Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Uniquepotatoes

    Uniquepotatoes Terrarian

    I :red:EN KNEW IT
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  2. Rough Draft

    Rough Draft Eye of Cthulhu

    well finally, I don't have to worry about this sucking anymore.
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  3. TTK_229

    TTK_229 Terrarian

    So, when do you think they'll contact Fabsol to make Calamity an official part of the game? :p
  4. Cirom

    Cirom Plantera

    I... honestly saw this coming. With Engine struggling to juggle both Otherworld and the Console/Mobile ports (and their many bugs), the complete lack of information we were getting about it despite several years passing and the occasional plans for a Terraria 2 by Re-Logic themselves.. yeah, I'm not surprised that you'd want to focus Pipeworks' efforts down into just producing the Console and Mobile versions of the game. It's better to keep your focus onto one thing to ensure it's the best it can be, rather than splitting your focus and having each product be kinda watered down and buggy.

    Quality over quantity, as they always say. I can respect that.
  5. AintDatTrueI

    AintDatTrueI Terrarian

    This would've taken a long time to finish just as 1.3.6 is, because of quality checks and ''much to do''
  6. Bumpy

    Bumpy Terrarian

    I'm very proud that you guys decided to make a public announcement about this and didn't just stop development quietly without telling us, like some other game developers would.
    Once again, another sign of how much better Re-Logic's development team is much more interactive and honest with their fans. Thank you for all you do.
  7. Well there goes that i guess.
  8. warmainiac

    warmainiac Terrarian

    but it has so better graphics
  9. Brixtan

    Brixtan Terrarian

    Not surprising news at all. I think everyone figured the game was vaporware anyway.
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  10. Rough Draft

    Rough Draft Eye of Cthulhu

    only concern i have is this means the developer of one of my favorite games has been dumping staff hours and third-party work into games for about seven years now with no new income source in sight. Hopefully, that's something re-logic can afford to do.
  11. Lord Garak

    Lord Garak Retinazer

    Was Re-Logic afraid Otherworld would become another Pixel Piracy?
  12. Ilmarinen

    Ilmarinen Headless Horseman

    Sad to hear I know you guys put a lot of work into this. I hope for all the Re Logic team to have better luck going forward and maybe some day revisit this concept in some fashion.
    Would love to see an introduction of the crystal biome and the expansion of the ocean biome in good old regular Terraria. Those floating island ruins too.
  13. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Alright, I've gotten myself up again.
    So, what can I say about it?

    Was I disappointed? yes, I was.
    After I've seen all the effort been put into it, It's really ashame to hear we'll never get to experience the content in the spoilers you've given us.
    I had planned out so many ideas and possibilities with Otherworlds release. And every year I was looking forward for more news.
    Untill I see that it's now all gone. 3 years of anticipation. Hoping that it would pack out like Breath of the Wild did.

    I didn't really know what to say at the beginning, but at the end, I'm really feeling relieved.
    I don't have to worry anymore about living up for old projects, so it's a huge burden I can leave behind now.
    And I can understand that Otherworld could have been a huge burden towards the developers as well.

    Mistakes are made to be learned from, even mistakes on a larger scale.
    So yes, While there will be a moment for sorrow, I'm sure this is done for the reason to look forward for a brighter future.
    And now with one project less to worry about, a better quality on greater project can happen. I'm really looking forward for 1.3.6 and what lies further beyond.

    Good Luck once again! :)
  14. ToP

    ToP Terrarian

    It is a shame that it all ended that way. Many are sad over this loss, but let us not forget: Failure is the mother of success. This failure will surely pave the way for better, and greater projects in the future, and that is towards what we should be looking at.
  15. Just Monika

    Just Monika Skeletron Prime

    I think they should still release what they've got for now for people to play around with. Like a beta for a game never coming.
  16. crep

    crep Terrarian

    I went into this thinking it would be bad. As time went on though I started to think it was a better idea. I'm really sad this is gone now. But hey, can't wait for 1.3.6!
  17. DestroyerOfTheDestroyer

    DestroyerOfTheDestroyer The Destroyer

    So, a person named Andrew outsources the creation of a game based on his existing intellectual property out to a development company. They waste his time and money, and he is forced to switch developers halfway through. All the while, fans are given little information while they grow more irate. Is this Hiveswap or T:OW?
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  18. Cronik

    Cronik Terrarian

    What is this? Steam?

    Oh wait you have to pay for unfinished games there.

    All kidding aside I don't see this happening. I'd LOVE to play around with it myself but I imagine they cancelled it for a reason and have zero desire to make it public. Especially since there's aspects of it they're keeping private and plan on using in the future.
  19. schmoopiepoopie

    schmoopiepoopie Terrarian

    I’m usually pretty cynical, but my heart goes out to you guys right now. I can imagine how crushing it is to axe the project after all of the hours and heart invested.

    I look forward to seeing some of those great ideas on the console version.

    You all deserve a drink or five. It’s Friday. Go numb those feelings with liquor and women (or men) of questionable character. You’ve earned it.
  20. Chrysamere

    Chrysamere Official Terrarian

    Mods are mods, and they should stay that way. If calamity was an official part of the game, I'd turn to tmodloader to have it removed.
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