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  1. Peach Head

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    effing amazing mod lol, it's really fun to use. though i agree with above ^^^ fists are op late game, didn't take more than half my health vs moon lord
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  2. dinidini4000

    dinidini4000 Skeletron Prime

    copper short sword is held in hand when standing still yet silver short sword is down the side like a normal sword
  3. Kazuto Kirigaya 2

    Kazuto Kirigaya 2 Terrarian

    yea the fists need a nerf
    they are really broken
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  4. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    I'm told there's a "buff you get after killing WoF with melee that makes melee heal you". It doesn't seem to be a regular ModBuff, so I was wondering if there was a way to programmatically reset it for a given player (such as via a Mod.Call() invocation).
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  5. Shadow5300

    Shadow5300 Terrarian

    Add Broken Hero Gauntlets, True Demon Hand, True Hallowed Vambrace, and Terra Glove. That would be neat.
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  6. Gunter.Gaspar

    Gunter.Gaspar Terrarian

    Dude i want you to make an upgrade for the Raiden, i love that weapon so much and also all the other weapons and accessories but that is just the best.
    Good mod :D
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  7. XSlayer300

    XSlayer300 Skeletron Prime

    I'm pretty sure that I love this mod! Unique weaponry and effects awesome lol!
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  8. Mafius97

    Mafius97 Terrarian

    Raiden needs a buff or an upgrade, It's such a cool weapon but its also pretty bad lol. Amazing mod
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  9. Unclechidori

    Unclechidori Terrarian

    nice Mod:redspin:
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  10. Hello, writer. I am a player from China. I am very fond of the devil clan you mod .
    So when are you going to update it next time?
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  11. Wintar

    Wintar Golem

    When using Polaris Punch on a multiplayer server, the combo causes other players to take on the name and player appearance as the person who uses the combo. This easily gets very confusing as there will be multiple people who look the exact same. This also happens in chat. Relogging fixes those who have turned into the combo puncher, but it's a pretty major bug.
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  12. Justinx931

    Justinx931 Terrarian

    First off, the weapon showing feature of this mod was what I've been looking for since long ago! thank you for making this mod and the lite version!
    Now, just some pretty minor gripe with Some weapons that would look better being on-hand like daybreak and paladins hammer(thorium's paladin hammer makes this so, but it goes to the back after one throw, and returns to the hand when right clicking)
    is there any plans to add a option to where it holds the weapon?

    i think it looks visually appealing when daybreak or other spear weapons are held, instead of being holstered at the backside.

    is it normal for the held weapons to clip through cloaks/capes?
    for example, arkhalis with any cloak when standing still, but fine when moving, i guess it's because of the cloak layer going behind the weapon sprite on the move.

    once again, thanks for this mod! while i just rambled on about just visuals but i do appreciate the other features added in like the fists which are amazing and probably too strong by the end :p, and the zombie arm which will probably extend the lifespan of my mouse tenfold in earlygame runs(though i wish the effect was disabled on fishing rods, which throws the line and immediately picks it up)
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  13. Jonnemanni

    Jonnemanni Terrarian

    Fist weapons (so far only tested with a Wooden Tekko) when you swing a tool, sword, or other similar item, and then punch with it, the Tekko appears at the spot the tool was used as if an invisible player is using the Tekko like spear.
    here is an example of the bug at work, and here's my mod list.
    -Magic Storage
    -Spirit Mod
    -Health and Mana from Bosses
    -The Luggage
    -Reduced Grinding
    -Infinity - Endless items
    -Shorter Respawn Time
    -Universe of Swords
    -WeaponOut (Obviously :p)
    -Cheat Sheet
    -More Chest Loot
    -More accessories
    -Vein Miner
    -Even More Modifiers (the Tekko had a modifier from this mod)
    -Max Stack Plus
    -Loot Bags
    -imkSushis Mod
    -Wing Slot
    -Mod Helpers
    -Yet Another Boss Health Bar
    -Which Mod Is This From (WMITF)
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  14. Purpulear

    Purpulear Spazmatism

    would be cool if we had a option for the way we hold our weapons. Like for the swords and staffs mainly. I think the summoner weapons should be held out like magic staffs. And have the swords be the same optionally.
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  15. kagsclams

    kagsclams Terrarian

    Dude. I just did a fist playthrough with you mod and... It was just so good. I LOVE the art for the starlight stuff, too. Only thing i could complain about is some of the fist weapons' dps are wayyyy too high. I killed the golem in 4 seconds (Not exaggerating) on EXPERT MODE. But seriously, this mod is too good. +999999999999999 rep
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  16. Flashkirby99

    Flashkirby99 Skeletron

    Ok I've missed a lot since what, May-ish? Tonnes of posts so I'll see if I can sum some (hah) of them up.

