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    I have an issue where Dashing just kind of stops working at random times. I'll be fighting Slime King with Phoenix Mark thinking I can dash right through him when he's about to close in on me. Nope. I just walk straight into him because the dash wouldn't register. It'll happen randomly as I'm exploring, too. I like to use the dash to speed boost me, but it'll just stop working for a good 3 seconds. I get there's a delay between each dash, but this is on a whole other level.
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    The Discordant Charm/Shades seem to be really hit-and-miss as to whether they'll work right. Which is a shame, as that was a feature I was looking forward to.

    EDIT: Disregard. I am an idiot and a fool.
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    Hi! I'd like to report an unfortunate incompatability. The Weaponout rendering doesn't work well with Crouch, Crawl, and Roll. When doing any of the above in that mod (not Overhaul's, this is a seperate mod) the held weapon will render as floating underneath the player by a few blocks and it's exceptionally awkward.
    Not sure if it's possible to do but maybe have it disable weapon rendering when the player's rendering is messed with in an unusual way (i.e. size, rotation, etc. changed rather than having a shader applied or something).
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    Question, this has been bugging me for a while, how do you get frostflame fist or hidden dragon fist? can't find it on wiki or youtube so I am currently stuck with the one from duke fishoron
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    Frostflame, if I recall, is from the Frost Moon? Not certain.
    Hidden Dragon is a drop from defeating Betsy (3rd tier Dungeon Defender event boss) with fists.
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    The sashes basically encapsulate the kind of style I wanted fists to be - darting back and forth, straddling a fine line between massive dps and death. Unfortunately I only realised that properly like, halfway into development, and I certainly don't have the big chunks of time to try at it again like I used to. Plus, I don't have too much knowledge over the end-game Terraria stuff in terms of balance, maybe because I never finished the game didn't playtest enough.

    The frenzy heart was part "it looks cool" and part a way to deal with how enemies in expert mode really dish out the pain. It's nigh impossible to balance fists for both normal and expert mode and have them work nicely without basically assigning custom thresholds for the sashes/combos etc. since things behave so differently between them. Honestly if I had better motivation and organisation I would like to have come back to fix up the way fist progression works.

    But the way it stands now I would rather think that I can do more innovative things by taking lessons from making the fist weapons, and move onto other weapon types, and possibly my Expeditions mod. I'm not a very devoted modder, so I can't deliver on large amounts of content, but I'll darn well try to adapt and deliver some semi-polished, janky weapon systems to Terraria for people to mess about with, whilst learning how to code myself!

    I'll try a reduced/stamina-like i-frame system, but I'd need more playtesting and feedback before something like that can go live.

    Dart pistols are long, so they are classified as long guns. Eventually there will be a way to overwrite this behaviour. But not yet.

    I know what you're on about but I can't remember a good way to replicate and test this. The reason for it this is something to do with how fast the game thinks your top speed is, and only stops the "dash" when you go below that top speed + dash speed. If you can find a good way to get it to happen (amybea loadout thing like having certain accessories equipped that modify run speed), then I can try fixing it on my end.

    I'll note it down to take a look though I can't guarantee it's something I can fix. Thanks though.

    Yeah Frostflame is from defeating Ice Queen with a fist weapon. For most high end weapons you can generally assume you need to punch something to death to unlock it. We have a wiki!
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    LOVE this mod, especially when I used to be able to play it alongside with Overhaul crazy new physics. made me feel like DBZ all over the place.
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    Does anyone else have this problem where you cant use your wings? As in i can put them in my accessories slot but when i try to fly it flies up to my jump height (which also is the normal jump height of terraria characters).
  9. Yvori

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    You didn't accidentally put them in a vanity slot, right? Because I've never had wing issues with WeaponOut.
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    This is not recommended for mods, as with things like the exoblade [calamity] it just floats. its not even touching you.
  11. Yvori

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    To be fair, Calamity is on the absurd end of the spectrum when it comes to weapon sizes, just like it is when it comes to anything.

    However yeah, there could definitely be some better handling in place for larger items in general. As it stands, the size of a sprite can determine if it's placed on the hip or back. I might suggest in a future update, have a config option to outright hide "overly large" weapons automatically, if they're detected as being too big to be reasonably displayed.