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tAPI The Moar Tiers Mod

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by TheLoneyBoat, Oct 23, 2014.


Have you downloaded and tested the mod

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  1. TheLoneyBoat

    TheLoneyBoat Spazmatism

    MOD IS DEAD!!!!!

    This mod adds LOTS of spaghetti- i mean, stuff. (who gets the reference deserves a cookie) This mod adds over 6 tiers. Obsidian, Steampunk, Cursed, Fiery, Graphene, Angel.
    It's up to you to find out what's in each tier!

    IM FINALLY BACK..... So expect a full item list very soon.

    Download Beta 1.1.1:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/691vqzlfcxr485z/Moar Tiers Mod Beta 1.1.1.tapi?dl=
    Here is our new BANNER ;) Just paste this in your sig...


    Coders Are:

    Spriters Are;

    Obsidian Tier:

    True Obsidian Skull - Helmet - 7 defense - no bonus - Crafted with 1 Obsidian Skull and 20 Obsidian @ Anvil
    Obsidian Chestplate - Chestplate - 7 defense - no bonus - Crafted with 30 Obsidian @ Anvil
    Obsidian Greaves - Leggings - 7 defense - no bonus - Crafted with 25 Obsidian @ Anvil
    Set bonus: no bonus
    Obsidian Club - Sword - 32 melee damage - 30 use time - no special effects - Crafted with 18 Obsidian @ Anvil
    Obsidian Flail - Flail - 30 melee damage - use time irrelevant for flails - no special effects - Crafted with 20 Obsidian @ Anvil
    Obsidian Hamaxe - Hammer/Axe - 70% axe power - 65% hammer power - 27 melee damage - 20 use time - no special effects - Crafted with 16 Obsidian @ Anvil
    Obsidian Pickaxe - Pickaxe - 85% pickaxe power - 23 melee damage - 8 use time - no special effects - Crafted with 16 Obsidian @ Anvil
    Obsidian Spear - Spear - 32 melee damage - 20 use time - no special effects - Dropped by Lava Monsters (10% chance)
    Steampunk Tier:
    Steampunk Helmet - Helmet - 10 defense - no bonus - Crafted with 1 Molten Helmet and 20 Steampunk Nuggets @ Hellforge
    Steampunk Chestplate - Chestplate - 10 defense - 19% increased melee damage - Crafted with 30 Steampunk Nuggets & 1 Molten Breastplate @ Hellforge
    Steampunk Greaves - Leggings - 10 defense - 9% increased movement speed - Crafted with 1 Molten Greaves & 25 Steampunk Nuggets @ Hellforge
    Set bonus: 10% increased melee speed
    Steampunk Sword - Sword - 38 melee damage - 30 use time - no special effects - Crafted with 1 Muramasa & 58 Steampunk Nuggets @ Hellforge
    Steampunk Pickaxe - Pickaxe - 120% pickaxe power - 23 melee damage - 8 use time - no special effects - Crafted with 1 Molten Pickaxe & 56 Steampunk Nuggets @ Hellforge
    Steampunk Drill - Drill - same stats and recipe of pickaxe
    Steampunk Assault Rifle - Machinegun - 30 ranged damage - 10 use time - Crafted with 1 Phoenix Blaster & 56 Steampunk Nuggets @ Hellforge

    Lava Monster - Fighter AI - 120 HP - 17 damage - 12 defense - immune to lava - Spawns in the Underworld - Drops: Obsidian Spear (10%)
    Steampunk Slime - Slime AI - 250 HP - 10 damage - 4 defense - no special effects - Spawns in the Surface layer or Cavern layer, won't spawn in snow biome - Drops: Steampunk nugget (4-8) (100%)

    Take in account that these aren't all the features, i will put more content in the future. I'm just too lazy to write it all right now.

    Credit List:

    Credit to @Zoodletec and @Sapharan for lots of code
    Credit to @Brutallama for the Angel, Cursed and Fiery sets
    Credit to @Tobbavald for Ria Sprite
    Credit to @Baconfry for Hell Cinder
    Credit to @SnailsAttack for Starter Weapons!
    Credit to @Snickerbobble for Checkerball sprite!

