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So, this mod is currently a W.I.P but it is so far planned to have at least 20 item's, 5 new enemy NPC's, at least 1 new buff, 2 new armor set's, and 1 new NPC, its a very big undertaking as i will be solely coding everything and i barely have a grasp on C#, but i hope i can make this mod a reality and appreciate any support y'all send my way. :dryadgrin:
Current Weapon Idea's:

Brilliant Star's Final Shine: "A sword of volatile and formidable power, should be used with great care." (POST-MOONLORD)

The Galaxy Destroyer: "A war-hammer forged in the fire of a super-nova, it is imbued with the power of an exploding sun." (POST-MOONLORD)

Sleeping Beauty's Dreamtime: "Legend say's this book alone caused the Eternal Slumber among the denizenss of Terraria.." (POST-MOONLORD)

The Rising Sun: "A sword once utilized by powerful magic-imbued samurai, it shoots a spirit animal of its previous wielder." (POST-PLANTERA)

High Tides and Fun Times: "This ancient bow was actually regarded as Terraria's first automatic weapon, despite it being a bow." (PRE-HARDMODE)

The Home Run: "Despite this baseball bat looking average, it has gotten over 500 home run's, and 0 regular hit's." (EARLY HARDMODE)

The Galactic Run: "This baseball bat was imbued with an ancient but devastating power.." (POST-MOONLORD)

Final Shine Blast Cannon: "Fires rocket's so fast that the law's of speed bend around this gun." (POST-MOONLORD)

Big Larry's Iron Pumper: "Fires super-heated iron, not bullet's but pure iron bar's." (EARLY GAME)

The Thunderous Zap-Bow : "A bow that shoot's arrow's so fast its nearly impossible to see them." (POST-MOONLORD)

Current tool idea's:

The Midnite Set: Midnite Pick, Midnite Hamaxe, Midnite Power Drill, Midnite Packsaw (POST-MOONLORD)

The Rainbrite Set: Rainbrite Drill, Rainbrite Hacksaw, Unicorn Vein Drill, Rainbrite Pick (This can be obtained at any time but requires killing 2 Rainbow Slimes)

The Galactic Set: Galactic Star Drill, Galactic Digging Claws, Ancient Galactic Hamaxe, Galactic Star Collector (POST-CULTIST)

The 12th Hour Set: Tick-Tock Pickaxe, Father Time's Ancient Hammer, The 12th Hour Power Axe, Paradox Claws, Reality Ripper (POST-PLANTERA)

The Life or Death Set: Life or Death Drill, Life or Death Jackhammer, Life or Death Saw, Life or Death Auto-Mulcher (EARLY HARDMODE)

So far i have no idea's for NPC's or Enemy's but i can confirm there will be at least ONE NPC and FIVE Enemy's, as said above, keep in mind every item in this list will be subject to change as on-going mod development and break's should be considered, i have no idea when the earliest prototype for this mod will be released but i don't think it will happen any time soon (it could take up to months for the first actual build to be released )

Edit: NPC's and Enemy's are back on the table! Currently a user called LukeJR is helping with the sprite-work for NPC's and Enemy's, so we may have 5 NPC's and Enemy's after all! :D

All text images are courtesy of Cooltext (including my signature)

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