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(Video Playthrough) One Last Time with 1.3.6


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So I decided to record my last playthrough of 1.3.6, though I've started it from the WoF and on because to put it quite simply, early-game isn't usually all that exciting unless you're speedrunning it or something.

That, and I just wanted to collect some footage that I might later try to edit for a guide or something maybe, not entirely sure. Might wait until 1.4.

But anyhow:

It starts off rather slow (for those of you who are more skilled; I imagine 2 hours to first mech kill seems fast to a newbie) because it takes me awhile to get the items I need to get this whole thing started.

In Part 1, I kill the WoF and turn the world into Hardmode (see now why I try to tell people that the Hellwing Bow is actually a decent weapon? It just shreds the silly wall rather easily and it's auto-fire!). Then I fish up a bunch of crates, but sadly the game wants to be stubborn and stop me short of making a full suit of Adamantite, and that is some of the worst luck I've ever seen trying to get a Bladetongue. Normally I would average one Bladetongue per full in-game day of fishing, but I went through, what, 3, or 4 Fishing Potions worth without fishing a single one?

In Part 2, I get two Bladetongues almost back-to-back! And way more crates this time. I think the RNG seed was better or something this time, lol.

A Full Moon happened, but sadly I did not get a Moon Charm, I'll have to try again next time. Some rain came and I tried for a Frost Feather, but no Feather, and after setting up a Cavern Crimson Farm (for Souls of Night/Ichor/Vitamins), I decided to go kill the Destroyer, though I kinda rushed it and almost got killed a couple times, but the Bladetongue made short/easy work of the silly worm. I bet with better accessories that would have been way easier.

So what's next?

Well, now that I have killed the Destroyer, I can go farm a Yelets. If Rain happens I'll again try for a Frost Feather, hopefully after Yelets as it's easier to kill the Golems with a Yelets than trying to do it with the Bladetongue. Then, once I have that, I can swap the bottle for Frost Wings (gotta kill a few Wyverns first, but that's easy with a Bladetongue) and then I would likely seek to create a Cavern Hallow Farm for Souls of Light. Assuming I have a Yelets, killing the Biome Mimics should be far easier with a Yo-Yo and hopefully I bump into the Skeleton Merchant so I can grab a Yo-Yo Glove and make myself a Yo-Yo Bag.



A new entry!

Not a whole lot happens here, mainly just some maintenance tasks -- trying to get a Yelets (it just does not wanna drop...), wound up getting a Bottomless Bucket out of an Angler's quest, so that'll be useful later when I set up the last few fishing holes so I don't have to travel much, might also redo that mushroom area so that it isn't clashing with the snow fishing hole.

Also didn't get any Turtle Shells, either. Kind of a bummer. But knowing my luck I'll go to the Jungle next time and 5 Yelets will drop or something. Also, the lack of rain is annoying. I'd like to get a Frost Feather or a Nimbus Rod, though I might try farming for the Fire Feather instead of the Frost Feather, that might be an easier way to go about it. At least I got the Yo-Yo Glove so that when I do get the Yelets I'm all ready to go with that Yo-Yo Bag.

I think when/if I get the Yelets, I'll go farm for a Fire Feather as that's easy to do with a Yo-Yo and then I'll have my wings AND a weapon to fight Prime with. I haven't made up my mind what I plan on using against the Twins (Yo-Yos are not ideal because they put you too close to the green eye's fire).

EDIT: Will also take a sec to mention, that it goes to show how awesome the Bladetongue is when said weapon can easily hold its own in the Hardmode Jungle, despite the fact it is available from the very second you turn your world to Hardmode, just need some prior setup (getting the Angler's Clothes and the Golden Fishing Rod really helps along with some Master Bait). It's a truly awesome weapon that just destroys normal hardmode enemies in its path.
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Decided to go at it for another hour this morning, didn't have much else to do!

Hopefully this should be the end of the long farming missions for awhile. I got the Yelets rather early, and with the Yelets I decided to go after a Fire Feather which did not actually end up dropping. Rain happened while I was doing this, and so I decided to try for the Nimbus Rod next. It took quite awhile, but I did actually end up getting the Nimbus Rod and it was still raining.

Took a trip over to the Snow Biome and it took awhile, but the first Golem that popped dropped a feather.

Then it was just a quick trip up to the Sky Lake to get enough Souls of Flight to make the Wings.

Also, got a Charm of Myths (found a Philosopher's Stone while trying for the Fire Feather), that could come in handy later. I usually end up using the Cross Necklace instead, though. But I like to keep the Charm around just in case.

Next up is Prime, and still undecided on what to use against the Twins. Might end up making a Megashark, as I do have a Crimson World, and Ichor Bullets work rather well against them. Was trying to get an Uzi in the jungle, but those vine plants just aren't cooperating.



Just a short episode I did yesterday and had forgotten to link here.

I got interrupted by somebody pulling me AFK, but I still managed to get Prime rather easily. He was even easier than I remember him being; think I will just try the Twins with the Yelets, maybe it's nowhere near as hard as I remember it being.

But anyhow, I made a bunch of potions, probably overkill for the rest of the playthrough, expanded the Arena in preparation for Twins and Eclipse, and that's about all I was able to get done before getting interrupted.
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