Weird cases of world gen


Over time I gathered some weird cases of world gen. You can post yours too
World gen can be really crazy some time huh?
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They work fine for me.
...meh, I'll describe them for you.
#1 has a beehive and an underground cabin.The both spawned "inside" each other.
#2 has an underground cabin that spawned without walls on the sides.It also has two towers of sand on each of the edges of its roof that form a "special cave" with a unique background.
#3 is the classic two-shadow-orbs-in-one-hole.
#4 is a lihzahrd temple with a lihzahrd chest next to the door, allowing for the powercell to be obtained pre-hardmode.
#5 is dungeon+beach+ocean=abomination.
I had several. An underground jungle that went all the way to the world's edge, a dungeon practically hovering above the desert, the infamous giant wall at the worlds edge supporting an ocean..
i have a lihzahrd temple that had the altar on spikes (not odd but a bit unusual), a dungeon on mobile that is so high off the ground (its still stuck to the ground though) that the stairs are not accessible by means of a normal jump and a dungeon right next to the corruption
heres one it wouldn't have been that bad but what happened during the fight made it really hard to actually hit the boss
I saw one guy that spawned on a small island floating above pure corruption. I haven't really had any weird experiences with the worldgen myself... Maybe I should generate more worlds. :D
I recently started a small world which generated with two corruptions, one on each side of the spawn point. I'm pretty new to the game, but I was under the impression a world only started with one corruption/crimson, on one side of the map.
I've gotten a few examples of extreme weirdness in my painting grinding/pyramid hunting phases
example one -a world with an abnormally large jungle... by abnormally large, I mean from the ocean to the snow biome... (yes it's a small world)

The world witch features a massive drop in the surface below the zero ground level notable as worm enemies and hornets in the jungle can spawn at the surface at points

A very horizontal dungeon that spread out a single path all the way to the snow biome(also notable in an other aspect for being the largest expanse of are to spawn hell armored bones and diabolists)-(this is one of my hardmode grinding worlds)
So I just got to the Lihzard altar and attempted my first Golem fight. Unfortunately for the golem, the ceiling about the altar was so low that the golem was actually totally stuck and incapable of moving at all. I still lost at his second stage though, haha.
The fourth image is... rather spectacular. I wouldn't mind Lihzard loot pre-hardmode. Not at all...
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