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The most annoying boss in any video game you've played.


Not even a boss, just an enemy, but archviles in DOOM Eternal
Those :red:ers can even spawn :red:ing marauders, the :red:s who block all your direct attacks, are immune to chainsaw and BFG, and, at least from my experience, crucible. Then there's the :red:ing wolf those :red:ers have as well.

Well it seems I put two here, at least one's a boss.
I mean, they were annoying in their original appearances as well, as I guess they're accurate.

Anyways, the Wily Capsule from Mega Man 7 is not a fun fight. Due to how big and slow Mega Man is in this game, as well as the fact that the boss shoots four orbs that quickly home in on your last position, it makes it hard to avoid getting damage. On top of that, the boss's weakness is the Wild Coil, which is a pain to use, and you must charge it in order to deal the max amount of damage. And finally, there's the fact that if you die, you have to fight the prior boss (Wily Machine 7) again in order to get another chance.

Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
Broken Vessel from Hollow Knight. I don’t know why, but for three hours I would just attempt it over and over again and kept making dumb mistakes and dying. The fight was a really neat one, but it kinda gets to you when you barely get anywhere for hours.
felt amazing absolutely destroying Lost Kin with better gear though lmao


Official Terrarian
Mad Dummy in Undertale.
The amount of times I rage-quitted the game that month was uncountable.
Also Undyne's a jerk

Changing Flask

Moon Lord and Sans. And Mewtwo in PSMD, but nothing beats second stage of Empire Earth Novayan campaign (and second stage of AoCs Asian campaign, which is... ugh, I didn't beat it, was so damn hard. Saving a region from collapse is near-impossible.)

- You border with the rebel Russians, and have to destroy them asap.
- You're constantly under attack by Allied Forces and Ukrainians. Yeah, you can get naval bases, they'd just get more incentives to strike you down.
- In addiction, they have mechs and only they, until you defeat one of four forces (you need to defeat three out of four.)
- And your hero can't die. If he gets nuked, game over, better luck with a restart.

Forgot to mention last Spellforce mission with insta-death towers and Inciernators... well, this is fun *sarcasm.* At least beating the boss there was easier than both getting there AND mentioned above missions.


Eye of Cthulhu
Easy, the Minecraft Wither. Not only do you need to get 3 Wither Skulls, if you fail, you need to get 3 more. To me, that is legit hell.
The hardest boss I've ever fought in a game would probably be Slone from titanfall 2. Maybe it's because I was playing on hard difficulty, but it took me a long time to beat her.
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