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PC The Calamity Texture Pack


Official Terrarian
is this unfinished? because some bosses aren't retextured or is meant to look like it?

In the Normal Terraria Calamity Mod whit this Texturepack the Bosses have just been slightly adjusted, to make em look better but not ccompletly different.

Also is this Texturepack still beeing worked on? Since the Grass looks like nothing has changed.



Welcome to...
The Calamity Texture Pack!

-This pack attempts to improve vanilla sprites and make them fit more with the Calamity mod, quality wise.
-Currently, we have amassed more than one-thousand sprites from community contributions.
-More updates will be released periodically, with certain themes. The next update will come shortly and update a few things, including a complete overhaul of the corruption!

Special thanks to Niorin, the creator of the texture pack!

Have fun exploring the new sprites!

You can contribute to the pack on the discord, which I will link below:
Join the Calamity Texturepack Discord Server!

Spriters, Testers and Contributors: Ada, Aleksh, Altalyra, Beg, Ben / Termi, Blanc, Cen, Chillynuts, Cooper, Daddy, Darkpuppey, Enreden, GramofSalt, Grimalinde, IbanPlay, JaceDaDorito, JustVera, LordMetarex, Nao, Niorin, Nitro, Potat, Runefield, Shucks, Skeletony, Sok, Swamon3, Tinymanx, V1tell, Vaikyia, Wiigirl and Xelo.
Thank you to all others who have helped and contributed to this pack!

You can download the pack by going to the Github:

this is great
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