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What do you do in your (in-game) free time?

The True Destroyer

The Destroyer
I apologize if anyone's already made a thread like this. I don't want to create duplicates, but I looked through and didn't find anything so I decided to go ahead.


Alright, that said, get on with it already! The title is self-explanatory, I would presume. Just wanted to know what all of you do when you've got free time ingame Meaning, you've beaten all the bosses that you can/you want to/exist, you've defeated all the events you want to tackle, you've made it through progression as far as you want to go, and now you're hanging back with no big projects going on.

What I myself do is either to plan up a new build (always small projects, I'm not a large-scale builder) or to sit around at my large, haphazard base and do little stuff. Grow pumpkins and make pie. Shoot target dummies. Muck around with landmines. Ride a railroad track in circles endlessly. I've set up fishing stations around the world (I now reside in a pre-hard world) and the first thing I do every ingame day is do the Angler's quest. Cook all the fish, stash 'em in a barrel, dig around underground in search of the Skeleton Merchant. That sort of stuff.


The True Destroyer

The Destroyer
I've been mashing up the mech bosses and pirate invasion with a mid/late-game character in a Prehard world. I always use prehard because it's easier, safer and not much biome spread to worry about. I've got the Steampunker and Pirate in my housing complex because of that.


The Destroyer
In my free time, I either build stuff, or gather materials for building, or I just spend time wasting away fighting or collecting all materials for the zenith once 1.4 comes to console(I know it won’t be anytime soon, I have played 1.4 though) and along the way, I’ll try and look at the traveling merchant to get stuff that makes building better, and go onto a different world that is in expert mode(what, my main character’s world was in 1.2) and try to get some vanity to match my YouTube character.


If I'm in the middle of a playthrough, I usually just prepare for bosses ahead. Like once i was waiting for a friend to get on, I started preparing an arena for the mech bosses pre hardmode.

If I'm in endgame, just fight a bunch of stuff, I'm not much of a builder
It's a rather new concept (I think), but I wanted to start creating Terraria Lobbies, but I've been enjoying the newer changes so much, I just haven't gotten around to doing it just yet. 😅🍹 I think the original idea has the potential to be much better than I intended, only because of the food items, Vanity Sets, newer blocks & furniture mechanics are all much better that I'd expected them to be.

That's what I plan to do with my free time, in the future, but I'm still having a blast just learning the game as of this message. The lore is another things I wanna start piecing together, which requires filling out the Bestiary. 📖
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