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We've been posting a lot of spoilers recently, are you caught up? If not, check out the new Spoiler Recap Video, covering a bunch of spoilers (and some stuff you may not have seen before)! We hope you enjoy and show it some love!
Neat! I saw that spoiler on Twitter about boss intros. Are you guys just going for cutscenes, or are you trying to emulate the title cards a lot of games use to introduce bosses? Either way, I'm really excited!


Dungeon Spirit
Hey, everybody! Check out one of our latest soundtracks, The Infernon OST, out on YouTube!

That aside, I recognize that I've been a bit neglectful of the forum thread of late. I'd definitely like to get back into chatting with you folks here, so feel free to post any messages, concerns, suggestions, or bug reports here! I apologize for not being as present on the forums and I hope I can change that moving forward :D


Dungeon Spirit

To get started, here's a spoiler you haven't seen on the forums yet. Check out some of the new Marble Enemies you can expect to fight during hardmode!


Heya! I recently noticed that my old donator weapon got its sprite changed (it was supposed to be a Borderlands reference). I was wondering if it could maybe get reresprited sometime to better represent that, and have its flavor text changed to "The unholy offspring of melee and ranged combat."


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I love the Spirit Mod, it fits in with Vanilla Terraria really well, and expands on it. I also love how hardworking, talented, and friendly Spirit Mod's team seems. Some ambitious mods like Calamity and AA can get into a lot of drama with the devs.

Props to Spirit Mod and the Dev Team, I hope it stays strong! I hope that one day this mod can be as popular as Thorium, or even Calamity!


Hi, i'm having some issue playing the spirit mod while playing multiplayer, somehow the green pin item is crashing my game when a pin is placed on the map


Notice that it's not too difficult to learn to code. I could show you how.

Example: item.damage = 10;
Guess what that does.
lol, object.field = definition, such that object = new item(); but how can I get any of that deep src code out of Terraria? I can't find it anywhere. I want to mod.


hey is there a new evil or spreading biom near the blackrock shrine things? there is nothing about that or the fathomles shrine on your wiki help
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So running into an interesting issue.

When fishing I seem to get a lot, and I mean a lot of random items including, but not limited to; Accessories like Gold/silver/copper Watches and Depth Meters, Crafting stations like Iron Anvils and Work Benches, and other odds and ends such as Wooden Tables, Wooden Broadswords, Suspicious Looking Eyes, Gel, and even Stone Walls and Doors. Disabled other mods I had running and it is definitely Spirit mod doing this. Tried with modded and unmodded fishing poles, using one line or several.

Is this supposed to function like this or is something going goofy somewhere?
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