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    Welcome to Enigma!
    Explore a world of Mystics and Magic, of Change and Challenge, of Souls and Steampunk!
    Current Content:
    New Level-Up System: The Soul Stone

    The Soul Stone is Crafted at an AlchemicalInfuser.png Alchemical Infuser with a Life Crystal and Mana Star.
    Bind your Soul to it by using any of the Class Stones, crafted from a gemstone pertaining to the class, and a Fallen Star.

    How it Works:
    Every vanilla boss in the game is given multiple potential "Bonuses" to pick from. The Class Stone that binds your Soul to the Soul Stone is used to determine which of these bonuses you will obtain. The bonuses for every boss are themed around the boss themselves, so not every class will have a useful bonus from every boss (this is a balancing feature to make the Soul Stone not become too overpowered too quickly). However, nearly every boss has a selection of bonuses that are useful to every class in some way, so explore different subclasses and discover all the bonus combinations!

    New types of Alchemy: Fusion and Transmutation
    AlchemicalInfuser.png At the Alchemical Infuser, you can combine 4 of any healing, Mana, or Buff potion into a Potion Gem. These potion gems are wearable accessories, and many of them stack with their potion counterparts.
    CrystalineInfuser.png The Crystaline Infuser allows you to combine certain Gems into Crystals that have the combined effects of all the Gems used to craft them. These stack with their Gem and Potion counterparts.
    MineralEnchanter.png The Mineral Enchanter allows you to combine Crystals into Stones that have the combined effects of all the Crystals used to craft them. These stack with their Crystal, Gem, and Potion counterparts.
    AncientEnchanter.png The Ancient Enchanter allows you to combine Stones into Relics that have the combined effects of all the Stones used to craft them. These stack with their Stone, Crystal, Gem, and Potion counterparts.
    You can combine Relics into Artifacts at an Ancient Manipulator to have the combined effects of nearly all potions. These stack with all previous tiers as well.
    TransmutationTable.png The Transmutation Table allows you to transmute metals to higher or lower tiers. (You can turn Copper into Titanium! It's like, 150 to 1 though. And you have to be in Hardmode.)
    It also allows you to transmute Corruption and Crimson items into their other evil counterparts, i.e.: Cursed Flames to Ichor, Band of Starpower to Panic Necklace, etc.

    The Pre-Trio!
    DuneSharkronBoss.png Dune Sharkron is fought after the Eye of Cthulhu in the Desert (Or anywhere, really. He just gets mad if he's not in his home biome ;D). His summon item is the TastyMorsel.png Tasty Morsel, which is dropped upon defeating the Eye, but can also be crafted from lenses and rotten chunks/vertebrae. Dune Sharkron is quick, and will easily catch up to you if you don't have a way to move faster. He shoots Spikes that fly in 8 directions and Sandnadoes that home in on the player and toss you into the air.
    DS Loot.png Dune Sharkron can drop any item from Pyramid Chests, as well as Ancient Shards. Ancient Shards are used in many crafting recipes for Magic, Summoner, and Mystic items.
    His expert drop is Pyramind, which increases Max Mana by 40 and Max Summons by 1, and releases a Sandstorm when you are struck.
    Hypothema.png Hypothema is fought after the Eater of Worlds in the Ice biome. Her summon item is the ChilledMesh.png Chilled Mesh, which is crafted from Chilled Bars (that can themselves be made from Demonite/Crimtane bars and Ice and Snow). Hypothema can fly high and low, so if you do not prepare a way to have good air mobility, you'll have a bad time. She shoots slightly homing ice spikes, and very fast Ice Shards that will chase you down and inflict Frostburn and Chilled in Expert Mode.
    Hyp Loot.png Hypothema can drop any item from Ice Chests, as well as Frost Shards. Frost Shards are used in many crafting recipes for Melee, Ranged, Mystic, and Thrown items, as well as for a dual class (Melee and Ranged) Armor Set. Her expert item, Frost Essence, increases Melee and Ranged crit chance, and releases Ice Shards when you are struck.
    RagnarAngery.png Ragnar is fought after Queen Bee in the Obsidium biome. His summon item is the MoltenMess.png Molten Mess, which is crafted from Obsidium Bars. Ragnar will fly around, launching rocks at the player from above and below, so prepare enough space to move around!
    Rag Loot.png Ragnar can drop any item from Cavern Golden Chests, as well as Magmatic Shards, which are used in many crafting recipes for all kinds of items, but especially Mystic ones. His expert item, the Molten Core, makes attacks inflict 'On Fire!', gives 4 defense, increases Throwing velocity and Mystic duration, and releases rock bursts when you are hit.

