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tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

Do you like Tremor Mod? (If "No" please tell why)

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So I made a server for my friends and I with tremor on it (latest and beta edition) and we're still getting the Motherboard despawn issue. We summon it at night and in the crimson and it just hovers for a split second then completely disappears. Are we doing this wrong?
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Vlad Terrarian

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fix this!
Capture 2017-04-13 13_27_31.png

[doublepost=1492065840,1492065806][/doublepost]It does't have it's own background like in trailer!
Is the Paradox Titan teleporting around like crazy in less than a second intentional? Because it really looks like it's just glitching out...
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