Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

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  1. Aero Cony

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    Sad to see Otherworld end like this after it has been mentioned a few years ago, better luck on the next title! Pretty sure the ideas will have good use on other games:happy:
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    I'm sure this hurts you guys way more than it hurts us fans. Thank you for making the hard call and doing right by us, it can't have been easy. I'm looking forward to seeing these new ideas in a future release, whatever it may be.

    Be well in this rough time, we love you all.
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  3. Terrasyn

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    How interesting that, just two days ago, I was talking with a friend about the development of Otherworld, and how I was unsure of it.

    I want to express my feelings toward the team regarding Terraria: Otherworld.

    Honestly? I'm relieved.

    Relieved for many reasons.

    I want to state that Terraria is my most played game on Steam with over 800 hours, and I don't play games much these days. That's just how much I enjoy it. I just wanted to get that out of the way before I go on to explain why I'm elated.

    Otherworld's somewhat rocky start was a bit of a red flag for me. Scrapping development with the previous studio that Re-Logic collaborated with was worrying. As a long time customer and loyal fan, this gave me the impression that the direction Terraria: Otherworld was heading wasn't a direction the team was happy about. As a result, this took Terraria in a direction I wasn't happy about. And if the team isn't happy this can cause confusion, lack of motivation, you name it. We can always attempt to make something work, but that doesn't offset the simple truth that it's being done by force. Terraria: Otherworld reminded me of a sort of "artist's block" situation, and that was concerning - I didn't want the team pouring their heart and soul into something they were unhappy with.

    Re-Logic has mentioned working on Terraria's upcoming 1.3.6 patch (which seems massive), Terraria: Otherworld, and has even hinted at Terraria 2. That's not even counting other unannounced projects that may be added to the pot. That's a lot to handle all at once. From the viewpoint of someone who is not involved with Re-Logic and does not understand the inner workings of their current projects, this can be intimidating and unsettling. I began to feel that Re-Logic was in a frenzy of not only dividing resources, but dividing focus.

    I was very excited for Terraria: Otherworld. But as both a player and customer, I didn't know what it really was. Was it an offshoot from the first game? Is there a goal and purpose? Will it play like the original? Is there a story this time? I simply did not know. In that regard, it probably would have been best to refrain from announcing the game at all. But this is something you (the team) have recognized. There is an opportunity here. An opportunity to learn in relation to later titles - something else you've opened your eyes to.

    Much of my concern with Re-Logic is alleviated because Terraria: Otherworld serves as a learning lesson for the team. This is wonderful. I can recall the very arduous, difficult times in my life that made a great impact on my future. They were instances I sought to use as a foundation for the person I wanted to be, and I feel that Terraria: Otherworld is a chance for Re-Logic to do just that.

    As a very avid fan and loyal customer, I want to thank you for your honesty and openness of what is a difficult admission. Though this is a sad day for Terraria: Otherworld, I feel it is a major turning point for Re-Logic as a whole. Incidentally, Otherworld provides so many resources to draw from for the team, too. I'm eager to see what the coming days will bring, and how Re-Logic will continue to grow as the studio that brought me one of my most treasured games in years.

    We love you guys, never forget that!
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  4. Miku Hatsune

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  5. Orckine

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    There are a lot of tears on my face right now.
  6. Mintbut

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    Can't say too much, but this is awful news :dryadcry:
  7. LeGurdah

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    I am saddened on how the game had to be put out of it's unfortunate 4-year-long misery.

    At least, as many other people will say, "you did the right thing."
  8. ppowersteef

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    This has made a suprising impact for me.

    ...I'll likely say a thing or two sometime later, I'm currently not up to it. :(
  9. TerraShan

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    i am very sad taht the game is being cancelled, but i hope/think, the game will be reincarnated in some form, with some mechanics remade, poloshed or fixed, game might even come back into development at some point, tbh i think, since it had such potential, couldve been amazing, but since you have so much better stuff do in the now, waiting 5 years or something, for a game, isnt something that makes sense right now, but when youre stuck for ideas, maybe do a little development on it, eventually maybe a beta or something,couple years later we have a good game and terraria and other projects are steadily being made,i hope taht happens anyway... probably wont

    if in no ways the game gets made, we still have fangames.
  10. Diablonar

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    (Stated this in the Discord as well)

    Now that Otherworld has been cancelled, here are my thoughts that I've had since the game was originally announced.

    I don't mean to sound rude, but from the very beginning I disliked the idea of Otherworld and felt it was the wrong direction of the team. I'm by no means unique in that department, but I did not feel like Otherworld had anything to add to the world of Terraria.

    I dislike overly wave-based games in general as they tend to be repetitive and lack debth and progress, not to mention the fact that Terraria already has many wave-based events that are best kept as just that; singular events.
    I really felt that a wave-based game would be more like a parody or spinoff, and by no means deserves to hold the full title of Terraria when the original game already has plenty of waves in it.