    The Rock Twins!
    AnDio3.png Dioritus and Andesia are fought right before the Wall of Flesh in the Cavern Layer (though I suggest a Granite biome, since they are usually already quite open and good arenas). Dioritus is summoned with an AncientAwakener.png Ancient Awakener that is crafted from Marble and a Golden Key. Dioritus will call for his sister, so watch out! This fight is very intense, with many projectiles and debuffs that may catch you off guard if you aren't prepared!
    AnDio Loot.png The Rock Twins drop their Cores, which are used in many crafting recipes for all kinds of items, including an early Hardmode armor set. Their Expert Item, The World, is one of the Tarot items added by Enigma that has a very special effect. It becomes more useful with the Sands of Time item, which is craftable with just one of each of the cores.
    Is that a motherf*****g JoJo's reference????

    The Steam Trio!
    AnnihilatorSingleFrame.png The Annihilator is the first of the Steampunk Trio of bosses, and is fought at night, after the mech bosses are defeated. Its summon item is the MechanicalMonitor.png Steam-O-Vision, and is crafted with Hallowed Bars, Lenses, Rotten Chunks/Vertebrae, and Souls of Sought and Haught, which drop from enemies in Space and the Underworld respectively, after entering Hardmode. Annihilator is a Steampunk equivalent of the Brain of Cthulhu, except instead of spawning with minions and then entering its second phase after you've killed them, it spawns minions periodically as its health decreases.
    Annihilator Loot.png Annihilator drops Steam Bars, as do all of the Steampunk Bosses, which are used to craft all Steampunk tier items. Souls of Thought are used in crafting recipes for a new Summon weapon, among various other crafts. The Expert drop, Cog of Knowledge, increases max minions by 2.
    Slybertron.png Slybertron is the second of the Steampunk Trio, and is also fought at night. Its summon item is the SteamCrown.png Steam Crown, which is crafted with Hallowed Bars, Gel, Cogs, and Souls of Haught. Slybertron is the Steampunk equivalent of King Slime, but if you think that means it will be an easy fight- well, you're in for a treat.
    Slybertron Loot.png Slybertron drops Steam Bars, as do all of the Steampunk Bosses, which are used to craft all Steampunk tier items. Souls of Fraught are used in crafting recipes for The Enginator and Coginators, which are both Thrown weapons, among many other crafts. The Expert drop, Pipeworks, gives a large boost to throwing damage and velocity.
    Steam Train is the third boss of the Steampunk Trio, and can be fought any time of day. Its summon item is the SuspiciousTrainWhistle.png Suspicious Train Whistle, which is crafted with Hallowed Bars, Cogs, and Souls of Sought. Steam Train flies across the screen at ludicrous speeds, so you better be on your toes!
    ST Loot.png Steam Train drops Steam Bars, as do all of the Steampunk Bosses, which are used to craft all Steampunk tier items. Souls of Wrought are used in crafting recipes for Vulcan's Wrath, the Core of Mysticism, and many other recipes. The Expert drop, Steam Tank, increases Mystic damage, reduces Mystic Burst cooldown, and increases mobility.

