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Casual The People of TCF


I wont reveal myself however

My right hand is stronger than my left... For reasons...

Here, have a picture of my face and my signed Binding of Isaac Devzine. It's an older pic, but I don't look that much different now.

I was basically stoked that, of all the random hand-drawn items, I got the Relic, which made me really happy because I've been wearing blue cross necklaces since I started college. It was pretty much the single most fitting item I could have possibly gotten.
Ur actually pretty pretty c:


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But seriously, you should already know what my face looks like by now.
Like bacon? Everytime someone makes a guess you shoot them down and/or make a cryptic statement. The suspense is too much to handle, I'll soon resort to black market, pimps and the mafia! And it's all your fault!

Why, yes, I DO have problems. Why do you ask?
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