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Discussion in 'Mobile Bug Reports' started by Royaharrigan, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. Royaharrigan

    Royaharrigan Official Terrarian

    Truffle will not move into the house I built for him. Just continues to say Truffle is looking to settle down, but he never does. I created an above ground Mushroom biome and created a house and furniture out of mushrooms and he still will not move in.

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  2. DFwin400

    DFwin400 Terrarian

    Same here, dont know why.
  3. Willio738

    Willio738 Terrarian

    Maybe because the ground is dirt, try placing wood there. Not sure if it will work though.
  4. Royaharrigan

    Royaharrigan Official Terrarian

    I have two houses in the biome, one is off the ground with a mushroom floor. I also built a house in the underground mushroom biome. He hasn't moved in there either.
  5. drain.

    drain. Terrarian

    I think the Truffle's house need to be completely composed of mushrooms.

    Try making the floor and wooden blocks mushrooms.
  6. Night

    Night Cultist

    You'll need a surface mushroom biome for the truffle.
  7. Royaharrigan

    Royaharrigan Official Terrarian

    The mushroom biome I created was on the surface.
  8. Nero

    Nero Terrarian

    To get the Truffle to move in, there must be housing in a surface Mushroom biome during hardmode. Truffle needs 100 blocks of mushroom Grass, Plants and Trees to spawn. 200 blocks will cause the Mushroom enemies to spawn, which can be compromised by sticking to the '100 block' limit. (minimum)

    I highly recommend you to prepare a suitable house for the Truffle after defeating the Wall of Flesh, as the Mushroom Spear he sells has the third highest base damage of any spear, the North Pole having the highest, and is available after you defeat one mechanical boss.
  9. Royaharrigan

    Royaharrigan Official Terrarian

    That's the thing it is on the surface. I must have also used more than 200 blocks of mushroom grass because I've seen a mushroom zombie spawn.
  10. Davidorakpo

    Davidorakpo Terrarian

    Also having the same problem here. Don't know why...m playing on mobile and i have the truffle biome built for the longest time now with no sign of him moving in Screenshot_2014-12-08-21-08-22.png
  11. Enf

    Enf Terrarian

    I also have a same problem. It's really frustrating.

    I got 3 fully biomed filed which has over 200tiles of mushrooms and I built 5 houses but still he hasn't come to me for god's sakes
  12. Nero

    Nero Terrarian

    @Royaharrigan, @Davidorakpo, @Enf,

    Re-read my quote, and follow it as a guide. Make sure there is more than 100 blocks in total, but less that 200 blocks. If this is done correctly, this should improve Truffle's chance of spawning significantly.
  13. DFwin400

    DFwin400 Terrarian

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg I have over 100 mushroom grass blocks and it just keeps saying "Morel would like to settle down."
  14. Nero

    Nero Terrarian

    I will summarise my post above. Truffle needs a surface house, not one below ground, so make sure that his biome is above ground level. It can NOT be below ground level, which means you can NOT use naturally spawned biomes, as they do spawn in an invalid location for Truffle.

    Once again, Truffle NEEDS 100 blocks of mushroom Grass, Plants and Trees in his 'player-created' biome. 200 blocks will cause the Mushroom enemies to spawn, which can be compromised by sticking to the '100 block' limit. In other words, you do NOT want to exceed roughly 180 blocks of this biome.

  15. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    did you make sure the world you're in is hardmode?
  16. Nero

    Nero Terrarian


    Have you added plants and trees?
  17. Enf

    Enf Terrarian

    I made my biome more than 100 less than 200 stil just said picini would like to settle down
  18. Nero

    Nero Terrarian


    Was it on the surface, or below ground? It needs to be above the surface.
  19. Enf

    Enf Terrarian

    It is on a surface. actually I made my biome after reading out wiki so I think there is nothing wrong... I felt frustrated... Can I confirm it as a bug?
  20. DFwin400

    DFwin400 Terrarian

    How do you add plants and trees?