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PC Turtle's Builds.


Hey, lads.

I'm Turtle and every now and then I build stuff. Here's me sharing some of the stuff I've made over the last several years.
Please note that the majority of my creations have had assistance from TShock's worldedit plugin. The backgrounds in my later builds are done by me spending a while editing out the in-game background and layering a more appropriate one in behind.
If you want to see some of the builds first hand then you are welcome to join the server that they were created on by heading over to Aurora's forum and/or Terraria.org page and grabbing the IP there.​

I took the original image of the Turtle from a MC screenshot, linked here.

Team build here. The tree, Turtle head and slightly-dead / sleeping Cat are mine.

Made the logo of The Glitch Mob, new album from them out soon.

The main hell spawn, original by Sercease.

/warp TurtleShrine. Ultimately turning the ocean into a hybrid.

Charizard / medieval dragon / thing.

It's an elephant, mother:red:er. Move out the way.

A tree house I made with Borealis several months ago. Thanks to xPi for the image.

A small beach. Rather minimalist, but hey. It's something I like more than some of my larger scale builds.

Another small structure, taken from a mob arena. Worked with the space available and turned the ebonstone slab into something a bit more attractive.

Just some dude's face that I found online. A lot of people say it's Gordan Freeman but eh, I just call him Bob.

The radiation from his job really made Homer glow..

One of the longest builds I've worked on by myself, I present AI Station 404 from the game Awesomenauts.

My Terraria paradise. Complete with pretty tree.

My cave.

My impression of a Naval Fort from Assassin's Creed 4.

A small and simple orchard.

A small relaxing cave to dwell in and take advice from my Mallard.

"Meow" - Confused Bunny, 2014.

A blind angel / prophet thing.

All natural cat.

My April TurtleCave.

Kula. Deus-Ex inspired.

A small floating island getaway.


Coastal Sanctum.

Survival spawn.

Saint Turtle, patron saint of pumpkins.

Now all I need is three other captains and I can play a match..

Almost a year later, a new TDM arena.

One of my favourites.

Wee home.

Icy AkumaCave.

Inspired by EVE.

A teeny church.

My Halloween creation.

I'm starting to like these trees.

When the leaves are grass and wood becomes dirt..

A mixture of stuff I've made previously.
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You should use a spoiler so the thread isnt kilometers long.
Anyway... Man i love your builds, you are a talented person. Keep up the good work.


A spoiler (or multiple) is a great idea.

On to the builds themselves: I loved pretty much everything I saw, but damn, that charizard looked awesome


Been quite a while since I've uploaded anything new. I'm currently working on a new wee floating island thingymajig but for now here's where I got up to with a church.

Was trying to build with prominent walls for a change - not something I'm experienced with or overly good at. Not happy with the windows or how the walls are just flat straight down but it works for the most part. Won't be going any further with it though as it was just a 20m test creation.



good to see your stuff again, i actually checked through the whole OP again, even though i had already seen it before, you have some truly nice stuff and you know it :p

can't wait to see more stuff.

Dealin termpeK


My impression of a Naval Fort from Assassin's Creed 4.

Your builds like these are great.
i really like the small gardens and architecture.
the pixelarts seems to be wasted time to me (perhaps i dont like pixelart ;) ), you are way better in building houses or e.g. this awesome ship!


Started out building a silly cat for a new TShock map, ended up with a dying island instead.

How, how do you have those amazing Parallax for your builds????
Once I take the images I snip them together and depending on how much work is involved, edit out the background and then place a preferred image in it's place.
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