    Hardmode Fists are OP
    Yeah, not surprising I've had a few complaints about that now. Haven't heavily playtested the higher end stuff much, sorry! Will probably see if I can get more peoples to help balance them again when the time comes around (keep up with that on discord). If you wanna see the mess, check out this board.

    Raiden (and the other fancy swords) are toooo weeeeeak. Also make more.
    Also true. Again, that's just a balance issue. Also, got some work on more of these kind of weapons so hopefully with a proper framework it'll be much clearer to see how well these weapons do work with the others. Same with whips.

    Compatibility with overhaul. Hmm yes this one is always an issue and I can never seem to keep on top of this...

    bug reports: noted
    @hamstar Yeah, there's a boolean set for the player when using the melee heal item after WoF, I'll add in a mod call for that.

    Thanks everyone for your support and, well, using this little passion project of mine. I do read all your posts (sometimes). Got a few little things to do over the next month or so as a small update to try and address the issues raised here and elsewhere, so hopefully that'll make up for my general absence and generally being allergic to forums :p

    oh yeah here's a thing also
  17. The World Over Heaven

    The World Over Heaven The Destroyer

    I'm glad that you're trying to make katanas unique.
  18. Daverin2112

    Daverin2112 Terrarian

    Hey! Decided to create an account because this mod is amazing. Seriously, weapons showing is lowkey amazing, but I LOVE the way you did unarmed. It feels so... well, comic book superhuman. I have a giant floating eyeball spawned from the corpse of insanity... and I fight it by ragingly charging at it with my fist. It is dynamic, and I think mostly reflects how to make melee work in a game like this.

    That said, I echo other sentiments; fists get OP. Except to say in "hardmode", I think, pins it too late. For vanilla bosses, at least, it does not take long, mostly with content just from this mod, to break boss fights, in Expert. First time I got to hardmode with this mod on, with no HM armor or weapons, only the demon fist, I got all 3 mech bosses to spawn pretty early. The Twins at least could hurt me, mostly cuz I wasn't really prepared to fight them and had not yet decided best way to deal with them as unarmed (IME, reverse the order of which eye dies first from what seems to be common practice.) But Skeletron Prime died far more easily than he should have... and I actually just broke the Destroyer fight.

    The thing is, it isn't even the damage. I mean, the fists hurt quick, but they still have to connect. Rather, the synergy of the I-frames, attack speed, and lifesteal/regen on hit effects mean that it is way too easy to build a character who, simply, sticks on a boss like a fly to honey cuz that keeps him going. As fun as it is in some ways, it means I break boss mechanics, have no use for boss arena builds, and relish what is supposed to be a commonly avoided boss tactic, trying to clip me. Like I said, for Twins, I found kill Retinazor first better, cuz Spazmatism is too stupid to stop getting in my face to blast flames... which I just punch through.

    I think the way you set up the sashes suggest what you had in mind: wait for a good moment, dive in, get some shots, learn when to disengage before you get hurt and you can heal up any residual damage. But again, ESPECIALLY with Frenzy Heart, the other option is Just. Keep. Punching. And not even dives or uppercuts or charges or whatnot, but just simple punches, cuz that keeps the I-frame, stick to target chain going. I can't say for sure the best solution, but one bruteforce method that comes to mind: set a timer on the I-frames. It is only cuz I am likely to get multiple hits in before I next get touched, which gives me plenty of chances to regain health and just procs Frenzy anyways, that this works. If you had, like, 5 seconds or so before you HAD to stop punching, it would at least give time for the boss to actually, ya know, do its thing. Include a slighter cooldown timer to taste. Again, I think the mechanic is mostly right, it just needs to somehow make it that you HAVE to let up and spend some time still playing the boss as intended. But right now, it is too easy to just say "nah, imma punch moar."

    EDIT: That style slash looks amazing.
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  19. Ruka Desu

    Ruka Desu Terrarian

    I loved this mod SO MUCH! playing fists only was so fun... the combo system works so well, fluidly and it just give the combat a whole new meaning... the uppercuts and divekicks made me feel like I was playing Devil May Cry 3 again... I wish there was SWORDS with that combo system... a rebellion cutting all asses with uppercuts and divecuts... dashes...
    also, it would be so funny if after beating moonlord there was a "Saitama glove" with overpower punches! I even imagine it in my head sometimes, the right click makes the opening music start to play while charging, when the guy screams "ONE PUNCH" you dash with an punch that explodes everything in the way~
  20. Masamika

    Masamika Terrarian

    I think that this is a very cool and wonderful mod, but there is one thing that is worrisome.
    Weapon Visual of Dart Pistol is currently classified as "Long Guns"
    It is a weapon in the form of a hand gun so it is more natural to think that it is classified as "Small Guns".