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tModLoader Valhalla Mod [W.I.P.]


Valhalla Mod 0.2.1 (Old name Tamet's Mod)

What is it?

Valhalla Mod is mostly inspired by Omnir's Nostalgia Pack which was based on references like LOTR, FF etc. That's why there are many references in our mod too. You can find many things based on Norse Mythology, Games (SMB, Bomberman, RoR, Dota 2...). Another main idea of our mod is adding things that can fill the gaps in terraria like new weapon types to standard classes like Glaives and Aura Staffs, or expanding base weapons like Dartguns.

Mod status

Mod is now in Beta. Having one person that code and one that make sprites is not effective way of making mod. That might change in the future but for now there will be long gaps between updates. Big updates will be released every 2-3 months and I hope mod will get it's version 1.0 in 2021 or 2022. For now we need your feedback to make things that are in mod more intresting and balanced.

Some useful links:
Mod Discord:
Mod Wiki Page: Coming soon

Mod adds more stuff than is shown but also not all items shown work properly
Valhalla Mod includes:
  • 250+ new items
  • 50+ new Enemies
  • 1 Boss
  • 2 new Town NPCs
  • 25+ new Tiles
12 new Zombies. Adding new Zombies was a beginning of this mod so it has to be shown first :merchantcool:

Balloon Zombie (Style A); Ancient Bucket Zombie;
Night (Rain):
Umbrella Zombie(Style A);
Ninja Zombie; Tactical Zombies (Style A1);
Completed in 90% - Need new Librarian Zombie Sprite
Few new Jungle Temple enemies and items

Lihzahrd Trickster; Temple Golem
Sun Javelin; Anciet Repeater; Golem Staff; Unstable Teleport Core; Teleport Mirror
Completed in 90%
Some pre-harmode jungle items and some harmode hive items

Completed in 70%
Some vanity items refrencing other games like Undertale, Bomberman, Capitan Claw and Risk of Rain
New enemies will arrive with Goblin Army to make old invasion interesting again

Voodoo Goblin Sorcerer; Goblin Bunny; Goblin Witch Doctor; Wolf Rider
Completed in 75%
4 new fighters and 2 new mages can be found in dungeons after Golem is defeated

Radiant Armored Bones (Style A,B,C,D); Radiator Wizard (Style A,B)
Completed in 50%
Many new Desert Theme items

Completed in 50%

Glaives work like boomernags but they bounce between enemies.
Completed in 75%
Weapons that summon auras which deal damage to enemies (cause debuffs) or buff players and town NPCs

Completed in 75% - Balance and Feedback needed

3 pre-hardmode darts and 9 hardmode darts, 4 pre-harmode dartguns, 3 harmode dartguns (1 unobtainable "Icarus"), Shroomite hood
Completed in 90% - Balance and Feedback needed
Maybe they can be considered as a useless weapons, but there are some people that would like to defeat Moon Lord wiith one of them (everyone knows that Copper Shortsword is the strongest weapon in Terraria :))

Completed in 90% - Balance and Feedback needed
Valhallite is a new ore that can be only found in snow biome caves. New anvil can be found there too or you can just buy it from the Dwarf.

Completed in 85% - Balance and Feedback needed
First boss of Valhalla mod is a Pre-Mechanical boss summoned using Heaven's Seal

Yurnero, The Emperor
Completed in 85% - Balance and Feedback needed
New Granite and Marble biome enemies

Gargoyle; Charging Spearbones; Trojan Horse
Completed in 75%
Discover the land ruined by tar - New Mini Biome
For now this biome does not have many to offer but after few update that will change

Completed in 50%

What next?
  • Adding more things to Tar Biome
  • More Items, NPCs and Bosses
  • Bug Fix
  • Balance Changes
Update List and Patch Notes
0.2.1 - 4.04.2021
-Added Ifrit and Dark Lord items
-Added Plant Pots
-Reworked glaives
-Updated some spawn conditions
-Updated spawn of Dwarven Anvils
-Some balance changes
-Other minor changes - 28.02.2021
-Fixed some spawn conditions
-Rebalanced Glass Shield
0.2.0 - 22.02.2021
-Added new Sludge enemies and Corrode items
-Added new Bee enemies and bee items
-Added new desert items
-The Emperor's Expert Mode AI has been improved
-Some auras got revamped
-Added new Items, Enemies, Buffs and Tiles
-Many balance changes
-Fixed some bugs associated with Boss Checklist
-Some sprites updates
-Some code clean ups
-Updated the localization files
-Other minor changes
0.1.3 - 30.10.2020
-Halloween is here! Try some new spooky items: Spider Dart, Pumpkin Lights, Pumpkinade
-Added new Items: Glass Shield, Jade Storm, Jade Orb Staff and some unobtainable ones for future updates
-The Emperor's AI has been improved
-Some balance changes (Thanks @YourPalParsley )
-Other minor changes
0.1.2 - 21.09.2020
-Mod now supports Yet Another Boss Health Bar and Boss Checklist
-Fixed some The Emperor boss multiplayer bugs
-Fixed some item values (damage, price, etc.)
-Fixed some problems with enemy banners
-Other minor changes - 04.09.2020
-Added Mod Icon
0.1.0 - 04.09.2020
-Mod Released



Special Thanks!
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It appears the mod has been released now? Could you please Add a logo to the mod on the browser and provide a link to the terraria forum post so I know it's the real Valhalla mod.
It appears the mod has been released now? Could you please Add a logo to the mod on the browser and provide a link to the terraria forum post so I know it's the real Valhalla mod.

There will be a small delay but beta of this mod will be released within 48 hours. Here will be reply about it. I need to rebuild this page to make it more clear.
The mod is not balanced, there are some bugs and there are things that may not fit in Terraria. That's why we will make a discord channel soon to fix it with You, the Terraria Community.

Sandbox & RPG

Damn, this is some nice mod, I like it when a mod add in a new subclass or an actual class.
Well done, I would say, will download and play the mod.


I've been playing this mod for a while on my YouTube and I'd like to give feed back. I feel like the short-swords should have a higher speed in exchange for lower damage like the vanilla sword do. And the goblin army is great but I hate the bunny goblins and for the wolf riders I think you should buff them up and reduce their spawn a bit(if possible) Even without that the mod is still great!

And I feel like I should note that I haven't played through it all so if you want I could give feedback as I go
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