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Things that you didn't realize were in the game for the longest time?


Quoting @ExoticCharm :
"Regardless of the hundreds of hours that I have put into this game, there always seems to be something new that I discover. I didn't know that the sun would where sunglasses every time you did until a couple months ago. Also, I never knew about the enchanted sword (and how could you without looking at the wiki).

What mechanics/items/secrets did you not know about despite your massive time with this game?"

Well allow me to start this:
rudolph eating grass.JPG

If you're standing still on Rudolph for a time , he's eating grass. I didn't know that untill today.
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Official Terrarian
For over 500 hours on Terraria before the 1.2 Update, I had some knowledge of every item in the game. (And had found a copy, And used every item at least once except for the Whoopie Cushion, and Moon Charm. :()

...That is, Except for Poisonous Throwing Knives. A friend gave me a set of these just before the 1.2 update and I was so confused.

Whoops wrong scenario, I was actually looking at an old list of Terraria weapons because I was trying find the page for the Sandgun, I saw the article regarding Poisonous Throwing Knives and only found out then that they existed.


Official Terrarian
The Snowflix are a fun enemy, The first one I ever killed dropped a Snowball Launcher. I carried this around and deployed it as a weapon. (Terraria really needs more Turret options, As much as I like the Bunny Cannon it's a hassle to get ammo. Both it and the normal cannon don't have the same "feel" as the Snowball Launcher either)

Isaac the Jester

Eater of Worlds
i did not know how to get a mime mask for the longest time, also how to get sunglasses because the drop rate of black lenses is way too low



It may seem weird, but I was a TOTAL NOOB back then when I started playing.

So, yeah, I killed Skeletron and I thought I beat the game, I did nothing else I just played new files without entering Hardmode.

I like, played 200+ hours of the game without actually playing it.


Anything that came from Presents.

I thought that the presents of 2013 were the same thing as the presents of 2012, so I just threw them away. I found out they contained new items after my friends got a Red Ryder and told me how he got it.
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