    Etheria.gif Etheria is fought at night after defeating Plantera. She is summoned with an EmblemOfEtheria.png Emblem of Etheria, which can be crafted with Spooky Wood and Ectoplasm.
    'This seems like a terrible idea.'
    ??? [See "The Etherial" for Spoilers]

    The Etherial Dimension
    Upon defeating Etheria, you are consumed and enter into a parallel plane of existence. In the Etherial Dimension, only entities that are powerful enough are visible and tangible- bosses and Etherial creatures to be exact. However, the Etherial dimension also gives them POWER! They are much stronger than before, with more health and more damage (and for the 1.0 release, new attack patterns as well!) Each boss now has a unique drop that greatly boosts your power while in the Etherial. To escape, you have to kill Etheria again, and you can craft her or any boss summon item with Etherial Essence, which drops from any enemy killed in the Etherial.
    EssenceOfEtheria.png Etheria also drops The High Priestess once defeated in the Etherial dimension, which allows the player to enter and exit the Etherial at will.

    Now if only there was a way to bring the Etherial power to the real world...

    The Mystic Class
    The Mystic class calls upon the artifacts forged by the Moldyrians, and protect the world from destruction with the power of mythologies from the gods of old and new.
    Every Mystic weapon has 3 different "modes"- Destruction, Illusion, and Conjuration. (Switch modes by pressing the hotkey you assign. I suggest Right Click)
    Destruction.png Destruction- 'Hell is your catalyst' Focuses on dealing high DPS, either to a single target, or to a group of targets (it changes depending on the weapon).
    Illusion.png Illusion- 'The power of the mind is yours' Focuses on inflicting debuffs.
    Conjuration.png Conjuration- 'Draw energy from other worlds' Focuses on creating large amounts of projectiles.
    -Mystic Duration: This increases the duration of the debuff inflicted by Illusion.
    -Mystic Burst: These are effects are described in a way similar to "Unleash a ___ when changing Mysticism." Whenever you change Mysticism while holding a Mystic weapon, if you have any Mystic Burst effects, they will trigger- as long as they are not on cooldown.
    -Power: Each Mysticism can be buffed in ways besides just damage increases. Power affects every weapon and Mysticism differently, but in general here is what happens-
    Destruction Power- Increases Damage, Fire Rate, Knockback, and Projectile Speed.
    Illusion Power- Multiplies the duration of the debuff. +1 Illusion power means an extra +100% times the duration. (So if you have +200% Mystic Duration and 2 Illusion power, your debuff duration would be 400% as long, since the Illusion Power multiplies the Mystic Duration)
    Conjuration Power- Increases the amount of projectiles created, or the duration projectiles last so that they can create more projectiles themselves.
    FreyasFley.png Freya's Fley- Made from Glowing Mushrooms, harness the power of Freya, the Norse goddess of fertility.
    HermesFlight.png Hermes' Flight- Harnessing the magic in Feathers, unleash the power of Hermes, the Greek messenger god.
    GaiasWorld.png Gaia's World- A staff of the Ancients crafted with gems from all over the world, wield the power of Gaia, the Greek goddess of life.
    Yuletide.png Yuletide- The soft side of an unyielding Frost, wield the power of Christmas Cheer.
    FriggsPhalanx.png Frigg's Phalanx- Fusing together the volatile life of Bees and Spores, the power of Frigg, the goddess of destiny, will lead your way.
    HadesJudgement.png Hades' Judgement- With a Magmatic Shard and bars forged in Hell, unleash the wrath of Hades, Greek god of the underworld, and banish your foes.
    CupidsBow.png Cupid's Bow- With the blessings of the Hallow, wield the bow of Cupid, Roman god of love, and enchant your foes.
    StaffOfAnDio.png Loki's Staff- With the Cores of the Cavern Guardians and powerful bars of Titanium, forge the staff of Loki, Norse god of trickery, and bamboozle your foes.
    VulcansWrath.png Vulcan's Wrath- Forge Souls of Fraught and Bars of Steam together to wield the fury of Vulcan, Roman god of fire.
    PlutosFrost.png Pluto's Frost- With the chilling essence of another dimension, brandish the power of Pluto, Roman god of the underworld.
    GreatGladius.png Gladius of The Great Moldyrian- Using fragments of the galaxy and otherworldy bars, call upon the strength of an artifact left by one of the Great Moldyrians to protect the world.
    ShroomArmor.png Shroom Armor- The Mystical powers of Glowing Mushrooms and Mud will aid you!
    JungleMask.png Jungle Hood- An alternate headpiece to the Jungle set that gives bonuses to the Mystic class. (Made from Jungle Spores and Hive blocks)
    ObsidiumHelmet_GIFFullArmor.gif Obsidium Armor (with the Obsidium Helmet)- Forged from Obsidium Bars and a Magmatic Shard from the Guardian of the Obsidium.
    AnDio3_GIFFullArmorPlayer.gif AnDio Armor- A Throwing/Mystic Dual class armor that fuses the Cores of the Cavern Guardians with powerful Hardmode metals.
    SteampunkMask_GIFFullArmor.gif Steampunk Armor- After defeating the Steampunk bosses, dawn a set of well deserved Steampunk Armor!
    ShroomSpore.png Shroom Spore- Mystic Burst of Spores
    RuneOfTheAncients.png Rune of the Ancients- Mystic Burst of Sandnadoes
    GaiasGem.png Gaia's Gem- Increases Mystic Duration and reduces Mystic Burst cooldown
    Eruption.png Eruption- Mystic Burst of Magma
    DestructionCore.png Destruction Core- Increases Destruction Damage and Power
    IllusionCore.png Illusion Core- Increases Illusion Damage and Power
    ConjurationCore.png Conjuration Core- Increases Conjuration Damage and Power
    MoltenCore.png Molten Core- Increases Mystic Duration (and a lot of other utility effects)
    Marblite.png Marblite- Increases Mystic Damage. Inflicts 'For Honor' and 'For Glory' when switching Mysticism
    RuneOfEruption.png Rune of Eruption- Mystic Burst of Magmanadoes
    MysticEmblem.png Mystic Emblem- Increases Mystic Damage
    SteamTank.png Steam Tank- Increases Mystic Damage, reduces Mystic Burst Cooldown, and increases mobility
    CoreOfMysticism.png Core of Mysticism- Increases the Power of all Mysticisms by 1
    SupremeMysticEmblem.png Supreme Mystic Emblem- Greatly increases Mystic Damage
    And more! (But those are secret, so shhh)

