tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

Do you like Tremor Mod? (If "No" please tell why)

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For The Case The Mod Will Sometimes Updated Here are Two New Bugs I Found

The New Mimiks Dont Work If you Put a Key in a Chest they dont Spawn And The Hook from Dessert and Ocean Mimik dont Work Corectly yu can Hook only by Direct Contact on a Wall but There is No Range Afterall :D


пожалуйста добавьте поддержку t.mod.loader 0.11.4
[doublepost=1568471361,1568471315][/doublepost]please add support for t.mod.loader 0.11.4
[doublepost=1568471394][/doublepost]please add support for t.mod.loader 0.11.4


i downloaded the mod and its very unstable because it always crashes every time i go into a large world which sucks (Sorry to bother you and have a nice day)
This is extremely rude and unnecessary. You may no longer respond to this thread.
I can't find the Tremor Mod in the ModLoader Browser!
Bet you also can't find the previous page button either, cus you and dozens of others have asked that same stupid question and have failed to see if anyone else has asked or answered it first.

Please think and use your brain to check if your question was answered before you make an account to ask it, thank you.

Sigh, if @Batby would just, put this info on the front page this wouldn't be a problem.

Tunnel King

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This mod is clearly abandoned/discontinued and no longer available. There is no reason to leave the thread open to replies since the owner has clearly said it should not be played and he has removed access to it.

"Abandoned" does NOT mean that the mod's assets (sprites/code) are up for grabs to use in other mods. Tremor's assets belong to the owners/creators.

If you've come here looking for help running the mod, you won't find it. As the owner says,
Don't use the mod

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