Member-Run Project Terraria Valentine's Day giveaway thread

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Santa Claus
Steam's Valentine Weekend sale:
Terraria on 70% discount (3$) until February 17th.

Samrux's note: I am no longer actively organizing the thread's list of people and discussion.
A new thread is being hosted here by the user @Sheldon Cooper.

Welcome all men, women and children of the Terraria community! I am Samrux, the paladin.

As most of you are well-aware; Terraria is so cheap, and gets discounts on Steam so often, that an important part of Steam users already have a copy.
A few times I have seen some people saying how they would like to buy more copies of Terraria, maybe to support Re-Logic, or to spread the game around (since it's amazing and everyone should play it!), but they don't have anyone to gift the game to - All their friends already have it. But we haven't thought of the sad people who don't already own the game!

Well, I won't be giving out any copies myself, sadly. Or at least not now, but I might one day! I made this thread to motivate everyone to gift Terraria copies to those who don't have the means to get one. For example: those who don't have a credit card or can't use it/are in debt, country restriction(?), parents won't allow them... Some people will not even be asking for Terraria for themselves, but for a friend! Maybe there are people who already own it, but not on PC. That's just a few common reasons I can think of. I think these people also deserve to play Terraria, without having to resort to pirated versions! Let's support Red, everyone!

With the upcoming 1.3 update, it's the best moment than any other to spread the word of Terraria


If you want a copy of Terraria:

You have to post a message on this thread, explaining why you want Terraria on steam and why you can't buy one yourself. Maybe you don't even want it for yourself, and you want a copy for a friend who doesn't own Terraria instead! If you're lucky, a generous soul will read your message, and should start a private conversation with you to talk about the details.
People giving out copies might also leave a message on this same thread, so you can start a private conversation with them to try and get one too, if you see them
If you already got a copy, please edit your post to tell others that you already received one (And include the name of whoever gave you one! Never miss a chance to show gratitude)!

Please hesitate from making multiple posts asking for a copy. Be patient! If you really think you have been ignored and several pages have passed, you can delete your previous post and make a new one.

Before asking for a copy, please consider: Will you really appreciate this gift?. If the answer is yes, please proceed: but be polite and mature!

If you want to give Terraria to someone:

You can either look for someone you think deserves to have Terraria in this thread, and message them to maybe talk about the details and finally send the game. You can also post a message on this same thread saying how many copies you want to give, and others might message you with their reasons to want one.
Remember to edit your post to keep it up-to-date on how many copies are left to give, if any! And, optionally, who received the sent games.

Make sure you don't send a copy to someone who is already waiting for a specific person to send it to them, or to someone who already received theirs!

As always, HUGE THANKS to whoever is willing to gift copies to others. You are really an AMAZING person! You will be remembered by the community for it <3

But also, if you have a friend who doesn't own Terraria, try to get them a copy, first of all! Take advantage of the current Steam sale (if there is one) to make your own friends to play <3!

Share this thread around! Make this popular! I know the community has a heart big enough to make this thread something significant, and memorable. In fact, we already have! Thanks for the 53 copies sent in late 2014!!

Finally, here are are instructions to send and receive a game on Steam, for convenience!

From the official Steam guide:

To give a gift to someone, locate the game you would like to gift on the Steam Storefront and then click the "Add to cart" button. Upon checking out, select the "Purchase as a gift" option to purchase the items in your cart for a friend.

You can send your gift to an e-mail address, you can select the recipient from one of your Friends in the Steam Community, or you can place the game in your Steam Inventory and send it via Steam Trading. If you are sending your gift to an e-mail address, please verify that you have typed the e-mail address in correctly. It's recommended to verify the address with the person you are gifting the game to in order to ensure that they receive the gift promptly.

If you are interested in purchasing a subscription for someone as a gift but do not want it delivered until a later date, please purchase the game as a gift and add it to your Steam Inventory to send it later. As long as you do not redeem it, you will have a gift for this subscription on your account that can be resent at anytime.

Your friend will receive an e-mail message, including your personalized gift message, notifying them that they have received a gift. If you have selected to send your gift through Steam, your friend will also receive a gift message in the Steam application. If you have added the gift to your Steam Inventory you will be able to send the gift by doing the following:

1. Login to or click on Community in the Steam client

2. Click on Inventory on the right hand side of your Community page

3. Locate the gift you purchased and added to your inventory (in the case below it is Defense Grid: The Awakening)

4. Click on "Send Gift..."

5. Choose whether or not you wish to send the gift via e-mail or directly through Steam. If sending by e-mail make sure you type the e-mail address correctly to ensure delivery.


6. Click on Next

7. Fill out the message box and click on Send

If you do not already have Steam, download and install Steam here. Once you have Steam installed, you will be prompted to create an account or login to an existing Steam account. If you do not have an account, please create one.

1. You will receive an e-mail containing a link that will open Steam to redeem your gift or in the Steam client you will receive a notification at the top right corner that says you have a new gift as seen below:


2. Clicking on "1 new gift" will take you to the following screen where you must click either Accept Gift or Decline Gift. Once you click Accept Gift you will have the option to add the game directly to your Library or to your Steam Inventory:


If you click on Decline Gift the gift will be returned to the original sender so they can re-send it to another user on Steam.

If you do not see your gift in your Steam Inventory please ask the gifter to resend the gift to you. Please confirm your Steam account or email address with them. They will be able to resend the gift to you from their Steam Inventory as described above.

If you receive a game that you already own then you will only be able to add the game to your Steam Inventory and send it to another user on Steam.

3. If you add the game to your Library will be listed in your Library > Games list in Steam, highlighting the game and clicking the "Install" will download the game to your computer.

