tAPI The Heart of Darkness (broken OP/cheaty item)

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  1. Alessandro Silva

    Alessandro Silva Terrarian

    I made a extremely powerful accessory that is totally easy to get just for the hell of it and also to learn how to make a Terraria mod.

    The Heart of Darkness is an accessory than when equipped will:

    *Give you +500 max health and +200 max mana.
    *Greatly increase health and mana regen.
    *More than triple all magical damage.
    *Greatly increase movement speed and jump height.
    *Slightly increase melee speed, damage and knockback.
    *Give you night vision and enemy vision.
    *Give you shroomite armor invisibility effect.
    *Increase knockback resistance and invulnerability after hit duration.
    *Give fall damage immunity, fire block immunity and lava immunity.
    *Give infinite breath.
    *Allow swimming and walking over water and lava.

    It can be crafted by combining a fallen star with a hellstone ore at a demon altar.

    It is a tAPI package so you should just click it and tAPI handles the rest. I put two download options:


    Feedback, pls.

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  2. Logodum

    Logodum Terrarian

    Well, i don't know what could be improved, because this accessory is well balanced. Probably should also give you 200+ def, though ;)
  3. SeiKySh

    SeiKySh Terrarian

    Well done, nicely accessory. Will you make a mobs, who very rare and have the 300-500 health points. They will drop your accessories(in future). Maybe it can be the grandpa slime.
    I love rare mobs }:)
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  4. LoM2

    LoM2 Retinazer

    Last time I tried my hand at modding (still very much learning), I made a sword that covered roughly half the screen and did 2000 damage/hit.

    That makes this look a little less OP, doesn't it :3
  5. Alessandro Silva

    Alessandro Silva Terrarian

    Just uploaded a new version of the mod. The old version was making your pick speed slower rather than faster.
  6. James C Kirby III

    James C Kirby III Skeletron Prime

    I am on a Mac. how can i use this file?
  7. Cyanogynist

    Cyanogynist Cultist

    -No random critical hits
    Now it's balanced.
  8. James C Kirby III

    James C Kirby III Skeletron Prime

    hey, anyone know how i can use this file on a mac please?