Official The Oasis!

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Redigit, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Brain of Cthulhu

    People in here acting like a Redigit post is the second coming of Jesus or something. ^_^
  2. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Well, we have substantial evidence Redgit is real and Jesus hasn't posted 1.3.6 spoilers
  3. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Brain of Cthulhu

    Heh, Jesus drops Revelations 1.4 "And lo, for there would be creative mode, and there was much rejoicing."
  4. Polendey

    Polendey Terrarian

    We want it for mobile too
  5. Orion_Bright

    Orion_Bright Retinazer

    Ikr, it's some water and some cool flies
  6. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Brain of Cthulhu

    Porting this to mobile is in the plans. Only question is how long it's going to take to get there, and the answer in my opinion is "a very long time."
  7. shift

    shift Terrarian

    omg beautiful. i love it, i want 1,3,6 now, hic.
    can add some fly.
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  8. Techdude594

    Techdude594 Skeletron Prime

    Desert crates please! It would make farming sandstorms in a bottle much easier!
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  9. Razue

    Razue Terrarian

    This is gonna be so cool!
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  10. Electroman102

    Electroman102 Skeletron Prime

    @TheWorfer27 didn’t you suggest an Oasis minibione?

    Also, there needs to be a VR headset with this biome. Anyone guess the reference…?
  11. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    A. Yes, yes I did
    B. I'm guessing there's a vr game called oasis
  12. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    Close. It's a "Ready Player One" reference.
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  13. TheCheeseBroker

    TheCheeseBroker Terrarian

    Finally, I always think that the surface desert look a bit dry.
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  14. The Cakemaster

    The Cakemaster Steampunker

    It looks really good! I can't wait.
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    Good that you can actually see. I can't see :red: 2 inches from my face.
  15. Electroman102

    Electroman102 Skeletron Prime

    True dat
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  16. Purple Cat King

    Purple Cat King Skeletron

    Wow impressive. Id lIke to see more great ideas like this :)
  17. Horizontal 8

    Horizontal 8 Terrarian

    You gotta go dig those holes
  18. The Cakemaster

    The Cakemaster Steampunker

    There are so many random messages floating around in here.
  19. Bethany

    Bethany Steampunker

    Oh, golly — I've the exact opposite problem: I'm farsighted, focus on infinity naturally but have to strain to focus close. Too bad we can't spit the difference and both have good vision!
  20. mcjefferson

    mcjefferson Terrarian

    looks absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to see all the new mini biomes. Maybe they could do a deserted island in the ocean like the floating islands in the sky
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