If you add the game to your Steam Inventory and you wish to add it to your Library you will need to open your Steam Inventory, select the gift and click on "Add to my game Library..." as seen below:


List of people who received their gift!

In order:
@Wisp - given by @Gotcha!
@byAbeeL - given by @Gotcha!
@Daniel Terrarian iOS - given by @rubeszilla
@Hello the Terrarian - given by @Gotcha!
@SpartaCraft's friend - given by @Gotcha!
@kingklutz - given by @Gotcha!
@darthmorf's friend - given by @Gotcha!
@Dire Sigma's friend - given by @bad_news
@Devinox - given by @awolfen
@Coolgerben X - given by @ppowersteef
@minecraftplayr2112 - Given by @Zemmy6
@Frous - Given by @Axios
@Cthugh - given by @Side
@Rock-477's friend - given by @Side
@MrFancyPants - given by @Side
@Shadow//'s friend - given by @Side
@Comet528 - given by @Side
@She Is My LSD - given by @Side
@SillyMind69's friend - given by @Side
@Blodmel - given by @Side
@taufik97 - given by @Side
@byAbeeL's friend #1 - given by @Side
@Manux - given by @Side
@AdenSword's friend - given by @Side
@Shadow//'s other friend - given by @Steve Buscemi
@Oron - given by @Steve Buscemi
@danial - given by @Steve Buscemi
@Squiro - given by @Side
@baolele8 - given by @Steve Buscemi
@Trixas - given by @Gorgasm
@TheSlothstronaut - given by @Gorgasm
@TheGamersStig - given by @Gorgasm
@SGJguille - given by @Gorgasm
@NxS18 - given by @Gorgasm
@Rihkan - given by @Gorgasm
@gran9992 - given by @Gorgasm
@terrafan - given by @Side
@NatorBom - given by @Gorgasm
@faruqgaruda - given by @Side
@Bunny#ArmadylianTeam - given by @Gorgasm
@Geneen's Friend - given by @Gorgasm
@James 2 's Friend - given by @Gorgasm
@Bern 's Friend - given by @Gorgasm
@19TmSkG99 - given by @Gorgasm
@Axl Kris - given by @Gorgasm
@TwistaGamer - given by @Gorgasm
@Senju - given by @darthmorf
@Emanuel Warzel - given by @Gorgasm
@ZackTheKid - given by @Gorgasm
@SurvivalFanGamerBoy's friend - given by @Gorgasm
@ShadowFang - given by @Doylee

@byAbeeL's friend #2 - given by @Side
@Wisp's friend - given by @Gorgasm
@Mitten1719 - given by @ChaosSlayer
@TimeCatcher - given by @Gorgasm
@Samrux's friend - given by @Doylee
@EmixLv - given by @m31k

Amazing people who gave copies!

@Gorgasm - Gifted 20 copies!!!
@Side - Gifted 16 copies!!!
@Gotcha! - Gifted 6!!
@Steve Buscemi - Gifted 4!!
@Doylee - Gifted 2!
@rubeszilla - Gifted one copy
@awolfen - Gifted one copy
@ppowersteef - Gifted one copy
@Zemmy6 - Gifted one copy
@Axios - Gifted one copy
@darthmorf - Gifted one copy
@ChaosSlayer - Gifted one copy
@m31k - Gifted one copy
@Vitt - Ran into credit card problems, sadly,
but was going to gift 4 copies. Many thanks, anyways!

HUGE thanks to everyone above, who contributed!
I can't come up with new individual thank messages anymore, so I will express my gratitude for you all right here.
You're all awesome!

Special thanks to @Gotcha!, and both @Side and @Gorgasm, for being the main pillars for the Thanksgiving and Christmas giveaways respectively. You're definitely some of the most awesome people of these forums, guys!
But everyone who have any amount of copies is special, and should be remembered, thanked and recognized. Go and give them the love they deserve!

The project has worked very well! We should all feel proud for our amazing community
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Hi Samrux, I need a copy of Terraria on Steam, because i dont have money and i asked a friend to give me a terraria copy and he gave me his GOG account, but he changed the password and i can get Terraria now, i dont have money to buy it because i dont have paypal and credit card :c
Other thing that i have is that i am from other country and that make the payment difficult
I can give in change the game Gun monkeys, but i dont know if i can send a gift without having charged money to Steam, i got that game when Steam gift some players games and i got that game
My Steam ID: TheVso
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I don't have any more money. WAAAGH. If someone wants, they can PM me, if i receive 2 or more PMs, i'll tell them to send it to another person. THANKSGIVING IS AWESOME! So yeah.
Hello Sam, I would like to have a copy of Terraria so I can give it to one of my friends because he really wants to play it but has been putting it off for a while. Also the reason why I can't buy anything right now is because i'm saving up for college.
I don't have any more money. WAAAGH. If someone wants, they can PM me, if i receive 2 or more PMs, i'll tell them to send it to another person. THANKSGIVING IS AWESOME! So yeah.
Ok so the reason I want one is that i don't really have the money anymore, I forgot terraria. So also, I have a friend that wants to play Terraria with me. It would be like, :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
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Well, I can gift Terraria to someone.. I have a Visa Gift Card with about $12 left on it so I can give a couple..
If you buy the 4-pack, that would be for four people

See what i did there?

Badum tssss

AND there are 4 people who want it here, so..... WOW.
Well I actually came from Mobile also, moved to PS4 and about a week later I went straight to PC and now here I am, using my brothers laptop till Christmas and I can get maybe an Asus or an Alienware laptop. Soo due to that I may just give you a copy.
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