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it's like an upgraded sniper rifle. maybe the use time could be 46 instead of 23.

Also, i wonder what you'll do with tModLoader. if you do well i might stop thinking that your mod is severely overrated
I'll try not to disappoint you. Also we are trying to balance everything we add.
New middle armors for every class!
Obsidian cloak for gunslinger
Rusty Armor for warrior
Summoner.png Grass dragon Armor for summoner and bonus Grass dragon soul.png Grass dragon soul guard (
Grass dragon soul fat style.png
fat style)
Mage.png Invoke mage soul Armor for mage
It would be cool if the Tremor mod expanded on the Thrower class. Go and check out Red H20's suggestions.
I'll check 'em. But we can't create Thrower Spark, Soul & Focus cause there is no thrower emblem. But maybe we could create it. Also @obesedog suggested Marble Armor to be starting thrower armor.

P.S. Give me link to his suggestion please...
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