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tModLoader The Spirit Mod!


So running into an interesting issue.

When fishing I seem to get a lot, and I mean a lot of random items including, but not limited to; Accessories like Gold/silver/copper Watches and Depth Meters, Crafting stations like Iron Anvils and Work Benches, and other odds and ends such as Wooden Tables, Wooden Broadswords, Suspicious Looking Eyes, Gel, and even Stone Walls and Doors. Disabled other mods I had running and it is definitely Spirit mod doing this. Tried with modded and unmodded fishing poles, using one line or several.

Is this supposed to function like this or is something going goofy somewhere?


I too experience random items from fishing, also not a big deal but crate mimics don't work right in multiplayer. They work fine in single player. Just takes up crate loot space.
They die, drop table or nothing in one hit, even with their high hp.
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