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The most Overcomplicated Board Game Ever


Duke Fishron
I collect them, increases max HP by a :red:ton, and not having coins with greed's gullet doesn't actually kill you.

I get head of the keeper, now I get money from attacking.

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
I throw ??? into the box for that one ending while you are doing that.

Blueboi is in the box. Or chest. Look, there are many names for a container.


Gabe Newell appears.
"We at Valve are happy to announce that we still can't count to three."
He then vanishes.

I roll a 20-sided dice.

Cinnamon Gum

The Destroyer
Sorry, but the laws of physics don't allow this.
I roll an 8, which tells me to draw a blue card, which tells me that this is a cool necro of a cool thread that I forgot about.

Cinnamon Gum

The Destroyer
They weren't baked, they were poisoned!

I put tasty cyanide in my hot chocolate (sorry if i misspelled it, I'm not good at chemistry related words)
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