    Lore (so far):
    They call themselves Agents of Entropy, Bringers of Chaos, The Solus Enigma. They have shown themselves to none, and yet are known by all- not through their persons, but through their deeds. They take it upon themselves to bring balance to the world. When one empire grows too strong, they raise another to tear it down. When one creature becomes too powerful, they call another to hunt it.

    They unlocked access to the secrets of the universe a long time ago, but there is a tension in the air. Empires are rising to new heights never even thought possible before. Creatures are appearing that are magnitudes more powerful than anything the world has ever encountered. The Solus have either Vanished, or their attention is fixed on something bigger than this world...
    Moldyr is a kingdom of Mystics, whose land is rich with Magic and Worship. Hailing to the gods of old, they were able to create artifacts infused with some of their power. They devoted their lives to the gods, and in turn, the gods granted them powers few other humans could even dream of rivalling.

    The Moldyrians declared themselves defenders of the world, for so many of the gods loved and cherished the creatures and places on this planet. That also entailed defeating any creatures who dared to threaten the sacredness of the planet, however. To be able to accomplish this, they blessed the people of the world with the knowledge of how to create artifacts of their own, so that all those devoted enough to the gods could share their power and protect the world.
    Technology and discovery pave the way to the future! For the Vetruvians, trying to understand the world is the greatest path one can take. What better way to appreciate life is there than to understand how it works?