    Wiki Contest is CLOSED so don't ask!!!!
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
  2. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera



    Featured screenshot:
    (this image only shows about 20% of the content of the mod. items from other mods have been used in this image [you can see hallowed shell from GRealm on the player])
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2015
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  3. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

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    Or even use the magnificent logo!
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2015
  4. WavingCookie

    WavingCookie Steampunker

    plz add nerf crossbow. Also, this looks good. The obsidian armor looks a little simple on the chestplate and leggings.
  5. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

    sorry the nerf expansion pack is being discontinued
    also, about the armor, the v9 update is gonna be big, there will be lots of resprites, so expect to see better sprites everywhere ;)
  6. Captainjellocube

    Captainjellocube Skeletron

    Mario ar you gona ad the end sword sprites in to your item list post?
  7. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

    oh yeah forgot about that. oh well i'll update it when we'll relase v9
  8. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

    sorry for the double post, but it's been a long time since i last posted on this.

    i just wanted to say that the mod IS NOT dead. we are working on a HUGE update, so stay tuned! ;)

    EDIT: Updated credit list. might also be a spoiler for what is gonna be in Beta 1.0 :p
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2014
  9. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

    (bump again)
    sorry again for the double post, but i want this to be noticed by people.

    Great news guys, BETA 1.0 IS FINALLY OUT!
    However this update has been heavily rushed and it doesn't have all of the intended features. however, Beta 1.1 will have all the content we planned for the update :p


    +Added a brand new boss! and with tweaked AI!
    +Tweaked AI of graphene knight, now spawns the right gore
    +Improved NPC spawning code, now should no longer spawn near town NPCs
    • Lava monsters now spawn only in the underworld
    • Steampunk slimes now spawn only in surface and underground, no longer spawn in snow biome
    • Both now spawn more frequently at night and during blood moons they ignore the code that prevents them from spawning near town NPCs
    +Improved spear AI
    +Added Cursed tier
    +Added Fiery tier
    +Added Throwing Axes
    +Custom chain texture for obsidian flail! finally!
    +Added some ores, that spawn only after wall of flesh is defeated
    +Lots more stuff!
    +Lots of resprites!
    -Rebalanced some stuff

    The next update will include the stuff that has been post-poned because of all the rushing.
    +Vampiric blade will have its own entire tier
    +Ichor blade will have its own entire tier
    +A new town NPC will spawn after defeating graphene knight, he will sell the summon item for the new boss plus Graphene throwing axes and a few other goodies including the Graphene Shotgun, but we still have to think about that.

    EDIT: Cleaned up the thread, started a new contest to make a wiki for the mod
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2014
  10. Can I Get Uhhh

    Can I Get Uhhh Spazmatism

    Wow! This is going to turn out really nice once it rolls!
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  11. 360Chadscope

    360Chadscope Pixel Pirate

    Some screenshots would be nice. Just saying, I'm not sure what quality to expect now and if it's worth downloading. It sounds good, though.
  12. Can I Get Uhhh

    Can I Get Uhhh Spazmatism

    Yeah, definitely screenshots.
  13. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    There's an extremely outdated (the ai's been tweaked) video of one of the bosses, the graphene knight
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/kc07iq08akikpao/boss footage.zip?dl=0
  14. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

    i'll do that in a moment! expect to see lotsa screenshots in 15-20 mins
    EDIT: Made 25 screenshots :p i might also add a video of both bosses
    that's outdated. i tweaked the AI since then
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2014
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  15. TheLoneyBoat

    TheLoneyBoat Spazmatism

    were are the screenshots????
  16. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

    in the "screenshot" spoiler.
  17. TheLoneyBoat

    TheLoneyBoat Spazmatism

    makes sense lol. i missed that
  18. mskj

    mskj Terrarian

    Does this mod work with multiplayer?
  19. AmericanTrailMix

    AmericanTrailMix Plantera

    Can I have my cookie now?
  20. Captainjellocube

    Captainjellocube Skeletron

    it should, yes