Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Ezel

    Ezel Brain of Cthulhu

    Sad to see that T:OW is cancelled, I was kinda interested what new stuff it'd have.

    But hey, I understand that it was taking too long and the effect wasn't as good as we'd think. I hope that future projects will not suffer with this problem and there will be new stuff someday. Also can't wait for more Terraria updates. :)
  2. altermaven

    altermaven Steampunker

    I understand in a whole that it was indeed a bitter pill to swallow. While you all may think that things could've been better called, at least you all have gained some wisdom out of this. Here's to hoping the next endeavour will be more plausible and the experience towards it a lot more pleasant.

    With due regards~
  3. hunt2man

    hunt2man Terrarian

    I'm a bit bummed, but I know wholeheartedly you did the right thing.
  4. GoldenTerrabyte

    GoldenTerrabyte Official Terrarian

    Well, that's definitely not what I expected to read today... But I can't say I didn't see it coming. Ever since the game's announcement I had this sinking feeling in the back of my mind that the project was never gonna see the light of day. But oh well. Hopefully something new comes out of all this. The game had such a stellar-looking art direction, I was really curious where it was going. Maybe we'll someday learn more about what could have been.
  5. _direkt

    _direkt Steampunker

    Is there any way to play what was made? it's a long shot, but i would love to play what was to happen
  6. Alucard_I

    Alucard_I Official Terrarian

    yea ok now that's just a :red:ing blow to the nuts tbh
  7. Kelp

    Kelp Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    As far as I'm aware, there are no plans to do so - Sorry.
    Understandable but I urge you to realise that there are no winners in this. Relogic spent resources and time on this, only to have it crash. This is wholly Relogics mistake and I hope you can find it to accept and forgive, for they've learned valuable lessons - The next project, if and when there is one will not have the same outcome.
  8. S'AraisVanu

    S'AraisVanu Terrarian

    Well, hopefully what was there already gets integrated into Terraria.
    Especially the actual prospect of territory control given the aggressive biome spreads and resulting required defense of the biome-repels and the like
  9. Joost8910

    Joost8910 Dungeon Spirit

    Dang, well I suppose this was to be expected, just a couple days ago I made a suggestion for otherworld. Press F to pay respects.
    Who knows, maybe much, much later down the line we can see a proper Terraria 2 (I think we heard long ago it would be 2.5 dimensional) using the leftover resources from otherworld.
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  10. alaswing

    alaswing Skeletron Prime

    This really hurts... Thanks for telling us tho
  11. RunicGlympse

    RunicGlympse Steampunker

    Ah. Tis a very sad day for us all. But when a death comes by, a new life is reborn.
    I do hope this brings a lesson to us all, which is called, "patience and virtue".
    I'm more excited about Terraria on the Switch though!
  12. Flashkirby99

    Flashkirby99 Skeletron

    Unfortunate to see it go, but nevertheless glad to see the team continuing to push forward despite it all. Thank you for the statement, and excited to see what the ideas and experiences will bring about in the future!
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  13. Burst

    Burst Golem

    It was bound to happen at some point. Still, thanks for those teasers and trailers on the way.
    I was looking forward to the OST of Terraria Otherworld, to be honest. But oh well.
    Still, Terraria will have a great future. With the players and for example me, playing it and having fun with it.
  14. Dan Yami

    Dan Yami Skeletron Prime

    Really sad to see this go, I just hope that atleast some of the ideas will be added in the first game, like a space biome, alternate music tracks, the crystal towers... maybe even a new world setting with the goal of actually cleansing a 100% infected world, unlike in the current game where it is just a "sidequest".

    Press F to pay respects.
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  15. S'AraisVanu

    S'AraisVanu Terrarian

    They could always pick the remnants back up in the future. Terraria's development was cancelled at one point and then picked back up again, so something tells me it would be better to just say "Shelved"

    And yes, The biggest loss are the concepts and gameplay- especially the ones that were removed from Terraria.

    Hopefully we get them integrated in the future. I want actual hazards and stuff, maybe a quick-start option, y'know?
  16. hey at least this means you can put all your dev time into terraria 2 haha

    Yeah. This sucks, but I trust that only good will come out of this.
  17. Sumenora

    Sumenora Plantera

    My Howls go to this...Rest in Peace Terraria Otherworld ;_;
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  18. S'AraisVanu

    S'AraisVanu Terrarian

    I'm not sure what the quality issue was. It looked alright from what we saw.
  19. TavisNamara

    TavisNamara Terrarian

    I, as a long-time fan of Terraria, made this account to tell you something important.
    Thank you.

    This is, honestly, something that needs to happen more.
    Is it GOOD that the game has to be canceled? No, of course not.
    But you know what it's infinitely preferable to?
    A game that's either never completed, or the production is dragged out for years, if not decades, only to provide a sub-par result at best. I can name two right now that I wish had chosen to admit it was over instead of what they did... or are currently doing.
    Take Duke Nukem Forever. After TWELVE years in 'production' and starting over from scratch who knows how many times, a sub-par product that was, at best, openly mocked, was all that we got.
    Then, consider Half Life 3. It's not confirmed, it's never confirmed, and I wish they would confirm it's just plain dead. No matter what happens, it won't be what everyone wants it to be.

    It's difficult, painful, even, to admit that a project of three years just isn't going to be what you want it to be and has to end. But you have my utmost respect and admiration for recognizing the truth and taking the actions you have to.
    You could have chosen to drag this out for a decade. You could have chosen to give us something less than what you promised. But by choosing to cancel the project, you prove that you have more integrity and sense than that.

    Thank you, and may your next project succeed beyond anyone's wildest dreams.
  20. S'AraisVanu

    S'AraisVanu Terrarian

    I feel outright cancellation was probably a little overkill, You still have all the assets. It would of probably been best to set it on the shelf and pick it back up at a time where things were more convenient.

    Otherworld was looking on-par for a more combat-focused Terraria; and it looked nearly finished too.