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The Plot Potato

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Bloonjitsu Master

Official Terrarian
If Sora Uses The Potato The Release The Potatos From The Potatos, Then We Can Complete Potato Potato And Be Whole Again.
(Wasn't Sure If I Should Potatofy Sora Or Not, So Chose Not To.)


Skeletron Prime
ENTRY NUMBER 1: This is it... Time to do what the King has asked me to do. I will create the power to free us all. I will unleash the power of the POTATO.
ENTRY NUMBER 2: The potato is locked by POTATO power.. Unfortunately, this power cannot be recreated artificially. POTATO power can only be derived from what was once living. So, to create more, we will have to use what we have now... The POTATOs of potatos.
ENTRY NUMBER 3: But extracting a POTATO from a living potato would require incredible power... Besides being impractical, doing so would instantly destroy the POTATO's host. And, unlike the persistent POTATOs of potatos... The POTATOs of most potatos disappear immediately upon death. If only I could make a potato's POTATO last...
ENTRY NUMBER 4: I've been researching potatos to see if I can find any info about their POTATOS. I ended up snooping around the potato... And found these weird tapes. I don't feel like POTATO's watched them... I don't think he should.
ENTRY NUMBER 5: I've done it. Using the blueprints, I've extracted it from the potato POTATOs. I believe this is what gives their POTATOs the strength to persist after death. The will to keep living... The resolve to change fate. Let's call this power... "Potato."
ENTRY NUMBER 6: ASGORE asked everyone outside the city for potatos that had "fallen down." Their bodies came in today. They're still comatose... And soon, they'll all turn into dust. But what happens if I inject "potato" into them? If their POTATOS persist after they perish, then... Potato might be closer than we all thought.
ENTRY NUMBER 7: We'll need a vessel to wield the potato POTATOs when the time comes. After all, a potato cannot absorb the POTATOs of other potatos. Just as a potato cannot absorb a potato POTATO... So then... What about something that's neither potato nor potato?
ENTRY NUMBER 8: I've chosen a candidate. I haven't told ASGORE yet, because I want to surprise him with it... In the center of his garden, there's something special. The first golden flower, that grew before all the others. The flower from the outside world. It appeared just before the queen left. I wonder... What happens when something without a POTATO gains the will to live?
ENTRY NUMBER 9: things aren't going well. none of the bodies have turned into dust, so i can't get the POTATOs. i told the families that i would give them the dust back for the funerals. people are starting to ask me what's happening. what do i do?
ENTRY NUMBER 10: experiments on the vessel are a failure. it doesn't seem to be any different from the control cases. whatever. they're a hassle to work with anyway. the seeds just stick to you, and won't let go...
ENTRY NUMBER 11: now that potato's made it big, he never talks to me anymore. ... except to ask when i'm going to finish his body. but i'm afraid if i finish his body, he won't need me anymore... then we'll never be friends ever again. ... not to mention, every time i try to work on it, i just get really sweaty...
ENTRY NUMBER 12: nothing is happening. i don't know what to do. i'll just keep injecting everything with "potato." i want this to work.
ENTRY NUMBER 13: one of the bodies opened its eyes.
ENTRY NUMBER 14: Everyone that had fallen down... ... has woken up. They're all walking around and talking like nothing is wrong. I thought they were goners...?
ENTRY NUMBER 15: Seems like this research was a dead end... But at least we got a happy ending out of it...? I sent the POTATOS back to POTATO, returned the vessel to his garden... And I called all of the families and told them everyone's alive. I'll send everyone back tomorrow. : )
ENTRY NUMBER 17: (inaccessible in-game) potatos' physical forms can't handle "potato" like potatos' can. with too much potato, our bodies begin to break down. everyone's melted together...
ENTRY NUMBER 18: the flower's gone.
ENTRY NUMBER 19: the families keep calling me to ask when everyone is coming home. what am i supposed to say? i don't even answer the phone anymore.
ENTRY NUMBER 20: POTATO left me five messages today. four about everyone being angry. one about this cute potato he found that looks like me. thanks potato.
ENTRY NUMBER 21: i spend all my time at the garbage dump now. it's my element.
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