Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Izzabelle

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    I think that'd depend on how far along the new project was :dryadtongue:
  2. Sylving

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    So very very sad to read this. I'm building a shrine to Otherworld's memory in all my games from now on.

    I hope the morale isn't too low over there with the developers, what with all the resources and time spent, with the hopes lost.
    I can only hope that Terraria goes on being awesome... and maybe redirect some of my hype towards the far-off concept of Terraria 2?

    Looking forward to these ideas you have in store too!

    Wishing you good luck for your future projects, as a mod team or in your lives, I just wish everyone'll be okay.
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  3. sawel21

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    Thanks for the infomation guys , i love had lost a year waiting like this....
  4. S'AraisVanu

    S'AraisVanu Terrarian

    Never say never.

    Many people (but not the majority) definitely enjoyed Base and Enviroment hazards, such as the Corruptor, Clown Bombs, and Otherworld's Lightning and want to see a method of play akin to Otherworld's? A mode or setting that makes your building materials and defenses matter? Something like that?

    Edit: whoa what's going on i thought there was a double-post of this?
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  5. Snickerbobble

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    Wait, what? Why not just put the project on hold rather than a full on cancellation? It's sad news to hear it won't ever be released, but.. I think a lot of us would be willing to wait! And picking it up again would save a lot of time and work than starting on an entirely new project, which could always happen after (or before).
  6. drasuzumebachi

    drasuzumebachi Terrarian

    I have mixed feelings about this on the one hand I was looking forward to this game on the other now they can put more focus into 1.3.6
  7. DurableTomb

    DurableTomb Terrarian

    May I request that this new time also be used to refine Pixel Piracy, and any other games from the company that were pushed aside in favor of working on newer projects? It still bothers me to see such ho-hum reviews for a game by this developer.
  8. Satsuki Hime

    Satsuki Hime Terrarian

    Can’t say I’m at all surprised. Maybe if more hands on deck speeds up getting console repaired and up to parity sooner it won’t be a total loss.

    Would love to see maybe the art assets for OW go into a graphical overhaul someday.
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  9. Aurora3500

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    It's worth noting that Pixel Piracy and Pixel Privateers were developed by Quadro Delta. Re-Logic helped publish the game and worked together with Quadro Delta to make the games, but the majority of work developing the game was done by Quadro Delta which is not in Re-Logic's control.
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  10. Cronik

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    Would the team be willing to speak towards whether they still saw value in the core concepts?

    I think many of us are curious on whether it was the core concepts or execution that you guys lost faith in.

    I get that merely stating things you might have liked about the core (storyline? base defense?) will sound like future promises to some, but I think the community here is largely proving we can read between the lines and trust your word.
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  11. TheHerochao

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    Not to be overly negative but I saw this coming from a mile away. :(
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  12. Cgeta

    Cgeta Terrarian

    Ah well
    I guess it never went well anywhere and then it was too late to really change much
    I really loved the idea of the world being entirely corrupted/crimsoned right from the start and that you have to use special converters to turn it back, while defending them in a tower defence like fashion.
    Since regular Terraria ended up having a tower defense mode, I wonder if it would be possible to have world generation settings where you can, for example, have the world be entirely corrupted from the get go.

    Also does that mean you'll be focusing on Terraria 2 now? But I guess if you do, you wouldn't announce it now :p
  13. Enroke

    Enroke Plantera

    Better, i dont like the idea of Terraria another world.
  14. Ranadiel

    Ranadiel Terrarian

    Can't say that i am not sad about the news. Like many here i was expecting some good news and simply shrugged at every bad info.

    I value Re-Logic as an example of how things should be done in the gaming industry. Maybe Terraria in its beginnings had some rough times, but you guys made some very important decisions and created a game that clearly can be described as EPIC. Not only the support from you guys is outstanding, but also your decisions show that you're capable of doing great things.

    Everyone makes mistakes, so what? I recently hit 1000 hours of gameplay and counting (yeah i know there are people with way more, but for me it's still much!), where two other games i play barely hit 500 and others don't even come close... I keep coming back to Terraria, because it IS such a great game. My girlfriend plays with me and also alone, practically the only game she plays on PC. Additionally, we started playing on PS4. I do hope the console version gets more stable and updated, but i DO understand it's a difficult task and simply needs time.

    We are patient, because IT IS WORTH IT! Keep up the good work guys and let us know about your plans when YOU are ready :)
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  15. Rassy

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    Amazing ideas such as Terraria 2, Terraria manyworlds, Terraria 3, Terraria Terraria and Not Terraria, amazing and original games
  16. Cronik

    Cronik Terrarian

    I still believe that terraria can do storydriven and tower defense correctly.

    Difficulty settings can be applied to protect the creative types who don't want to feel the pressure.

    The dungeon defenders crossover isn't base defense in terraria btw... its just a nifty event. I think a lot of us we're excited about the idea of what otherworld was trying to accomplish.
  17. LazyHydra

    LazyHydra Terrarian

    Wow... Not really a surprise, but still makes me a bit sad, although I completely get why... Will the music composed for Otherworld be released? It was one of the things I was personally looking forward to a lot, and I’d hate for it to never get released (especially the beautiful space theme)
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  18. Guytales

    Guytales Terrarian

    Now, you COULD have just had Pipeworks rush it out the door and released it as-is, just to at least get some money out of it, public reception be damned. The fact that you elected to cancel the game instead proves that you, as developers, are worthy of respect.
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  19. mrmcmo

    mrmcmo Golem

    tbh i never saw anything in this spinoff, nothing beats the original for me even though i have basically nothing to compare it to
  20. WingedOracle

    WingedOracle Eye of Cthulhu

    tbh, i knew this was gonna happen.

    but terraria will die soon, so rip terraria in a few years :/