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Terrarians, Show us your Custom Vanity Sets



Mobile: Wizard hat (Brown one) with lime and black dye
Spectre robe with lime and black dye
Spectre pants with lime and black dye
It is the file at the bottom

Pc: SWAT helmet
Turtle Scale Mail w/ blue dye
Hallowed Greaves w/ blue dye
Paladins Sheild w/ blue dye
Frozen Wings w/ blue dye



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Official Terrarian
Tends to vary, Costumes I've used in the past:

- Archaeologist's Hat (Cyan & Silver Dye)
- Archaeologist's Shirt (Silver Dye)
- Archaeologist's Pants (Silver Dye)
- Angel Wings
- Cloud In A Balloon

- Magic Hat
- Gypsy Robe
- Winter Cape
- Cloud In A Balloon

Few others I can't think about entirely atm...


I already posted it in a similar thread but I'm really digging it. I can't wait to make a space vanity set in 1.3!

<- profile pic
Spectre Hood
Spider Chestplate with silver dye
Crimson Greaves with silver dye
Bone Wings with silver dye
Try It with molten breastplate. Looks awesome!


Alright, so this is my newest character. Not new, but yeah. I am also including eye and skin colour, cause why not.

Skin Colour: 229, 169, 152
Eye Colour: 136, 0 ,176
Helmet: Crimson helmet (Purple and Black)
Chestplate: Frost Chestplate (Purple and Black)
Leggings: Molten Greaves (Purple and Black)
1. Feral Claws (Pink)
2. Leaf Wings (Violet and Black)
3. Shoe Spikes (Purple)
4. Mana Regeneration Band (Purple and Black)
5. Empty.


Skeletron Prime
Those are my finished ones
Warrior :
A friend decided to play around some vanity items we collected, and found the combo Plantera Mask + Princess Dress. I added the butterfly wings and there it is. No dye, and this is a dude by the way :cool:

Paladin (tank) :
Full titanium set with yellow dye, frozen wings with yellow and white dye, ankh and paladin shield displayed.

Ranger :
Queen bee mask, bee breastplate and greaves, bee wings. It looks so cool with the bee mount imo :dryadpassionate:


Full ice armour with black and purple dye looks nice, plus with the crimson cape that also has black and purple dye. It matches well with the death sickle.

Also purple and silver dye on a cape make it look like a Royalty cape ESPECIALLY with the winter cape. Sadly I do not have the winter cape, only the crimson one.

Grand Paladin Tyrux

Duke Fishron

Here's my custom outfit, the Paladin of Purity.

Armor: Hallowed Armor, use the wig if you want, if not use the Hallowed Mask. Use green dye for all of it, minus the wig

Accessories: Use the Frostspark Boots, the Mechanical Glove (Fire Gauntlet is okay too) and the Paladin's Shield, all dyed green. You can also use Leafy Wings if you want, in the picture I'm using Fishron Wings, but honestly it looks better without any wings in my opinion.

Olden Oak


Adamantite mask, breastplate, and leggings dyed with green and black dye. Jetpack dyed with green and black dye and a cross necklace dyed with bright cyan dye.


<--This is my current vanity set
Fishron mask
Titanium Breastplate
Beetle leggings (just because that's what armor i use)
Crimson Cloak
FrostSpark Boots
the Ankh Shield
[DOUBLEPOST=1435529779,1435529741][/DOUBLEPOST]^also with Black and Teal dye (forgot to mention that)


Official Terrarian
<--- Skeletron mask with reflective dye, mysterious cape, and any armor with shadow dye.
really freaking badass IMHO


Skeletron Prime
Did someone say "badass"? I think the vengeful spirit look is rather badass.
Solar Cultist hood/robes with Negative Dye.
Nebula Mantle and Celestial Cuffs + everything else is Phase Dye.

EDIT: It's hard to see the phase dye effect, but it does look much more awesome ingame, I promise. ;)

Here's my warrior vanity, Chlorophyte Commando, maybe.

And lastly, my ranger vanity. It's literally just the normal Vortex armor with Reflective Silver dye, but I put Hades Dye on a Magic Quiver to make it look like I had a futuristic power cell or something strapped to my back.
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Mine is my interpretation of a Plague Doctor
Ancient Cultist Mask - White and Black Dye
Titanium Breastplate - White and Black Dye
Beetle Legging - White and Black Dye
Solar Wings or Angel Wings - Bright Silver Dye (Choose whatever floats your boat :D)
Weapon of choice - Death Sickle
Any reviews are welcome.


Skeletron Prime
My new ones from 1.3. I want to do a vanity set for each class with the related lunar things.

Solar warrior
Solar wings and full Loki set
All living flame dye

Nebula mage
Nebula Mantle - phase dye
Lazure's Valkyrie Circlet - phase dye
Lunar Cultist Robe - Shadowflame hades dye

And another mage, I was tired of the armor sets so I bought the first thing I saw at the clothier's, put a wizard hat on it and was very surprised with the result.

So we have a wizard hat, the tax collector's pants and suit, and bat wings.

Now all I want to do is to finish a summoner and a ranger playthrough.

EDIT : I wondered what I could do for my second ranger and did this

Steampunk goggles
Lazure's Valkyrie Cloak - Orange and Silver dye
Steampunk wings
Tabi - Bright orange dye
Yoyo glove - Orange dye
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Kyouko Tsukino

My main character looks like my favorite character ever, in her strongest form.

Princess Serenity aka Chibiusa Tsukino.

Used the Princess dress - in that picture she has a few accessories that are invisible by default, though the rose looks nicer than the "familiar" hair.

Edit: Not sure it's too easy to tell from the image, but yes, I like pink.


Official Terrarian
This is the vanity I used to wear back in 1.2, but it's likely going to stay the same.

Plumber's Hat / Green Dye
Archaeologist's Jacket
Familiar Pants / Blue with dark shoes (to resemble jeans)
Frozen Wings
Diamond Ring (not anymore though)

Plain and simple.
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