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Warding Vs Menacing (for each class)


Just wanted other peoples opinions as I usually go with Warding when I play Warrior/Melee but I go with Menacing for Mage and Ranger (I never play summoner)


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Generally I'll use a mix of modifiers such as Lucky/Menacing/Warding overall.

When it comes to melee and playing on Normal or Expert mode, I'll use Warding as a priority. When playing on Master Mode and/or using any other class, I'll prioritize Menacing or Lucky modifiers.
It's tough for me to say, I'm the type of player who feels things out, I don't typically crunch numbers. 🤔🍹

The best answer I can give you is, it depends on your playstyle, really. Summoner for example, has many different loadouts, depending on your progression.
If you're going Summoner Purist, I'd say dumping everything you have into Menacing is the way to go, since Warding won't help you much, especially not in Master Mode.
On the other hand, I wouldn't be shocked if someone found a Meta with movement, dumping everything into Quick Modifier instead. This game is always evolving...


Depending on your playstyle and map, on high difficulty (especially FTW seed maps) or play with low defense (like summoner), warding is not very helpful; but if you play a melee charactar with already high defense, warding would be very helpful. For example, if you have 30 def, the enemy deals 150 damage (common for a master hardmode enemy), you'll take 120/92 damage with/w.o. all wardings, the defense reduce damage by ~25%, but if you have 100, then you take 50/22 damage, it reduce damage by ~50%, so the more defense you have, the more reward warding gives (as long as the defense doesn't reduce all damage); and the more damage your enemy deals, the less reward warding gives.

For DPS, except summoners, lucky is normally (slightly) more rewarding than menacing (the DPS is increased by (1+dmg%)*(1+crit%), and most armor and acc. gives more dmg boost than crit boost), unless you are using low damage weapon on high defense enemies, already have crit. near 100% or using crit based equipment. But the difference is very small and both can be accepted to save money.
Just wanted other peoples opinions as I usually go with Warding when I play Warrior/Melee but I go with Menacing for Mage and Ranger (I never play summoner)
I focus only on quick or menancing due to. Summon weapons DON'T CRIT. So what's the point of Lucky if got summon gear? Quick is to make the base speed faster to make it easier to dodge and not get hit if your defense is lacking. Why put resources on defense as a summoner if your defense will never be like a mage or a ranger? Besides putting a damage and movement focus on everything will make you less likely to get hit, as you will have to focus on projectile attacks and keeping up with the boss themselves.... Though do not over do the prefixs on Movement as it gets diminished returns.


Does quick even do anything for anything besides non boosted ground movement? It doesn't effect fast run boots or wings that I know of.

Anyway warding is best on melee builds. Especially when combined with berzerker's gauntlet (+11 armor) and frozen shield (+10 armor). With a warding worm scarf you can get +36% damage resistance which is beyond broken.

For magic and summoning I use menacing. Having high damage means your summons get through armor more effectively and you will use less mana if you kill things faster. More damage also activates spectre's effects more easily. Arcane magic cuffs give +40 mana so that you can take full advantage of super mana potions.

For ranged I use lucky. Ranged weapons have the highest crit ratio of most other weapons and stealth mode increases that even further. Ranged also has 2 accessories that increase crit so you get a +28% crit chance if you have two lucky scopes.


Official Terrarian
I always go for Menacing no matter what class I'm playing as, the extra 4% increased damage is just too good!


I've used warding ever since I began Expert mode years back. It gives me the flexibility to pick armor pieces based on stats and not on defense. So for example now I am in prehardmode, Master mode Not the Bees and I am running around with a Miner's Helmet, Gi, and Jungle Leggings. Kind of crappy armor if you think about it but thanks to warding I'm not really concerned about much at all.

Another thing to boast about Warding. Earlier today I accidentally broke a Larvae and was heading back to base (Jungle Surface) so I could die and easily get my stuff back. I thought, why not try? Well, I beat the Queen Bee in enraged mode while wearing a full suit of Jungle Armor, and only 5/6 accessories with Warding. Guess warding doesn't suck. It carries over into Hardmode as well.

I use warding no matter what I play.
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