    After the discovery of steam power, the Vetruvians' advancement has never been faster. They have built airships, submarines, trains, and of course, extremely powerful weapons. They have been using this technology to advance faster and faster, at a rate unrivaled by any. However, it seems their technology has advanced even further than their own understanding. In their pursuit to understand life, they seemingly created mechanica that have a will of their own! Oh, the horrors that would follow if one of them were to escape...

    Next Update (0.13) plans:
    Revamp all Etherial Boss Fights and Items

    Direct Download:

    Find the amazing music made by Turquoise here!

    We would love your support! <3

    This mod does work in Multiplayer, and with most other mods!

    -Laugic `:happy:

    Known Conflicts:
    Enigma conflicts with Pinkysmod- you become unable to load worlds. We have no idea what is causing this, but are quite certain it is not on Enigma's side. If you are getting crashes on worldgen or world load, check if you have pinkysmod enabled before reporting it. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience!
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    This mod looks spicy my dude
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    Why thank you `;)
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    Could you post some more details about the soul stone, it sounds awesome. :)
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    Sure! I'll get on that in a little bit!
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    Looks awesome. :hoppinjack:
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    Do you think you could add a recipe for the extractinator? I searched so far and haven't found ANY yet. ._.
  10. Laugic

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    imkSushi's mod adds one I believe. There is a mod extension in the browser if you want the old recipes instead of tokens (I have it on because I don't like the tokens system xD)
    There should be some in the underground desert and the Ice biomes if you don't want to install imkSushi.

    I wanted there to be a bit of exploration involved in your playthrough before getting the Laugical Workbench which is why you need an Extractinator, so I don't think I'm going to add a recipe to the base Enigma mod- Sorry! `:cry:
    Good luck finding one though, and I hope you enjoy the mod after finding/crafting one with imkSushi!
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    Well OK then.
  12. TemmieZoidberg

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    Is this mod unbalanced in its current form?
    Also, I have great feelings about the way this mod will turn out.
  13. Laugic

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    I don't believe it is unbalanced. I've been playing it and I don't feel that the accessories added are overpowered, and I balanced the weapons and armor around vanilla items of their progressions.
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    I find the Gravity Gem to be overpowered. There's already an Expert Mode accessory that does it, AND balances it due to always having the power. The's just like a permanent Potion.
  15. Melon Dragon

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    The soul gem adds awesome effects (that have some customization) but they aren't overpowered, just useful. I haven't tried combining all the potion gems (even though I could) so I don't know what to say about that. The potion accessory thing (can't remember what it's called) adds a ton of max health and mana, but it is post lunar event, and it's really useful for post moon lord bosses in mods like Calamity.

    Also, I just went to the underground desert and found two extractinators in about 20 minutes, hope that helps.
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    That'd be an issue if the gravity potion was that good to begin with. Once you get a good set of wings or an infinite flying mount, it really isn't that useful. It also disorients me. :confused:
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    Yeah, still, the Gravity Globe already does what it does, plus the Gem doesn't make you wait till you've hit the ground before being able to use it again.
  17. Melon Dragon

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    I get your point, I don't know why there is a gem for the gravitation potion anyways. On a side note, I just maxed out my soul stone. :kingslime:
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    That reminds me.

    Hey Laugic, would it be at all possible to add expansions to this mod by having other mods, mainly their bosses getting bonus' for the soul stone? Some other mods do stuff like that and I think it would be cool if yours did as well. I'd wanna know what kinda bonus the Devourer of Gods would give.
  19. Laugic

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    It is totally possible! However, I will probably add a second Soul Stone, something like a Soul Crystal, that does it for modded bosses so that Soul Stone isn't too overpowered. Having all the bonuses in seperate accessories will make it less op, I think. Maybe even a Soul Stone for every mod! Like a Calamity Stone, an Enigma Stone for the Enigma bosses, a Thorium Stone, etc. I would need help from the mod creators themselves though.
  20. Melon Dragon

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    Sounds awesome, I don't see why they wouldn't help. :kingslime: