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What are you doing at this exact moment?

burber snowfox

no seriously I wanna see if Skemor is actually a good fighter, considering the fact that getting hit by green fire andd peepe- godly blood
can send him back to the grave where he belongs, sometime almost instantly
so he wouldn't be able to beat

he uses green fire and pi-ichor


Listening to the Super Smash Bros Gerudo Valley Remix that lasts 30 minutes and just clicked onto “Tetris theme but it gets harder and HARDER” but it isn’t playing. I open the tab, click the button and it works again. I continue to type the sentence you are reading and get a cramp while I hit reply


i am now laughing while posting that i am laughing
I am now replying to a person saying that they are posting that they are laughing and are extremely rushed because the music I was listening to hit level 20 and is chaos

I just finished uploading a screenshot example,

Dark Sunshine

Eater of Worlds
Listening to It's Been So Long by The Living Tombstone while catching up on my alerts.
What am I doing? Just wondering when I'll get my redemption arc.

I agree and think they're all absolutely amazing, just never decided if I liked die in a fire or it's been so long more.
My personal favorites are I Can't Fix You, Five Nights at Freddy's, and It's Been So Long. It's Been So Long is my favorite of those three, though.
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