna make a Support thread on here maybe that one will work
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Now this is a reality again!!
Hi Terarians,
I was thinking terraria undeluxe could be added to mobile but be renamed terraria: a glimpse into the past or something else & have all the updates since the begining of the game.

But the player gets to choise if they want to update terraria to the 'latest' version and you a little trailer of each update e.g. 1.4.3 & before could be shown.
Now this is a reality again!!
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Looking at this pic, I'd have to say that I prefer the look of the old furnace over the new one. You craft a regular furnace out of some random bits of stone, but the new furnace looks like neatly chiselled stone brick, and IIRC, you can't even make stone bricks until you have a furnace, lol. The old furnace makes much more sense.

Also, I thought the Undeluxe is 1.06 and the Wizard/Unicorn in the pic are Hardmode only, which wasn't until 1.1?
I'm not sure. I haven't played Terraria in years I only redownload it this year. But you're right I miss the old controls and duplicating your character (omg nostalgia) I watched the first terraria trailer on YouTube and I'm like I don't remember the sun looking like that. Anyway I agree.
will there be a version for gog users though?

Seconding. Don't shaft GOG customers. :(
This version was never on GOG - it was only on available from Steam. The first GOG version was probably the final 1.2x version.

GOG only maintains the current version and the previous two, I believe. Steam keeps track of quite a few more, which is the only reason this works at all.
Hi Terarians,
I was thinking terraria undeluxe could be added to mobile but be renamed terraria: a glimpse into the past or something else & have all the updates since the begining of the game.

But the player gets to choise if they want to update terraria to the 'latest' version and you a little trailer of each update e.g. 1.4.3 & before could be shown.
Unfortunately, this would require a lot more work than it is objectively worth.

The Undeluxe version is just an existing old version where they have only changed a couple of paths so that it will not store its characters and worlds in the same place as normal Terraria.

Porting it to consoles, mobiles, Mac, Linux, heck even just to GOG would require a lot more work -- either doing all the porting work from scratch again; or somehow Frankensteining an old version of the codebase with the current one. In either case, it'd be a significant time investment, and honestly this time is much better spent on getting 1.4.5 out of the door -- as well as whatever project the Re-Logic team will work on next, be it Terraria 1.4.6 or an entirely new game.

So yes, it's a bit sad that people other than Steam PC users don't get to relive the old version, but that's just how it is. If that's any consolation, the game is 13 years old, you can run it on pretty much even the cheapest PC you can find; no need for an RTX 5090 with 64 TB of VRAM to run Oldraria!
I'm pretty sure that's like Piracy
That program will not work without legit installing Terraria.
Steam will obviously not allow anyone to just download any game: you need to have permission to do so. You obtain that permission by having a steam account, and of course paying the price for a non-free game like this. Thus, that "depot downloader" needs your steam account to authenticate, by just asking you to enter your credentials.

Personally, I would not recommend ever entering your credentials into anything other than the official app or website for a service, to protect yourself from phishing. That goes even for an open source project, unless you have the technical skills to confirm that they are not stealing the info. There are strategies to hide malicious functionality even in open source projects.
In fact, just a few days ago it became known that a popular open source program used by the linux operating system has had malicious code enabling a backdoor slowly and carefully hidden inside it over years. It was found by pure luck by a developer shortly after it was completed, averting what could have been a major security crisis. (You can read more here: Everything I know about the XZ backdoor)
One key part of that process was that the pre-built release available on github contained additional malicious code not present in the actual repository, which is what other people would check for malicious code, hiding it very effectively.
That strategy would in theory also be possible with a project like the "depot downloader", by for example adding something that sends your steam credentials to somewhere else and potentially overtakes your account to only the pre-built release. Of course that would be extremely unlikely here, it just demonstrates the point of being careful with who you give your account credentials for a service, even with open source projects.
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And then after depot download you have 100% CPU usage all the time due to miner / virus hacks
True, that would make the maintainer very rich with like a cent per year of profit from that
I want to make it clear that the person who developed and maintains the depot downloader tool is an active member of this community in good standing, and there is no reason to imply than his tool is intentionally unsafe or that he is doing something shady. He has been very open with me about what the tool does and does not do, and I am satisfied that it is completely above-board. f you have any evidence the contrary, please PM me and we can discuss it.

Of course, the user of any such tool assumes some risk for doing so, and anyone having doubts about such software would be prudent to not use it. He makes his Github public, so you can look at his sources, download them and compile them for yourself.

Accessing the Steam depot is a well-documented method in the Steam community for poking around in Steam's system, and it is at least tacitly approved of by Valve (since they've never shut it down).
the poster is hilarious

is a printed-out version available?

Loki: Not possible, I'm afraid. Not without actually releasing it as a standalone game, charging for it, and then going through all of the hoops and whatnot of trying to get a 13 year old version of the game that never actually existed on console or mobile to work in modern hardware... and that would be a sizeable undertaking if it is even possible.
just try to import the last console version (Xbox 360 or whatnot)
and some ideas for your "not releasing it as a standalone game" problem is:
1: add it as a menu option in the final game
2: do what Minecraft did with the preview thing (I don't know if it works like that but I'm guessing)
3: make it a DLC so it won't eat as much memory and it won't make the actual game larger

finally, (hopefully) are the old characters available for the latest or is it version-specific?

(sorry for the large amounts of edits, I have a lot to say)
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I just wish they would bring back the items they removed. Bring back the seed map things that they removed etc etc.

Put in all the different items from all the different devices and platforms.

Allow the original seeds are all seed formations. It's fun to explore different things instead of the same old same old same old same old.

I'm noticing too many patterns with the numbers and names you can put in. Even the number . Number. Number. Patterns means level of difficulty or something etc.

Looks like there is a huge a variety of type of maps but there really isn't.
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