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Why is everyone trying to give useless advice ? I hate this so much
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[DOUBLEPOST=1434236880,1434236737][/DOUBLEPOST]on a serious note..what does this mod even add? I need details! a list of all items/mobs with their descriptions/stats would be nice....ive used this mod for a long time and I still don't know what 60% of it even is...
I REALLY don't think that Tremor here is the one messing with your enemy spawn rates then. At least, not all on its own.

I will leave you with this last thing. Not Terraria, specifically, but it is related to what you just said:

In Starbound, there's a mod called Frackin' Universe, originally Frackin' Flora, that completely overhauls how planet generation is handled. It adds a large number of Planet Types, Biomes, Minibiomes, Dungeons, Microdungeons, and Loot. It also, funnily enough, adds new plants, as well as changing how a number of the old vanilla plants spawn. One of the most important things in Frackin' Universe is the Bracken Tree, added by Frackin' Universe. One can either find the trees growing naturally on lower-tier planets, or randomly as loot in a number of various chests.

There is another mod I run alongside it, that changes how plants act, and how they spawn. Namely, it makes earlier plants, like Wheat and Carrots, not as common on higher-tier planets, and higher-tier plants, like Neonmelon and Crystal Plants, spawn a bit earlier. However, it moves the Bracken Tree, an unknown plant to it, into the highest tier of planet.

There's a third mod, which changes how Microdungeons and dungeons behave, how loot works and the like. Since the Bracken Tree grows from a seed, I'd need to find a specific set of dungeons that have seed spawns, no easy task in the millions upon millions of planets, many of which I can't explore without the Advanced Plastics that require the Bracken Tree to initialize.

Using two mods, I've set a large amount of planet-types to be pretty much virtually unexplorable. However, I do have access to several new NPCs, thanks to Frackin' Universe, one of which does sell seeds. Once I can make it onto threat-level Extreme and Inconceivable, he should have most of the seeds in Frackin' Universe available. Should I go and complain to one or both of the mod makers that their mod essentially crippled my advancements in science, or should I do what I actually did, shrug it off, make a mental note to check back each threat level, and just hit Vanilla planets until I had a Bracken Tree.

Adapt to the mods, rather than complain that you hate a large amount of things in a mod, but still use it for some reason. Tremor is by NO means perfect, but the blame isn't on the balance, or even the enemy spawns. I feel the blame is that the Creator seems to be holding back. I see a LOT of potential. Why not add multiple Artifacts? a Silver one, Bronze one, and the like, with each opening a sort of challenge to acquire a piece of the Gold Artifact? I feel that would be much more fun than just 'Find the 4 gold artifact pieces".

Here's an idea:

Start with the scroll pointing you to another artifact, or maybe a half of one. Silver, Bronze, Copper, Tin, it doesn't matter what ore is picked. Upon crafting and using that artifact, you undergo a test of some sort, to gain a piece of the gold Artifact. once you have all 4, then you can put them together and use them for what you want.
Hello, dear friends. As you already know, for tAPI version 1.3 will not be soon, and rip mod to tModLoader we are not quite ready. But, nevertheless, we are preparing to release a new mod versions. At the moment redrawn most of the sprites, including monsters and armor and new mod - Tremor Remastered will contain a new set of items and npcs in addition to the old, existing. We are very pleased that you continue to play in our mod, report bugs, suggest ideas and make every effort to assist us with the development. And we hope that the development team tAPI will be able to rewrite this wonderful program to version 1.3.x.x. :)
A first step of convering mod to tModLoader (Terraria

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