    I'm glad that Otherworld is no longer in focus, and while I remain open to the possibility that it would have become a good game, I feel like Re-Logic's best bet is to develop either a true sequel to Terraria, or a different project altogether.

    I personally starve for more Terraria content, and would love to see the wiki's "future plans" list, which is full of stuff that never will happen in Terraria 1, have more of its stuff fulfilled in either an expansion pack or a sequel to Terraria.

    Terraria 2 would be the bomb, honestly. And if it's 2.5D, even more bomb. If I could Letsplay that after Super Smash has had its time to shine on Switch, that'd be gold.
    But maybe a bit too soon if development starts now.

    Take your time, don't stress your next project. But I think you guys already know that, judging your wording. Good luck with your next project!

    EDIT: Also wanna say that I hope ReLogic's next "Terraria" installment will not become another Starbound, Planet Centauri and etc type of game.

    These games focused on scifi elements, whereas Terraria is unique to carry more characteristics of Fantasy and less of Scifi. It's what defined most of the game, the exotic feel and its artstyle.

    Besides.. I'd rather battle the legendary Medusa, than yet another generic robot.
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  11. Semente

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    Idk why but I'm sad
  12. Kelp

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    I just want to chime in and say that we're all very impressed and glad at everyones positive outlook so far. It's not good news at all, but the fact that you have so far all been understanding so far is great. I want to extend a thank you and I hope that this continues.

    It's completely understandable to be sad if you were looking forward to the game. You feel let down, betrayed, you didn't even get to play it and make your own judgement;... But I ask that you guys continue to be respectful and keep in mind that this isn't the end of Relogic and that this won't happen again in the future if another project sees development.

    Your positive reaction to this jarring news is appreciated greatly and I can't say this enough. I, and the people I can speak for are very glad to see so little negative reactions, it means a lot that this news has been handled well so far. You're the developers valuable fans and upsetting you is detrimental to morale and the passion put into the game, so having a positive reaction so far is a great after such a dark news tale.

    I don't expect everyone to understand. Just remain respectful. Relogic put years of resources into this game in order to deliver a quality product - which is now cancelled and will not make its way to the intended audience - That's bad news for a developer, especially one who cares about the community it has been given.
  13. Loki

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    That would kind of be repeating the error with Otherworld in regards to saying too much too soon, no? :)

    Indeed - lots of good ideas (the bulk of which never came to light publicly) - as we said, those aren't just vanishing into the ether.

    Totally get that you would want all of that - but understand that such a thing really isn't feasible. One, out of respect for everyone involved. Two, there are ideas that we never shared that we may want to use in the future. Three, it won't change anything materially - other than the lessons we have learned ourselves that will go towards bettering what we create in the future. :)

    We didn't for a reason. Barring some insane miracle (which isn't going to happen), it is dead. Done. Now, as we said, some of its IDEAS may come to fruition down the road, but the project itself? Nope.

    REALLY appreciate the perspective of this entire post. I think you understand the very, very hard call this was to make - but in the end, if you do what is needed and do right by the folks that support you, good things come. ;)

    Will echo what @Leinfors said - as you can imagine, this is a sad and stressful day for all of us here. Just when we are feeling down, its amazing how you all bring us back up. Thanks! :cool:
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    I was so looking forward to this. Rest in peace :(
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  15. Link9058

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    well it's sad but could we get an unfinished release or something? also is there any news for "Terraria 2"?
  16. Marcus101RR

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    I am actually not a least bit surprised. I knew this 8 months ago. Just by the shear action or lack there of. Even after the transfer of development it was obvious. Oh well, maybe rewrite Terraria into a new engine for modern hardware/software?
  17. Regios_Renhac

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    Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to Otherworld, and knowing that it has been canned will not take sleep away from me. Sorry if I sound rude by saying this but, in my humble opinion, nothing of value has been lost.
  18. Nakano15

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    Since Terraria Otherworld is going down, why Re-Logic don't take a look at it to see
    If there is any cool stuff they might be interessed into adding on original Terraria?
  19. ninjakai03

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    gonna say right off the bat, F

    but seriously, its been quite the ride
    i was initially intrigued by the idea of T:OW when it was first released, as it had a clear goal to complete
    it was a tower-defense-esque game with the same sandbox elements flavor from that of terraria

    the project getting cancel wasnt very surprising to me as it shouldve but still left a big ouch in the heart
    kudos to the team for announcing it publically instead of leaving it into obscurity though

    i wish the team good luck for their future endeavors and projects
    hope we get more of that 1.3.6 hype
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  20. Thorthegreat12

    Thorthegreat12 Terrarian

    Very appreciative you guys informed us on this decision. Although it was hard, I understand why it ultimately had to be done. Super keen to see a future title with some of Otherworlds concepts!
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